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Student Tracker: How to Combine a Success in both Studies and Relationships


How to Combine a Success in both Studies and Relationships: We all know that student life is not particularly easy to manage, especially when a cute, smart boy or girl appears in the picture. Many students start college and say “this year I’ll be focusing only on my studies, so this year I’ll stay single”.

But falling in love is not by choice – it can happen all the time, no matter how much you try to avoid it – but sometimes, you can make a person fall in love with you.

Love is beautiful, love is amazing and you should not avoid it – what you should do though, is to ensure that you’re falling for a person who understands that college is important to you.

Many successful and very happy couples have met in college, so instead of avoiding your one true love, you should actually look for a way to manage and combine your academic life with your love life.

Of course, that’s no easy job for a student, but it’s not impossible. In fact, having someone by your side it can be really helpful.

Just think about it – you’ll have someone you can rely on, someone to boost your spirit, to help you study, to push you a little further, to motivate you, and to be there when you fall. And no one, not even your best friend or parents, will do those things better than your lover will.

To help you find your balance between your love life and academic life, in today’s post we’re presenting how to combine success in both studies and relationship.

1. Understand Each Other’s Needs

For everything to work out in perfect harmony, you need to understand each other’s needs. You both need to understand that studying is a priority and when it comes to it, there must be certain boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed.

As well, you should be willing to help and even sacrifice sometimes. For instance, if one of you needs a break from the relationship to focus on the exams, the other should understand and accept it.

Understanding each other is the key to keep the balance between studies and relationship.

2. Put Your Studies First

This should be the first rule for any couple who’s attending college. You can hang around and date as much as you please, but as long as your love life doesn’t interfere with your academic life.

It’s no secret that love is one of the best distraction ever, acclaimed the experts from Best Dissertation. But if you’re truly seeking to be successful in your studies and have a relationship, you should set some clear boundaries.

For instance, no texting during classes, study time is sacred, and date time should turn into your sweet reward.

If your academic life is important to you, then you can’t possibly be truly happy if the relationship is the reason why your academic life is falling apart.

3. Create an Effective Schedule Together

To make sure that you can have a happy relationship while having a successful academic life, you and your lover should create an effective schedule together, especially if your school schedule varies a lot.

Otherwise, if you don’t have an effective schedule, your relationship will suffer a lot since sometimes, students barely have time for their private life.

But creating a schedule should fix any problem and this way you can have more time to spend together than you ever imagined.

According to the experts from Academized Review, scheduling is the best habit any person and couple could have, to make sure that they have time to fulfill all their tasks as still have some time for themselves.

4. Time Management

Time management is one of the golden skills if you ask me. If you succeed to master this skill then you won’t have a problem ever again – almost.

Managing your time effectively is an art, or at least it should be. You see, once you know and actually sort out your activities by importance and urgency and cut all the unimportant and not urgent ones, you’re already there.

As well, approximating almost accurately how much a task is going to take you – this involves to know yourself pretty good – you can say that you master this skill.

Just imagine how your life would be if you can manage to master this skill – your academic and love lives will blend in perfectly.

5. Study Together

When you’re having a relationship while you’re at college, then the dates will become study dates, and sweet long kisses will be your sweet reward after working so hard.

Actually, if you think about it, a relationship can have the power to turn study time from boring to fun, or at least interesting. Studying won’t seem so bad when you have your loved one besides you to support you and make you have a better time.

6. Self-Discipline

Another skill that will ensure your academic success while maintaining your relationship happy, is self-discipline. During the exams period, you’ll need this skill the most because distractions have no place in your life at that time.

Ok, there might be one exception every now and then to keep your sanity in check, but nothing more than the dose you need to stay healthy. After all, you’re not a robot.

The point is that self-discipline will help you know the clear line between study and relationship, and when you should prioritize one of them or not.

7. Exam Time

Exam time is sacred time and that’s the only way you and your lover should see it. The HR team from Custom Essays related that students can really improve the outcome of their exam if they focus really well during the exam time.

Therefore, when exams are approaching get used to the idea to pause your romantic life – not end your relationship, but definitively reduce your romantic life as much as possible.


Everything is possible if you just want it and work for it hard enough. Yes, student life is hard, complicated, and a total drama, but there are a lot of things you can do to make a complete success out of it even if you’re in a relationship.

You are powerful and strong enough to be the perfect student, and actually, it can be easier when you have someone by your side.

Now, in case you already have a lover, I hope that all your worries disappeared, and if you don’t have a lover yet, I hope that you no longer plan to avoid love once the college starts.

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