Valentine Messages for Boyfriend

Valentine day is for sharing of love between two or more people. It is a special day in which people send card and gifts to their partners. Their partners could be the one they called their Val. He could be anybody in as much as the intention is good. Some people believe that if they choose their girlfriend as Val, then s*x must involve in the night of Valentine while others condemn the act of taking advantage of valentine to make love. However, Valentine as a whole is only set aside as a day for showing love to each other regardless of your status in remembrance of a saint called Valentine.

You can pick varieties of messages from our messages written for you. Send it to those who are close to your heart.

1. Hey! It is valentine day; we have every opportunity to enjoy ourselves. Hope you will make it a great day for us?

2. Happy valentine day. This is the day of the show of true love and gifting. Hope my gift is ready for me to pick? Thank you for the last Val.

3. On valentine day, many people share the love with each other but you don’t only share the love with me but also make me feel like a queen.

4. I am your princess, and you are my prince. If we can go out together for a valentine today, it will have become the convoy of a royal family.

5. Every day and night, my heart never stop thinking about you because you are my second nature. I want to spend a good time with you on this valentine day.

6. Hurray! Baby, happy valentine. I wish you many happy returns. May you live to celebrate more of it. I love you.

7. We are celebrating saint valentine today, we hope to see the real action of the true love we share. Happy Valentine to my sweetheart.

8. I have always waited for this day, and now it right before us. I hope we are going to have the best of it together today?

9. I just want to say, happy valentine day to my special heartbeat. You have my heart today. I will share much love with you.

10. Thank you for showing true love to me. To me, every day is a valentine day because your caring and kindness do not allow me to differentiate between an ordinary day and a valentine day.

11. Happy valentine day to my prince. I hope you enjoy your last night? Did you dream of us together? I am sending you lots of hugs this valentine.

12. Hello, have my kisses this valentine. They are packed in passion and love for you alone. Happy to hear from you, my angel.

13. I am so much in love with you because you are so romantic. I wish you much enjoyment this valentine day. May you find peace in your heart.

14. I want to say, happy valentine day to those who really matter to me and then you are my number one person.

15. Wishing you an awesome valentine party, outing, and worship. I pray that we celebrate more of it next year. I wish you all the best.

16. Wow! It is another valentine. The last memory is still fresh on my mind. I hope this year Valentine will be full of romantic gestures?

17. Hoping for a great day when we will be a Val partner as a husband and a wife. Much love for you from my heart. Happy Valentine.

18. Happy Valentine to you, may you find endless peace in your heart as a trench finds endless water in it. Happy Valentine my sweetheart.

19. I want to wish you one of the world’s sweetest moments today and it is called Valentine. Thank you for the flowers you sent to me.

20. Hello, world! It is Valentine today. I want to shout out to my beloved boyfriend wishing him a great valentine season.

21. We are in the season of love, let’s share love together and shun sin. Valentine is meant for saints, not for rascals.

22. Sharing love is a good thing to do. As we celebrate this valentine together, I wish you a prosperous life ahead.

23. Thank God we are alive to today. I will be going out to the pack with you to enjoy ourselves. There is love in sharing.

24. Happy valentine day to my boyfriend. I wish you all the best in this beautiful season. Happy Valentine to my beloved boyfriend.

25. I can’t forget the whole time we spent together. Every story you told me and the whole love you showed to me. Happy valentine day.

26. In as much as I am alive, I will always love you unconditionally. My love for you is beyond valentine day. You will always dwell in my heart.

27. I am so close to you. All you need is whisper my name and then you will see me right before you. I love you with my entire heart corner. Happy Valentine.

28. Valentine to me means you and you mean: Value, affection, legacy, enjoyment, natural, true love, irresistible, nice, lovely and endless love.

29. I will always be proud of you anywhere I am. You are a kind of special person and the special love I have for you can’t be taken for granted. Happy Valentine.

30. You are my Val today. Let’s share the true love between us today. In your eyes dwell my love and passion. You are just the right guy for me.

31. Happy Valentine to my great boyfriend. Just know that you are my sunshine and I will shine with you till the end today.

32. In the daytime, when there is no sunlight, it means I am missing you. In the night, when there is no moon in the sky, it means I am lonely. Happy Valentine.

33. You are so romantic that I shed tears whenever I recall the first day we met. I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy Valentine my love.

34. I want to send you a big valentine gift but I will do that through this message. Open my message and find lots of kisses and hug. See you after valentine.

35. Valentine day is to show mutual love not physical love between unmarried people. Thank God you understand. I love you.

36. Hello guy! Will you be my Val? If yes, these are my wishes for you: buy me a brand new laptop, a new pair of black shoes, a golden necklace and a bag of chocolate to enjoy the valentine.

37. Wow, today is colorful, everywhere is red. Happy Valentine to my last man standing. I have always thought of the day we will wake up next to each other.

38. The first day we met, something told me that you will be the right man for me, and then it happened to be that it is true.

39. It is a valentine day, I hope everyone is fine? I am coming over to have a great time with you and my friends. Happy valentine day.

40. Put a smile on your face, it is a valentine day. Much love and much happiness. I will always wish you success and prosperity.

41. I just want to say, thank you for loving me. It is not easy for anyone to come across a great lover that can sacrifice everything for you. Happy Valentine.

42. Wishing you the most precious moments in the world. I am happy that you are my boyfriend. Your righteousness affects my soul. Happy Valentine.

43. Lots of dance, lots of songs and joyous moments in this world. I just want to say happy valentine to you. I hope your heart is warm today?

44. How I wish I am with you to keep your heart warm with my love songs. I miss you so much. Happy Valentine my hero.

45. Valentine day is a special day where good people share love with each other. Any other act beyond this is no longer Valentine. See you after valentine.

46. Thank you for the special love you show to me; you are a great princess and the most precious love I can lean my head upon.

47. When I am sad and feel lonely, I will look for your shoulder to lean my head upon. I will love you so much so that you will shed tears of joy.

48. You are the apple of my eyes. The pendulum of love I have around me. You are my bell of passion that rings when I am lonely.

49. A Valentine special hug for you. A Valentine special kiss and a valentine special flower designed with lots of perfumes. Happy Valentine.

50. I love the way you make me feel any moment I share with you. I hope this Valentine will be one of the most beautiful ones ever.

51. It is my pleasure to have met you in this world. Have one of the most interesting times ever. I wish you all the best. Happy valentine day.

52. Thank God another love day has come. This is an opportunity to tell you many things I couldn’t tell you since the day we met. I love you.

53. Precious faces are seen more on valentine day, so I chose you as my Val because there is no other person that worth it.

54. Your cheerful smile attracts you to me and well-built muscles of yours mesmerize my heart and then set it ablaze with an amazing Valentine feeling.

55. I want to dance with you. I want to sing with you. I want to make this valentine day a great day with you. Happy valentine day my sweetheart.

56. Thank you for the gift and presents. I own you lots of kisses and hugs but this will be after our marriage. Happy valentine day my love.

57. Giving you all the best chocolates in this world will not make me satisfied. I want a situation in which you will always be happy. Happy Valentine.

58. The love of saint valentine did not die with him. I think I can now see another Valentine in you. The power of your true love is so amazing. Happy Valentine.

59. Anytime I see your face and smile, I feel so chocolate taste from the deepest and sweetest part of my tongue. When a Doctor examined it, he said it is your love.

60. I want to wish you a great Valentine period. Have one of the most interesting outings with me so that we can feel the love together.

61. I wish you a very wonderful valentine day. I wish you lots of love. Here is a package of love for you alone. Happy Valentine.

62. I want to be your Val this year. I was for someone else last year but good not totally take it. Happy Valentine my love.

63. I wish you the most beautiful valentine day in this world. I love you all the best in this world. Happy to share every moment with you.

64. You took me away from pain by the leave of God and then gave me a new life. If every man could be like you, the world will have been a great place to live.

65. Happy valentine day to my boyfriend. I wish you a splendid moment. Anyway, don’t worry I am coming over to the party right away.

66. Hello baby! How you doing? I am here for you just dial my number and then you will see me right away. I hope you are imagining that well? After Valentine.

67. Happy Valentine my sweetheart. Don’t think that I don’t want to show up. I prefer to share my love with you from my mother’s home.

68. This package I am sending to you is full of kisses, hugs, love and passion that I have for you. Happy Valentine my beloved.

69. Wishing you all the best in this world. You are my divine love because I have seen in you all that I need in a man.

70. This wonderful season is meant for people with a good heart. I hope to see you soon. Happy Valentine to the most interesting lover ever.

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  1. Tizzy hanz

    Really intriguing text messages and I love this one most”Let the rain of love rain today, we are celebrating a day a special love was born”.

  2. Tizzy hanz

    Really intriguing text messages and I love this one most “Let the rain of love rain today, we are celebrating a day a special love was born”.


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