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Akku Yadav

Contributor, Kelly Hassino is back with another interesting piece of history and it is about Akku Yadav. What do you know about him?

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On August 13, 2004, in Nagpur, India Accused serial rapist Akku Yadav was lynched by a group of 200 women

Yadav had been accused of raping women for over a decade.

The women had reported the assaults to police, but the police seemed unconcerned with the crimes, some going so far as to outrightly blame the victims for improper dressing or keeping late as they made reports to police.

Occasionally Yadav was arrested for various crimes including murder but mostly rape, though he was almost always released quickly.

The nonchalant attitude of law enforcement led many to believe Yadav was bribing them.

While he was arrested on one of the usual rape cases one day and a hearing was going on in a crowded courtroom, a group of rape victims descended on Yadav.

They stabbed him approximately 70 times, stoned him, threw chili powder in his face, and cut off his penis.

When police raided the neighbourhood the same day to make arrests over the assault, every woman in the slum confessed to having participated in murdering Yadav, daring police to arrest them all.

Many women were arrested but twenty-two women were convicted of the lynching; one was released in 2012 while the remaining 21 were released in 2014.

The lynching proved to be a turning point for the victims who felt the police were powerless against criminals.

In the months following Yadav’s lynching, three other accused rapists, who similarly had not been arrested or investigated, had their houses burned to the ground.

In another case shortly after, two men were killed by a group of women after sexually assaulting a woman by stripping her naked.

One died at the spot and the other died at the hospital the following day.

The fatal attack on Akku Yadav and the subsequent women’s revolt against rapists resulted in a drastic decrease in the reported incidents of rape in India ever since.

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