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Happy New Month September to Lovers on Deedeesblog

happy new month september

Happy new month September 2017 to lovers on Deedeesblog.

Happy new month to you beautiful. The new month of September is here. How do you intend to spend the ‘ember’ months?

Right in the middle of the hustle? Or just lounging and thanking God for another beautiful end of month! As for me though, I will always be here sending my happy new month messages, felicitating with family, visiting friends and asking how their end of the month prayers went.

I will also share a couple of new month messages prayer points of breakthrough so as to commit all the activities of the month of September into the hands of God.

Fair enough, aye?

A larger part of my time in the new month of September will be spent on the blog by the way; curating contents and hoping my wish for the year come true. Will you join me all through the month of August? Okay then, join me on the ride into the ember months.

I’ve got a couple of messages and SMS to share with you in the new month of September to wish you a happy new month September. Just in case you intend to share the happy new month messages to my love, new month prayer, happy new month sms, new month sms, new month quotes, happy new month prayers for family and friends.

Trust me you will like these happy new month September messages.

The best happy new month September you should send right now.

It’s September right? why not just go through these collection of happy new month September messages and then share with as much people as you want.

Sounds pretty cool right?

Happy new month messages for September to you

I have no greeting cards to share right now. Flowers are not available to share with you. I have no bags of Lagos lake rice to share as well. My prayers for you this new month is that God will surprise you and you will shock people when the grace of God stands on you. Happy new month of September to you.

Happy new month wishes for September

My love, in this new month of September, God will load of with all the blessings that did not reach you in the month of August. You will accelerate smoothly to the promised land. You will fly over all your enemies in this new month, overtaking them to your place of abode. Happy new month to you.

Happy new month prayers for September

As you read this happy new month September message, just continue to say Amen, blessings upon blessings, favour, grace, divine upliftment, promotion, prosperity in all spheres, the protection of the almighty will be yours. Are you saying Amen already? Happy new month to you.

New month to my sweetheart in this September

The new month of September is upon us. May God make it be the most blessed one for you. You don’t need to look at the weather and say it is bad, or check the mood of family and friends around you, for the lord will make you prosper in your ways. All you need to do is say thanks and say ‘I receive the blessings of God this new month’ and that settles it. Happy new month to you.

New month prayers text message to my love for September

You need to continue to have a look to the future. Ignore the past because your grace does not lie in the past but the future. Let love, care and encouragement fill your heart. Continually forge ahead and push yourself. You can achieve way more than the previous months if you believe in God. You will not miss your goal this new month. Happy new month to you Dear. Enjoy!

New month quotes for September to share

The new month is the time for you to ignore what has happened in the past and pray to God for the new month. Re-strategize, focus on the goal, believe in the almighty and work in his ways. Do your best and leave the rest to God. He will guide your ways and path. God is with you in this new month. Have a great new month.

Happy new month of September to you my friend

Look at this new month at another chance to promotion. Believe that you have got another opportunity to life. Look at today as the day to continue living, continue believing. All that will be yours would be yours. Have an amazing new month and may God eyes never leave you.

New month text and SMS to you

Just as the sun shines and lights up everywhere, so shall you shine and light up everywhere in this new month. Happy new month to you. Enjoy the grace of God in your life.

Happy new month to my lover text

The new month gives you the opportunity to be reinvigorated and refreshed. The new month gives you the opportunity to ignore old issues and troubles and allows you to be renewed. I welcome you to a new of September, where new opportunities and ideas will come your way. Be prepared for this is your month of glory. Happy new month to you. Enjoy!

Happy new month to you

I pray this day that your tomorrow will be glorious than today. You will be successful in all your endeavours this new month. You will be inspired to do more and God will increase you in all capacity in this new month of September. Happy new month to you. Stay blessed.

Happy new month September to you dear

When we look at the activities of life, we realize how busy we get that we are unaware that time flies us by fast. This is why I want to use this opportunity to quickly wish you a happy new month in this month of September before we all get busy once again. Always know that you remain in my heart every day of this month, and I promise to always love you regardless of how the rigours of the new month get to us both. May God be with you. Happy new month to you darling.

Happy new month to my Sweetheart

I want you to believe and hold on to patience because it is key! It opens all doors of promotion and success. Remain patient and God will fulfill his promises on you. Happy new month to you my sweetheart.

My new month message to you

It is never too late even though we are moving closer towards the end of the year. It is never to late to jump and start running. It is better late than never. Use this new month to change certain things about yourself and look for new opportunities. This amazing month will bring you all you need. Happy new month darling. May God be with you.





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