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Top Luxurious Destinations to Visit in 2018

Top Luxurious Destinations

Top Luxurious Destinations to Visit in 2018 – The New Year is here already, and with that you may be planning your next upcoming trip. But where should your next adventure be? Find out by reading our list of some of the top luxurious destinations to visit this 2018.


1. Rome, Italy

What better way to enjoy the start of 2018 than taking a trip to Rome? Enjoy touring the Forum and Vatican Museum. Also, devour traditional pasta and pizza straight from the source.

According to US News, the best times to visit Rome is either January to April or October to December. You can go between May and September; just know that it does get fairly warm during those dates.

Nonetheless, some key cultural event to be a part of, US News states, includes Easter, Rome Marathon, and Christmas Bless of the Pope.

Photo by Joey Ly on Unsplash

2. Maui, United States

Start the New Year with a bang by going to Maui, Hawaii. While not an international trip per se, it still is sure to be a luxurious (and tropical) one. Walk on the beach or stretch out on the white sand, plus learn how to surf. And, while you’re at it, take a scuba diving or snorkeling trip and experience get the underwater experience.

Specifically, when you’re in Maui, visit Haleakala National Park (which has the largest volcano in Maui), Road to Hana, and Iao Valley State Park.

3. Miami, United States

Now venture back to the main land across the United States to Miami, Florida. Similar to Hawaii, Florida can be humid. It also is home to white sand beaches where you are sure to spot impromptu volleyball games and tanning.

More infamously, Miami is known for its party scene. According to TimeOut, dance to the Latin beats, LGBT hotspots, snack at the night eateries, and come morning, take a late morning stroll to the coffee shops.

4. London, Britain

Now, take an international trip to the country that brought us the Beatles, Ramones, and obsessions with the royals: Britain. More specifically, venture to Britain’s capital, London, where you are sure to experience the English city life.

While in London, make sure you visit the Tower of London, the British Museum (which is free), Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey.

5. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica technically is one of the most economically stable countries in Central America. Bordering Nicaragua (north) and Panama (southeast), the country is home to the tropical rainforest and, of course, surfing.

(Speaking of surfing, consider reading this:

The locals (or ticos) live a pura vida lifestyle (which translates to “simple life”), which in a nutshell means not to sweat the small stuff. That said, you can bet you’ll have a relaxing and peaceful experience.

Now, Puerto Viejo is known as the hub for the party scene, where dancing and music are in the air. If you’d rather have a quieter trip, you may want to stay in Cahuita or Santa Teresa.

Photo by Abigail Lynn on Unsplash


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