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50+ Happy Easter Quotes

happy easter quotes

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Happy Easter Quotes for Her

1. We are happy today because it is a special day in a year that is worth been celebrated with lots of love with our loved ones. We are celebrating this day with joy and passion.

2. We thank God for the most interesting things He has done in my life; Easter is here once again may we celebrate it with joy and laughter.

3. Easter is around the corner, let’s find peace and harmony and never quarrel with each other anymore. We are meant for each other, celebration is our portion this day.

4. We are happy today, may the Lord continue to bless us forever. We glorify Him on this special day, May His mercy follow us to the end.

5. Thank you God for sparing our life up till this moment shall worship you forever. Happy Easter to everyone, wishing all the best.

6. Thank you all for the stay in my home, you all really made my day. I am pleased to say happy Easter. I beseech the glory of the Lord upon you all.

7. Today is Easter, it worth been celebrated with all sincerity. Thank God we are all alive today. Happy Easter to everybody around.

8. It has been long we see each other, but today, Easter we bring us together. Is this not worth celebrating? Have a nice day my dear brother.

9. Wishing all my well wishers a great and uncommon Easter, may your daily activities be taken care of for you. You are all fantastic people.

10. The day of joy is here again, may it be a day of prosperity and success for us; may the Lord protect us with His Might and beautify our daily achievement for us.

11. We beseech the Lord this day to make all our earnings beneficial to us, may He make this day a blessed one for everyone of us. Happy Easter.

12. Happy Easter to those who care about us, we are just been happy because you guys are amazing and then another joy is added, it is Easter.

13. We are happy to hear from you all, you guys have been doing wonderfully well since we met. You are great people. I just want to say happy Easter to you.

14. We are here to celebrate the day of joy because this day marks one of the great events that happened on the surface of the earth. Happy Easter to everyone around.

15. Wishing you all the best in this blessed month. I bless the Name of the Lord so that He may open His door of success for us this day. Have it well with you.

16. Hurray! It is another Easter again. I feel like to jump all over the world so that people will see how excited I am. Happy Easter to the most beautiful faces in the world.

17. I enjoy working with you guys, because you are great colleagues. I pray that nothing bad will separate us. Have a good time with your family until we resume work again.

18. This holiday will favor every one of us; our family members shall enjoy staying with us. No evil shall before us by His grace,

19. I just want to say a big happy Easter to my Boss; you have always been there when I need you most to put me through in my job. Thank for your help.

20. Wishing my dearest sister an awesome day that has no limit in terms of success, may your eyes see no tears, and the Lord shall bless you abundantly. Happy Easter.

Happy Easter Quotes for the one you love

21. I just want to say, good morning. How is Family over there? Hope you have prepared my delicious to celebrate this Easter. I wish you all the best this day.

22. Thank you for the gift of love you shower on me; you are special and it is the reason why I want to show my gratitude on this special Easter.

23. I am pleased to send this lovely message to all my friends and family. I love you all and also wish you the most interesting things in this world.

24. You all shall be blessed with love and happiness. I pray that your face will shine with grace and luck. Anywhere you go, your destiny will glow like light. Happy Easter.

25. Thank God for this year, we celebrate our existence because we are given the privilege to witness this day. We shall live to celebrate more of it.

26. Thank you Lord for sparing our life, we will always be grateful because it is not easy for a person to live even for a second without your leave. Hello everyone out there, happy Easter.

27. Come and worship the Lord along with me, today is a remarkable day in the history of man. Let us honor it with our voice and cherish it with our heart.

28. It is not easy to scale through storms and lightning, but today we still find ourselves standing firm on our feet. It is a day to celebrate.

29. If we are together, there is no need to fight or quarrel. We are going to be together as one until the end of this world. I just want to say Happy Easter to every one of you.

30. May you be blessed beyond your expectations; may the Lord make this day a precious one in your life. You shall not get tired of your life at any moment.

31. Blessed shall be your two hands, and your eyes will see opportunities that no one can see, your mouth shall be silent when necessary. You shall be known for greatness. Happy Easter.

32. You will not regret a single day in your existence. The Lord shall guide your way to righteousness, your face will glow with smile as we all witnessed this great day.

33. Glorify the Lord for the care He rendered for us free of charge. Thank God for His selflessness. We are happy that He considers us as His servants and also bless us abundantly.

34. In storm or in rain, I will not get tired of worshipping my Lord. In distress or in agony, I will still thank God for He is more important to me than anything else. Happy Easter to everyone.

35. Wishing my friends and family a gracious Easter, I pray that the way that links to our success should be opened any moment from now. Happy Easter to everyone.

36. We thank Almighty God for making this day as part of our destiny. We really enjoy ourselves as one family. No fight, no quarrel but joy and happiness.

37. Wishing all my loved ones one of the most sacred days in this world. It is worth celebrated because it is a day of salvation.

38. Notwithstanding, we thank God for everything. Beginning from our daily life down to the protection of our life and properties. Happy Easter to you all.

39. May we find it as precious as we want—this Festival; may the Lord make it a sign of peace and harmony until we achieve these two virtues in our family. Happy Easter.

40. Happy to see your faces in this wonderful season. The Festival is on, I hope you all shall find it easy to settle your sentiment with everyone.

Happy Easter Quotes & Wishes

41. I am pleased to wish you a great day that will wipe away your tears as you are present to celebrate this Easter with us. Your health and wealth shall be balanced as you wish.

42. Wishing you the best of times and hope of a new beginning, happiness, love, joy, success, peace and harmony. Happy Easter to my beloved mother.

43. During this Easter holiday, I pray that the Lord shall open the newest ways for you to receive the blessings He has arranged for you this year. He shall bless you with lots of success.

44. May the Love of the Lord circulate your entire family, and bless you with abundant joy. I pray for your success as a friend and a good colleague.

45. I am sending you blissful and warm hug this Easter to remind you of how special you are in my life; I am saying thank you for being a good friend.

46. Easter is around the corner, I don’t see it as all about milk and candy, biscuit and chocolate, but also as a means to fulfill the love that we share with each other. Happy Easter to you.

47. May you be contented with love and peace this season; may the spirit of this Easter shower joy and happiness in your family. My wishes for you.

48. I am wishing you a faithful life this Easter because it is a season that teaches us how to be more faithful and reliable on the Lord that never fails. Happy Easter.

49. May this Easter be bright, colorful, nice, beautiful, wonderful and lovely in your life; Happy Easter to each and everyone one you.

50. Happy Easter to a friend, loved ones and my immediate family. I wish you all new hope, opportunities, love and passionate co-existence. I love you all.

51. May your blessing come with lots of success and happiness? You shall be granted the special kind of love that you deserve from everyone in your family.

52. I hope that you celebrate this Easter with a heart filled with love, cheer, grace, peace, and harmony. May you be chosen among the luckiest ones this season.

53. Joining you to celebrate this day, rejoicing to meet the renewal of life that comes along with it. Have a wonderful Easter for the year.

54. Happy to hear from you, this chocolate wrapped in my message is for you alone. Have it in full and enjoy it alone for the rest of the day. Happy Easter.

55. Easter gives you complete impunity to eat the entire chocolate you wish to eat. It gives you the privilege to swallow any size of lollipop you want.

56. Sunshine, blue moon all are smiling this day because we are celebrating a day of the renewal of faith; may the Lord continue to bless us till eternity.

57. For whoever finds his reliance in God, surely he shall not be forsaken. This Easter is another opportunity for every one of us to repent and return to the Lord.

58. This is another chance for you to be thankful to the Lord. Take the advantage of this season to purify your heart for the devotion of the Lord. Happy Easter.

59. Easter brings fresh reasons to be happy, it brings fresh joy into our life. Easter brings new reason for us to give thanks to the Lord. Happy Easter.

60. Every living thing celebrate this day, flowers are singing that a new dawn is here. We are happy that today is a precious one in the history of man.

61. May you be inspired to find new hope in this Easter Sunday; may your new age blend with success of this blessed day so that your life will be great to emulate.

62. Celebrate the love of a great day today, bring success to the life of those who are yet to see your face. Bless everyone with lots of peace and harmony.

63. Celebrate this Easter with more health and endless wealth. Thank God for your life because it is not easy to see this great day.

64. I wish you the opportunity to enjoy all God’s blessings, your family, loved ones, family and neighbors. Have a precious moment full of love and peace.

65. Today is another day that gives you reasons to be grateful to the Lord. It makes you feel a great happiness that will not end again. Have a wonderful day ahead.

66. Today the wings of faith have been spread for every one of us, my wish for you is that you will not miss the flight until the Lord will draw you close to Him.

67. You shall find great happiness in this season; the Lord shall protect you and your family so that you will find all grace to be more faithful.

68. Easter brings you the opportunity to be more faithful in the way of the Lord, grab this rare opportunity so that everything you need will be fulfilled for you.

69. Spread your joy of a new beginning today so that the entire world will celebrate this great day with you. Thank God for sparing your life and appreciate His Holiness—my wishes for you.

70. Finally another Easter is here, another opportunity to thank God for the renewal of our faith. Glory belongs to the Lord of the universe.

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