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Best Way To Propose To A Girl On WhatsApp

Best way to propose to a girl on Whatsapp

Best way to propose to a girl on Whatsapp:

Shortly before I met my fiancée, I have toasted or proposed to several girls on Whatsapp on the search for a perfect match. There are various skills of winning the heart of a woman or the girl you like and want to spend the rest of your life with. The first secret is that be sincere in your heart. Are you for real or you are just one of the playboys? If you are for real, come along with me. I will show you different tricks to win the heart of your targeted girl on Whatsapp.

Remember, there are many advantages to proposing marriage to a woman on chat just like there are disadvantages too. The good news is that during a chat, you can’t see the lady, there will be no fear, and you don’t need to dress up even when you actually know you don’t like dressing. You will have all the time to compose the sweetest messages in the most careful manners available for you. You will be able to tell her your mind since you are not in front of her. The disadvantages are that there is a possibility that the lady may take you for granted and won’t take your proposal seriously since you are not before her to see how seriously you look.

Mind you, you must not insert emoji or smiley during the conversation, make sure everything go smoothly and serious. If you disobey this rule, there is every tendency that your proposal will not work.

I will sight some examples of proposal chat for you to check so that you can send or customize yours to chat with the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Whatsapp Proposal One

Boy: Hello

Girl: Hi

Boy: How are you doing?

Girl: I’m fine and you?

Boy: Same.

Wait for some seconds, say 11 seconds and start up the chat again.

Boy: I have something to tell a girl which I am confused about.

Girl: What’s that?

Boy: This is it (Send this message below to her)

The Message: I love her with all my heart; she makes me happy every single day of my life. I can’t stop thinking about her even in a second because she is my missing rib. She is the best gift I have ever received in this world.

Girl: What? Fantastic, tell me about the lucky girl, who is she? Why don’t you tell her? I am sure she will accept your proposal.

Boy: I am the happiest guy on earth today because I have just spoken to her about it. All I need is her response.

Girl: Really?

Boy: Yeah!

Boy: Check my Status

Status: I have been expecting the very day since the day I set my eyes on you. I pray every day for this day to come and then it finally arrived. Indeed, in my heart is the space where I kept your love for this wonderful day. I cherish you with all my heart.

Best way to propose to a girl on Whatsapp: What if she turns down your proposal

Well, things like this happen sometimes. In case the girl in question turns down your proposal, just know that it is not the end of the world. You can forget about her move on in life. Focus more on another girl. However, if you can’t stop loving her, you may try further. In my case when such a thing happens to me, I don’t stay back; I take another route to approach her if I still have some doing with her. I will make her jealous by talking passionately to other girls in her presence. That’s the way to deal with such ladies.

Best way to propose to a girl on Whatsapp: Display a Good Profile Picture

Before you tell a woman your mind, you must have firstly persuaded her emotionally from the inside. Telling a woman your mind without an iota of romance will only make the entire proposal process boring and will not work.

Impress the lady with a beautiful picture on your display picture; the kind you know will be irresistible to any woman no matter her class. Once this works and you have been able to sense that she is already falling for the picture, then it is time to come in. Don’t tell her your intention yet so that you will not cut the flow of emotion already work for you.

Start a chat with her, in it; make sure you work with her emotions. Let her happy; be romantic in your chat. Once you are sure that you are already in her head start revealing your real intention. Tell her, do you know I have been trying to tell you something? She will ask what that is.  You will tell her your mind straight forward but before you do so, ensure that you tell her some sweet words. You can tell her these words:

The last time you came to visit my uncle; I fell in love with you but did not find the chance to talk to you. This is the reason why I decided to ensure that I get your number so that we can rapport further. I am ready to spend the rest of my life with. I will take care of you to any length. Just give me the chance to prove myself.

Best way to propose to a girl on Whatsapp: Creating an Interesting Status to draw her Attention

Ensure that your status is always captivating. Especially the day you intend to propose to her. Place a unique status, the type that will represent you. It could be a romantic music lyric, or a popular movie or TV quotes. If you post about an interesting moment of your day; if you are lucky, your status may spur a conversation.  You can take the advantage to ask her out. If she is your fiancée, you can propose to her after several romantic conversations.

Put her Picture as your Display Picture and Attach a Romantic Status

Once she sees your display picture and the status applied to it are relating to her, as a woman, she has a feeling of importance and will love that. Even though she doesn’t like you, she will compliment secretly and scold you openly but if she loves you, this may strike a conversation. Sometimes, she might not ask why you put the display picture since she is already used to you and knew that at any time you might do such a thing. In this situation, the chance is always open for you to start the conversation. Ask her, how does she see the D.P? She might reply you: It is cool while most of the time, ladies will reply hmm… it is a sign that they approved of it.

It is at this time that you will decide to talk to her about your intention. Tell her why you like her. List all the qualities that attract her to you. Remind her of the good woman she is. Give her a sense of belonging and then make her understand that without her accepting your proposal, life will remain incomplete. If you are lucky and she loves you, definitely she will accept your proposal.

Best way to propose to a girl on Whatsapp: Sometimes you need to go Direct

I could remember one certain time I was in 300L at the University of Abuja, and then, I was living with my elder sister when a lady came to visit us. I actually liked her but didn’t have the confidence to tell her because I have to avoid the embarrassment if she doesn’t like me. What if she is the type that tells people about her encounters? Isn’t she going to spoil my image before my family members? That’s what stopped me them from proposing to her.

After some month, she left our home for theirs; however, I managed to get her phone number. For God so love the world, she had a good phone that could Whatsapp. So, I chatted her up. I sent a hello message to her, and she replied Hi. I rapport with her in a romantic way, I was teasing her and telling her the qualities that I like about her. I was lucky enough to have her responding well to my conversations. All of a sudden, when I was sure she was complying with my tricks, I decided to ask her out. I said, will you be my lover? She replied, why didn’t you tell me this when I was with you guys? I said I didn’t see it as ideal, that’s why. So she forgave me and accepted my proposal.

Best way to propose to a girl on Whatsapp: Don’t Chat her up too Quickly

If you want the girl to like you, take it slowly with her. Don’t rush into conversations. Put her into suspense. Never allow yourself to look cheap to her, you should play the hard to get a guy. Psychologically, when you ignore a woman, she wants to know why you ignore her.

She wants to compel you to succumb to her beauty just like other cheap guys but with all her efforts, you are irresistible. This will amaze her and triggers her curiosity. As at this time when a woman cannot longer help but to know more about you if you propose to her, there is a good chance she will affirm it.

This is the method you are expected to use here. You can wait 10-20 minutes online before starting a conversation with a woman. Sometimes, you can ignore her all through the day. Next day, you wait at least the suggested minutes above before the conversation. Reply to her messages after 11 seconds even when proposing to her. Tell her your mind with calmness and seriousness in your chat mood. Don’t joke at all.

Best way to propose to a girl on Whatsapp: Bring up Interesting topics

You can’t just make a lady bored online. Don’t expect her to bring up topics, you are the guy so it is left to you to be creative and bring up interesting topics. Ensure that she is happy due to your topic. Let her happy and laugh. When you are sure that she is now in an excited state, you can now propose to her.

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