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What Can Someone Do To Get Over HeartBreak?


30 Facebook users have come together on a Facebook group to share their relationship advice on how someone can get over heartbreak. Read and learn. We are sure that you would pick up a thing or two.

Osedumme Maryfrances

Time is the greatest healer.

Joy Nduka

Simple and fastest solution from love doctor Joy Nduka; “give chance to the nearest person knocking on your door of relationship. Give chance to another guy that needs you. it will help you forget the heartbreaker fast.”

Mhiz Treasure

I naturally like watching movies. In situations like this, I will just occupy myself with watching seasonal movies, even at work, I will convert them and transfer them into my phone and any little or free period I have I will start watching movies.

No time to think about someone who is in the past.

Esther Ebele

Take a long walk. Watch the movies you love. Do the things you love doing. Discuss with reasonable people and tune off your mind from your problems. You’ll get over it with time.

Adetunji Adedo Abduljeleel

Time will heal it, you can’t do nothing about it, even if you are busy devil will flash it on your mind, especially when you’re about to sleep at night or those slight wake up from sleep at midnight, you can’t get back to sleep easily if truly you love the person that broke your heart, but anytime it flashes your mind just console yourself by saying if it was meant for mean I won’t miss it.

Christy Johnny

If you want to cry, cry it out! Then get up wipe your tears, pick up the broken pieces, shake them off, cheers, smile and laugh!

Adetutu-Olukorede Oluyemi

Talk positive talks to yourself now your mirror should be your number 1 best Friend, take a critical look at what caused the breakup, if u can call her and ask what u did wrong, you might get an insight into exactly what was going on in her mind.

Please be mature about this, remember you were first friends before you became lovers, spend quality time with friends who have overcome it positively.

Make new platonic friends and reactivate old friends. Take time out to cry well, but don’t let it weigh you down. Cry very well to get it out of your system, men hardly cry which is not too good for there health, get a good friend and cry on his shoulders, you would be shocked at how reactivating crying therapy can be, sorry o.

Hephzibah Praise Omega’s Queen

Don’t stay alone
Go to where you can talk to people.
Listen to music
Make a new friends (good ones)
Get a drug which will make you sleep well and eat well, by so doing you will be shining in front of your enemies

Eseoghene Juliana Udi

Someone once told me “If you are disappointed in Love, Love again”.

Chukwudi Sandra Chioma

Get busy with something you love doing…

Ojedokun Adeshina

Just try and make yourself happy
Go out meet people and have fun… Avoid loneliness. With time you will get over it.

Ojudun Jide Jahydo Gold

Chill out with friends, eat good food, do away with your phone for awhile, In the night take sleeping pills. Do this for a week if it doesn’t work then your heart is a bastard!

Ojuolape Alexistaiwo

Time heals all wounds.

Forget all the advice you are going to get here. They are all theoretical.

Following theoretical advice will only postpone the pain till you are in another relationship and you will start taking it out on your innocuous next lover.

Why not feel the pain today so that you will be free to love again wholeheartedly tomorrow?

Coming from personal experience, with time you will be alright.

You will look back and laugh at your vulnerability at this particular point in time.

Ijeoma Gloria Chukwukelu-ibe

Play some music of restoration and ignore the source of the heartbreak totally.

Prince Donatus Uwem

Just say to yourself that past events is like dead of a love one that no amount of cries can wakes he/she up! Go on and live about your normal life again.

Abonyi John Onyemaechi

It’s the most difficult sometimes, but try to avoid loneliness, its a strong elder brother to heartbreak.

Johnson Adegboyega

Repair your heart by clean thoroughly the dirt the broken affair dumped there. Be in the midst of good friends that understand your plight. A better spouse is on the way.

Chizoba Muomah

Tell God the way you feel and ask the Holy Spirit to help you through it. Then take yourself out or go out with some real good friends and gave a great time. Deliberately do things that make you happy!

Reigns Ekpoessien

See it as a blessing. Rejoice and testify. Your happiness should not be negotiable.

Give thanks and celebrate.

Ijeoma Genevieve Amadi-Okpara

By telling yourself this: it is better to be heartbroken in a relationship than in marriage. Avoid staying alone and be around good people.Also you can start any training that is mentally driven. Above all love yourself and let God.

Princess Omolara Olatundun Gold

Always be on social media, make more friends chat with them fine someone to talk with I think with this you will get over it.

Chiwhite Ogudoro

My dear take a bath,wear some make-up,if you do light make-up make heavy this time, put on sexy cloth, look at the mirror and you’ll see the reflection of God.

Take a selfie and go out to an eatery. Make sure you spend for yourself enough, then you are good to go.

Ofere Fidelis

Go and buy legend of the seeker from season 1 to the last season buy fuel in your generator eat good food and put on your TV after finishing the whole season, you will thank me later.

Lynn Gilberts-Skelly

Get busy. Occupy yourself and your mind. You can start a training program, go out on a picnic with friends and above all get close to God. Spend more time attending church meetings and you will just be fine.

Eni Oru

Don’t pretend it didn’t happen.
Accept it did.
Let it out if you must (cry if you must).
That’s the first step to healing.

Grace Olisa

Your heart belongs to you. If your heart is broken then you don’t exist anymore.

You are created to fulfill purpose on Earth, so you should concentrate on that and live a meaningful life.

Henry Nnaocha

First unfollow and unfriend the person from all your social media contact.. second delete all her picture from your phone and database and also make sure you delete all her contact from your phone. Last advice start new relationship after you are satisfied that your driving force is no longer as result of heartbreak again.

Joan Ify

Starting off a new relationship immediately after a heart break isn’t the best. First discover yourself, do things that make you happy, build your potentials more so you will be able to walk into the next relationship with your head held high.

Adewumi Biodun Simisola

You have just got to accept the pain. Time heals. Basically that’s just it.

Besides if we don’t accept the pain. How can we understand or know things as beautiful as feelings,love happiness, sadness.

Pain especially when you can’t see them. That’s what is called being human.

Akinola Funmilayo

Listen soul lifting songs and praise God, believing God has a better one ahead of you. Eat good food, meet people can add value to your life.

Vincent Solomon

Get yourself busy.

Rely on God than Man.

The arm of man would fail. In fact crying over spoilt milk does not make it good, rather you’ll give urself more headache.. go out and treat yourself to a good meal. Play good Music and be happy.

Don’t die for people who don’t cherish you. They’ll come to your burial and life continues.

Mary Paul

Keep yourself busy

Don’t stay indoor move out and mingle with people and whenever the person’s thought comes to your mind make sure you ask yourself this question, what if it’s dead that take him/her away from me wouldn’t i move on with my life? which you known very well that the answer is yes, so just take it that the person is dead and doesnt exist again and move on wit life joor.

Stella Daminabo

Time heals. Confide in a friend and pour out your heart. Cry if you have the urge, apologise if the break up was your fault. Delete his or her contact in such a way you can’t lay hand on it. Forgive yourself and move on.

Oluwagbenga Esther

First and most important FORGIVE yourself and your partner.

Cry! Cry as much as youu can but once you have cried enough and you feel that you have let all out through your tears. Then wash your face, dry it and NEVER, I mean NEVER cry over it again. NEVER again!

Stop staying idle. Occupy yourself with meaningful things and be happy, yeah, you can be happy if you choose to. Happiness is a choice.

Learned a thing or two from this? Or you’ve got some advice to share on what can someone do to get over heartbreak? Please share with us.



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