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Happy Sunday SMS To Boss, Friends And Family

Happy Sunday SMS

Looking for the perfect happy Sunday SMS for friends? See our list of Happy Sunday SMS

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Now let’s get to our happy Sunday SMS, shall we?

Happy Sunday SMS To My Boss

1. Hello, boss, today is Sunday. I hope the stress of last week has been absorbed by today’ enjoyment. Happy Sunday sir.

2. Have a great day boss, enjoy with your wife and children and resume tomorrow in good health and freshness.

3. Happy Sunday to my beloved boss, I am wishing you good fortunes on your business and pray for more contract to come your way.

4. Thank you, boss, you are wonderfully welcome to the land of weekend relaxation, I hope I am not just imagining sir?

5. Wishing the best of bosses a wonderful day ahead. Your motivation is a treasure that cannot be easily found anywhere on earth.

6. Your wisdom is amazing, your lifestyle is worth emulating and the way you educate us is making our progress in life. Happy Sunday.

7. Let the stress of last week go away. The enjoyment of this wonderful weekend will keep a smile on your face forever.

8. After work is relaxation. Relaxation is nothing but a Sunday morning; enjoyment is nothing but a weekend night.

9. You ate my cake last Friday and ran away, today I must collect new one at our get together. I can’t wait for evening to come.

10. Wishing you a valuable Sunday, keep smiling because you really deserve it. Always be motivated by we all love you.

11. We can’t completely thank you for the good things you have done in our life, we will always thank you for the excellent things you achieved for us. Happy Sunday.

12. Just like the fresh air in my garden, I wish you a joyful evening with your family. Let the nature smile at you as you spend the weekend at home.

13. It is Sunday again, a reminder of a new Monday. Hello, sir, I hope you are prepared for tomorrow’s hustle? We just wish to say happy Sunday.

14. Some people mix joy and pain on Sunday because it reminds them of another working day but you thought us how to be happy under pressure.

15. If every boss in this world can be like you, everyone will have grown in life. Just as you taught us to be kind to people, we decided to reach out to you today.

16. Good heart like you is yet to be found. Your simplicity, your love, your care, and wisdom make us respect you the more. Thank you for being a good boss.

17. We believe you are relaxing with madam at home, so we feel there is no music and hope this SMS will serve as a disco for the marital party.

18. I have tasted chocolate before but it is not as sweet as a Sunday spent with your family. I hope your household is fine?

19. Hello boss, you have a text message. Sorry, this is the very memo you have—from our heart, we celebrate you this Sunday.

20. Evening time is one of the most pleasurable times. I hope you are having one of the most interesting weekends ever?

Happy Sunday SMS for colleagues

21. Hello colleague, how has your weekend been? I hope it is full of honey and milk, or madam did not comply with your coffee?

22. Every Sunday is like bubble gum, it is always sweet to chew but at last tasteless to those who are lazy to go to work.

23. It is beautiful that we are relaxing at home today, but we should be motivated tomorrow begin another working hours.

24. Anything we do in life is a part of life. If we relax, our body will relax. If we are happy, our spirit will be happy and then we live longer. Happy Sunday.

25. Anyway, I am sending this message to all my colleague, I want to wish you a wonderful Sunday and to also remind you that I miss you all.

26. If I don’t care, who will? Two days short holiday now looking like two years in my eyes. I really want to see your faces once again.

27. Sunday is a blessing that comes with the fulfillment of the relief of a stressed body. I hope to see you guys once again.

28. I derive lots of joy from you guys since the day I became a member of this wonderful family. Stay strong for tomorrow’s hustle.

29. Wishing you the best of love this weekend. May your relaxation profit your body as you wish. Happy Sunday to merciful faces.

30. You guys have been the best of colleagues. Working with you has always been the best experience I had in any work I have done ever.

31. The best environment to work is that of good people. When I came last year to join you, I see the very people that any should work with. Happy Sunday.

32. I wish to say hello to my great colleagues, may your days make you relax the way you really wanted. Thank God for everything.

33. I don’t have many things to say this morning that to say good to hear from you. I really miss every single face in my office.

34. Having great times with you people is the best. Happy Sunday to the best guys in the world. Just know that you are the real colleagues in this world.

35. Whoever works in your environment has worked with the best of people. I am so happy with every single one of you. You are all important to me.

36. It is a great opportunity in this world for me. You have always been the ones that cheer me up. I just want to say, happy Sunday.

37. Great guys for great understanding, you guys are wonderful people your faces are like a brilliant star to me. This is the reason why I don’t like to miss you.

38. You are the most beautiful workers ever in this world. You are the loveliest ones I wish I can spend much time with in my career.

39. Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I hope everything is fine. Your success will have no limit and your happiness will continue to benefit you.

40. Anywhere I go, your story will be heard because I have never seen good people like you before. Have one of the most precious times with your family.

Happy Sunday SMS for Sister

41. It has been two days I heard from my beloved sister. I want to see your face once again but there is no time. Happy Sunday.

42. You have been the most beautiful sister ever seen. It baffles me that a lovely sister like you still exists. Happy Sunday.

43. This Sunday is like a bag of chocolate, I want you to enjoy it to the fullest. Happy Sunday to a gorgeous sister.

44. I want to wish my beloved sister a precious Sunday. I hope you will come over to our family home? Have a nice time.

45. I am coming over today to say hi to you. How are you, son and husband? I hope you are all fine? My regard to everyone at home.

46. Wishing the best time with your family. I am so happy because you are the best sister remaining for me. I realize how much you stood by my side when I need you most.

47. Beautiful flowers are found in my mother home, they are always gorgeous and smart. My sweet sister is the best. Happy Sunday.

48. You have best smiles this morning; I hope you will still maintain it all through the night? Happy Sunday sweet sister.

49. I will always thank you for everything you have done in my life because with you I was able to achieve my dreams in life. Happy Sunday.

50. You are the most precious sister in this world. Your presence in this life is big luck for me. Mercy that cannot be overemphasized.

51. When a day is becoming boring to you, just keep your head low and write yourself some beautiful poem and then relax for today is weekend.

52. Put a smile on your face always. It is through this smile that your mind will be moistened with joy and happiness. Happy Sunday.

53. I miss you so much, sister. When are you coming back? I hope it will be anytime soon? I just want to be assured that my queen sister fine.

54. Let this weekend be a comfort for you. I wish you the most notable time ever. You shall be celebrated in your career soonest. Happy Sunday.

55. Thank God for the gift of a special sister with the kindest of hearts ever seen. This is a day to enjoy the beautiful things of life.

56. Hello beautiful sister, how has your day been? I hope all is fine? You are one of the most interesting people in my life. Happy Sunday.

57. I always want to hear good things about you. I want to feel your impact on this day around me because it makes me smile. Happy Sunday.

58. I will always have my ways to your heart because you are a good sister. You deserve a good weekend. Happy Sunday.

59. Sunday is a flower; I love the smell because it brings you closer to home. Sister, we have missed you and wish you should hear soon.

60. Have one of the most peaceful evenings ever. I hope the sun is setting with lots of smiles? Have an awe-inspiring Sunday sweet sister.

Happy Sunday SMS Prayers To My other

61. Lord, my mother is your servant, the daughter of your servant, the granddaughter of your beloved servant. Protect her against the adversity of life and give her a long life.

62. Lord, a mother is in need of your mercy, bless her with good health. Change her life for good and prevent her from experiencing the punishment of Hell.

63. I beseech the Lord for the wellbeing of my mother His creature. Provide her daily need, never allow her to suffer even for once.

64. O Lord, I spread my hands in the air for you to accept my prayers, open the doors of wealth for me so that I can take care of my mother as due.

65. Lord, do not turn your face of mercy away from my mother, do not forsake her. Bless her, honor her and give her the assurance to receive your bliss on the last Day.

66. Perfect her steps O Lord so that she will walk in the footsteps of the righteous ones. Cover her up with your light and always make her see good things happening to her.

67. Great indeed is the Lord, the most merciful, have mercy upon my mother. Grant my mother all the best and accept her prayers to fulfill her good heart desires.

68. Lord, I want you to protect my mother from the calamity of this world. Prevent her body from any stain of sin, purify her heart so that she will be close to you.

69. Mom, my wishes for you are many but the most important of them is that I pray that the Lord should draw you closer to Him.

70. May the counsel your soul to receive His divine guidance. May the Lord always bless you more and more; may your story become of legacy to the younger generation.

71. Lord, you alone we direct our help too. Help my mother in winning her election. Do not put her to shame before her opponents.

72. Great indeed you are the Alpha and Omega. Before you, there is none. After you, there is none. Besides you, there is none. Lord let my mother be the best among her colleague.

73. My dear mom needs your help and support in everything she is doing, and only you can do what every other person cannot do. We shift our hope upon you to achieve her dreams for her.

74. Lord, we want you to honor our mother of what she really deserves. She carried our pregnant each for good nine months and then delivered us in pain.

75. Do not forsake the one that breastfed me. Do not forget the one that gave birth to me in hard labor. Have your blessing showering on her like rainfall.

76. God Almighty, in your week, seek mercy and in you, we trust for we know you are the only one that can bring help when no one else can do.

77. With this wonderful mom of mine, I have been able to achieve many things in life. She nurtured me with wisdom. Lord, do not let her labor go in vain.

78. Open doors of success for my beloved mother help her way up and put her in the direction of those whom you are pleased with.

79. Your blessing shall reign. Mother, your happiness shall last forever. The Lord shall bless you beyond your imagination.

80. Great is the work of the Lord. It changes life and puts it in the right position; may the Lord put you in a place that will make you now and forever.

With that being said, now that you are satisfied with Deedees blog happy Sunday SMS. Why not check out some Valentine messages for your girlfriend.

The Best of Sunday Sms for Her to Smile

1. Hurray, today is the first Sunday of the month, we pray for endless success and greatness for you. I love you.

2. May the Lord bring the joy of this day to you, as week begin the day, success will not miss your home.

3. I love her so much and no wonder I cannot joke with her matter. Happy birthday, wishing you the best on this day.

4. We are here thinking of you, we can’t wait to see your face. Happy Sunday to my beloved angel.

5. I want to be with you all the time so that every single day will be perfect in terms of love and compassion.

6. Since the day I set my eyes on you, every moment has become light and every second has become success.

7. I am pleased to say thanks for being there as a wing holding a bird in the sky. I wish you all the best.

8. May the Lord continue to bless you and bring endless peace to your heart. You are my joy and I shall always be there for you.

9. You gave me a good reason to smile, you gave me the happiness that brings life to me. I wish you all the best.

10. I will never let you down for any reason, you are the love chosen for me, I will be there all the time.

11. Thanks for being a pillar reliable, thanks for being the most important angel in my life. I wish you all you need.

12. A weekend is a great moment or better said, a period for the benefit of lovers who wish to spend a great time together.

13. You are my life, the only angel that makes me smile all the time. I will never be tired of you for any reason.

14. The tears that fall from my eyes are not even enough to show you how much you mean to me. Happy Sunday.

15. Sunday is the beginning of a new week, may the Lord open the greatest doors for your success. I wish you an awesome week ahead.

16. You gave me the happiness that cannot be taken for granted, you are the most important light the Lord brought to my life.

17. After many years of love, after many days of disappointment, the Lord sent you to my life as a comforter.

18. I have been so scared and thought the world will come to an end because it looked like nothing will ever work for me, but you finally came to me.

19. May the Lord bless your hustle and give you that smile you deserve, I wish you the best on this Sunday.

20. Wishing you the most amazing things in life has always been my aim for you. I will never forget you for the rest of my life.

21. I really understand that I will so much miss you. I will never let your down at any time because you brought endless joy to me.

22. In the middle of the wing of love, I found you comfortable with me and now, I have decided to be with you all my life.

23. You gave me love, and I appreciate it because it has been long I experience a blissful life as now. I love you.

24. The Lord in His infinite mercy shall continue to bring success and happiness to your life. I wish you the best of luck.

25. When I finally came to your life, you told me that I am your lamp, I didn’t understand until now I realized we are both lights for each other.

26. Hold my hands and tell me how much you love. Give me the assurance that you truly love me. I miss you.

27. When the time comes, I believe you will never betray, you will not bring shame to me when I need you most.

28. I will always be there for you in the rain and sunshine. I will be your umbrella when it storms and your shade when it is too hot.

29. No matter the condition you find yourself, I will try all my best to be with you until we finally defeat our challenges.

30. Since the day you came into my world, I realized that you have become the pillar I rest upon. Good morning.

31. Good evening dear love, you are my dearest angel and the one I cannot forget for the rest of my life. I love you.

32. The most important moment of my life is the one I actualized the day you ran into it. I must confess you have changed my life.

33. When they talk of success, I don’t need to think too hard because you are the success I have. I wish you all the best.

34. You are my happiness and I pray the Lord will continue to bless you all the time. I wish you all the best.

35. The Lord shall continue to bless you and put a great smile on your face because you deserve it. I wish you all the best.

36. You have been so lovely to me and my heart will never love to forget. I wish you all the best. I miss you so much.

37. I am happy because you gave me a reason to smile, I will never let you down. I am happy for you and also for myself because I am lucky.

38. There is nothing to be called being happy other than having you in my life. I am happy for having you in my life.

39. I love the fact that you are in my life. I will never let you down for any reason, you are my happiness.

40. You are all I have, you are the one that makes me smile all the time. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks for being a great love and friend.

41. You are the most wonderful person in my life, you are the one I will always be ready to spend the rest of my life with.

42. The flower of your love is the life I live, without you beating in me, you know it means I am a dead man.

43. Thanks for being my joy and the soul of color and rhythm, every moment spent with you is just the best for me.

44. I will always be there when you need me most. I so much love you beyond how you can ever think.

45. I miss you, there is no doubt, I will be coming over as your wife to spend this week with you.

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