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The Love Triangle (Part 2)

love triangle

Few weeks later, I was in the multi-purpose hall for GS 101 with other new students trying to get an empty seat so that I could settle down before the lecturer entered.

Then I saw him again. How can I  forget a face like that…

“But what is he doing here”, I murmured to myself.

I looked up again and our eyes locked and all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe.

“take a deep breath… It’s not that serious…. Calm down…. Count to ten… I kept muttering all this to myself as the dark, tall, dapper boy approached me.

“Hello, my name is Kennedy, we met at the admin block during registration,” he smiled.

I regained myself immediately and shook his hands. I was blushing like I just got a new car as a birthday gift.

“I am Judy, are you looking for someone here or …”

“No, I am here for a lecture. They said the GS 101 will be holding here today.”

Instantly, the little fire that lit up in my tummy the first time I saw him died.

“Oh he’s a 100 level student just like me that means we are practically age mates”

But why does he look so mature and well built? Even though I said I am not ready to date anyone till her 300 level, I still need someone that can take care of me and always spoil me with gifts. I need a guy in 300/400 level that knows it all. I  need a prince charming, not just some mummy’s pet in 100 level.

Kennedy brought me back to reality when he asked for my department.

He was mesmerized by her beauty and was surprised that she was blushing when in reality he should be the one blushing. He was happy that he saw her again because he couldn’t stop thinking about her after their first meet and run.

He’s already conjuring events in his head on how they will be together not knowing that Judy is not that interested in him.

After the class, they exchanged numbers and promised to keep in contact, but that wasn’t in Judy’s plan. She just wanted them to be normal friends, so she instantly “Friend Zoned” him

Uni life has been mega fun for Judy.

Kennedy is always calling and texting to ask her out on a date and she always declines. She doesn’t have the heart to tell him off because he is such a sweet boy and she doesn’t want to break his heart.

Judy stays off-campus with her cousin and there is always one event or the other that they have to attend every weekend. Judy follows her cousin to most places because she’s in 300 level and she practically knows everyone and everywhere in school.

On one of such outings to Mummy’s pot restaurant, she and her cousin ran into the most stunning handsome man she has ever seen. The scent he was wearing was to die for and he was all smiles, showing his perfect white teeth. Judy was confused at first as to why this Adonis of a man was smiling at her when she realized he was looking at her cousin who was behind her. “What a heartbreak” her subconscious mind murmured.

“Oh Judy, meet my friend and our incoming SUG president Austin”, Judy’s cousin said.

Are you a model? Was the first thing Austin asked her? She was too stunned to speak at first, and then she smiled and said no.

Austin went on saying how she looks like a model and she should contend for Miss Uni and all. But Judy was lost in her train of thoughts… because she can’t stop admiring Austin.

“This is the kind of guy I want.

A happening guy.

This is the kind of guy I should be with.

And when will he ask for my number???”

This was all Judy could think about when Austin said he had to rush and leave them. Then he winked at Judy and left.

Judy was so disappointed and devastated that he did not ask for her number. Throughout the weekend, she couldn’t stop thinking about Austin and it was beginning to drive her crazy.

On Sunday evening while she was ironing her dress for Monday classes, her phone rang.

“Hello, good evening”, Judy said.

Hello, good evening. “This is Austin and I hope you don’t mind that I collected your number from your cousin.”

Judy melted instantly, all the hairs on her body were alert and her subconscious mind woke up from her slumber.

To be continued…

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