TravelStart At 6 – What You Need To Know About TravelStart

Travel Start is 6

Travelstart is six years officially this March ending! We are so excited for them right now and you should be too! Seriously, if you don’t know Travelstart, you are missing out on a whole lot of sweet travelling! Travelstart is Africa’s largest online travel agency. Yes, not only in Nigeria but in Africa! Travelstart officially launched and spread their wings to Nigeria on March 27, 2012. Which means this month of March is a really special month for them.

What do you know about Travelstart

Travelstart Nigeria opened in March 27, 2012 as earlier stated and since then has grown into a staff number of over 50. Travelstart also boasts of having more than 200 staff globally from all over Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Turkey and so on. Travelstart was originally started by Stephan Ekbergh in 1999 in Sweden. Stephan Ekbergh was a Travel visionary who thought the world needed this fantastic company to help people and especially travel enthusiasts with their travel needs and so in turn set up the company. Travelstart Nigeria has a local office in Lagos. Travelstart has its headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa.

Looking at the above information about Travelstart, one has no doubt that they really do know how to play their game well. ¬†Apart from their mouth-gaping cheap flights, they have their birthday sale going on! Their birthday sale is a bonanza! You should not miss out! Don’t say we did not tell you! The birthday sale runs from the 20th – 27th of March, 2018 and these cheap flight tickets are selling fast on their website. Just hurry over there and win cheap tickets for Easter getaway before the 27th of March passes you by.

Go over to Travelstart official website now and book your own cheap bonanza ticket. This is for their birthday sale, so don’t miss out, we are warning again. This sale is a sure promo you should get your hands on. Because it’s their birthday, this is their own little and cute way of saying “Thank You” to Nigerians for smooth patronage! Yes! So rush over to the site and get on the birthday sale!

It is worth noting that Travelstart was the official travel partner of the Nigerian Bobsled and Skeleton team to the 2018 Winter Olympics to South Korea! How honorable of them! And to be sure, the team made Nigeria really proud over there in Korea! Thumbs up to Travelstart! Travelstart is also the recipient of many awards including AKWAABA Best Online Travel Agency in 2016. And they have flown customers to 165 countries out of the 195 in the world! What an accomplishment! Be the one to travel to the 166th country by booking a cheap flight from Travelstart Nigeria.

Even though, Travelstart is so famous with being the king of cheap flights in Nigeria, they still offer promos on those cheap flights! What more could travelers ask for? You have everything you need with Travelstart Nigeria.

There will also be a giveaway on our Instagram handle to celebrate the 6th birthday of Travelstart Nigeria. Just in case you are not following @deedeesblog on Instagram yet, quickly rush to follow. You don’t want to miss the giveaway.

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