The Power of Fear

the power of fear

The Power of fear: Fear is a powerful feeling, a potent poison of unimaginable capacity that incapacitates whoever it holds.

Tt can petrify, it can stall rational thinking making its victim run when they should wait, or freeze where a stampede is on. This is the paradox of fear, the sickness of many poor people. For them, the fear of being poor is the same fear that keeps them poor.

Now I will share a good example with you:

A poor single mother decides she is tired of her situation and tells herself, ‘enough!’ she promises to invest half of her income by the month’s end. The month-end didn’t take long before arriving.

Late at night, she romances the prospects of financial freedom but as dawn approaches her dreams fade away.  Fear creeps into her heart, in all its guise and shades; what if it doesn’t work, what if it’s a scam, can I wait that long; my money, my only money, what if I lose it, they say it is a scam. This scenario plays itself the next month end and the next, suddenly she’s 40, 60, 65 and still poor as ever.

She wakes up every day and goes through the grinder of a normal life and comes out poor and poorer because she is afraid of stepping out.
She knows she should, she’s afraid she would, that she might, she’s afraid she won’t.
For many like her, poverty has slowly, but surely become the safest zone.

Have you ever been in a position or situation of fear before, and it threatens to strangle you? How did you deal with it? Care to share?

About the writer -  Samuel Otareri

Samuel is a creative writer who likes to talk about love and social issues using his creative writing to trigger emotional consciousness in Nigerians. A lover of his woman, Samuel believes in using one's creativity as a tool for social change.

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