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Why Am I Attracted To Married Men?



Go to Jorolumofin, Break up or Makeup, Beyond Intimacy and other giant Instagram platforms you know and see how ladies are battling the above questions in their lives. Some have accepted it and have given in to the roaring married lions, some just can’t figure it out.

A. Without mincing words, baby girl if you are attracted to married men, let us examine these points.

  • What was your relationship with your dad like?
  • Did you ever meet your dad?
  • Do you feel unsafe with single guys?
  • Do you have self-security and self-esteem issues?

Now, what am I driving at?

See, the traits of your parents’ marriage or relationship will always come down to reflect in your life and social relationships in one way or the other. Most women who are attracted to married men either never met their dad, are from broken homes, had bad dads or have self-esteem issues.

~ You know why? You can’t blame them now, this is because there is a yearning in them to be with a man who cares about them and loves them. Most of the women who are dating married men are there because they want to enjoy the sense of security that was lacking when they were younger, OR this man in question is nice and cool unlike her dad who was never there for them emotionally, OR they enjoy a sense of security from a man who is married.

~ This is usually because the married man is like a parent to her subconscious mind. A man is literally a parent to any woman he marries, a lady dating a married man feels more secured because he is ready-made and established, not literally because of his money this time but there is this sense of security that you get when you go home and daddy is on the couch and mummy is in the kitchen.

~ There is a sense and feeling of completeness it give you to see your parents around. Ladies into married men enjoy this too that is why they never see his wife as a problem as long as he is available. He is a parent stature to her and the availability of sex creates deep emotional attachment(not love).

Frankly, attraction to a married man is usually because of background issues, most of the time.

The last one is self-security and self-esteem issues. Some ladies don’t feel like they are good enough to have their own man to themselves. Now, because they have nursed this toxic mindset overtime, they give in to a married man, a man who can carry her along as long as he takes care of her needs like her own man would have. She is okay, she doesn’t mind. She will settle for less so long it’s available. These women need to develop a sense of self-security and worthiness.

B. Why Are Married Men Attracted To You?

Can I be frank? Can I throw this in your face please?

NO married man wants you for anything new.

Did that hurt?


Dear single lady, there is nothing new you want to give to him that he hasn’t had before with his wife. Love? He loves her or if you think it’s because you give him peace of mind, she used to give him too.

Kids? She has given him some, you are a spare, a ‘just-in-case’.

S*x? He has done it over 100 times with his wife already? Or does your vagina secret viju milk?

~ I’m sorry but there is nothing you are to a married man than a plan B. Even if his home has fallen apart, He fell back to you, you are a parachute. You are being used. He can’t and won’t marry you, You can’t peacefully appear with him in public, you are a baby incubator and I think you deserve better than this. You know these words are true so why are you planning to or sticking with this half loaf just because it’s available? Get on your feet an say NO to this already stringed man.

~ Please tick out your problems and face them head on. There is a single GOOD guy who has everything you want and dreams of and he wants you too, so make room for him to come in. The reason why many of us are single is because practically, we don’t make ourselves available.

Don’t go allow yourself be used by a man who already has it all when all you need is right at the door. Quit drooling on married men. Your soul mate can NEVER be another person’s spouse, the water you will drink CANNOT flow past you.

About The Writer - El Ifelola
El Ifelola is a Law Student, Writer, Researcher, Life and Social Relationships Coach and a lover of God. Reading, Ifelola loves researching, talking to, enlightening and motivating people. He stands for self-identity, strength and Godliness.

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