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Signs a Woman Needs More Intimacy

Signs of a Sexually Starved Woman

Have you noticed some changes in your woman and you are suspecting this might have something to do with how much sex she’s getting or you don’t even know what might be wrong at all? And some of her behaviors are getting you worried.

Research says ‘an average woman feels horny one week in a month and this is during her ovulation, while it takes a man 72 hours to feel horny after having sex’ but obviously this doesn’t work for all women or men. Some women feel horny than others.

Women are usually said to be complicated and confusing and it can be very difficult to figure out exactly what is wrong with them. They get you wondering why the sudden change in behaviors and reactions.

Some of these recent changes in behavior and reactions might be likened to how much sex she’s getting. You might feel like you are giving her enough but you just never know if your enough is not enough.

So what are some of the signs she needs more sex or you have not been giving her enough to make her happy?

Signs that your woman needs more intimacy

These are signs you’ll notice when your woman is sexually starved.

They are always sad and moody

When you notice a usually joyful and chatty lady gets unusually calm and sad. She does not want to have prolonged conversations. She is not smiling or laughing at your jokes. And she’s barely replying to your questions in monosyllables.

If you notice this continues for a prolonged period of time and you have asked them what is wrong and you’re not getting replies. She’s bored of her favorite shows and is not motivated to do anything fun with you.

Well, she’s probably sex-starved.

If you check the last time you had sex and the sudden change, you’d likely be able to figure out what exactly is wrong.

Not convinced yet? See the next sign.

Constant feeling of tiredness

Do they constantly tell you they are tired? I know people do get tired after a long day of work. But do they get tired even when they have been lying down all day doing nothing? That is a sign to not overlook. Your woman is sex-starved.

They struggle to fall asleep

Sex has been proven time and time again to be a very good sleep inducer. If a lady is struggling to fall asleep, sex starvation might be a major cause.

You know there are some people that actually sleep off right after their head touches the pillow. Well, she might not be that person, but if she doesn’t fall asleep for a long time and ends up waking you because she is restless and keeps on sighing on the bed and complaining that she can’t get any sleep? Then this sign should not be overlooked.

If you don’t live with her or don’t know if she’s getting any sleep or not, try to remember if she has ever complained of sleeplessness or if she’s always talking about not finding sleep. That could be a major sign to look out for.


You’re probably wondering why depression is a sign of sexual starvation. Well, it is.

Women can get depressed when they are starved sexually. Having sex regularly improves emotional health, so when one is sex-starved, this can have a negative effect on their emotional health and mind.

Physical touch and intimacy can alleviate one’s mood and prevent depression. So when one is starved of this intimate pleasure, it can lead to depression.

Unnecessary angry reactions

I know this should be quite obvious. A sexually deprived woman is a frustrated woman. A frustrated woman is an angry woman.

If your woman gets unnecessarily angry at little things she wouldn’t even mind before. Then you really need to watch out. There’s every probability she is sexually starved. Is she constantly howling at everyone? Is it so bad that she even cuss an innocent person out? You need to do something quickly. That woman needs sex as soon as possible.

Lack of interest

Is she showing no sign of interest in things that normally interest her before? Does she prefer to sit alone doing nothing than doing something? Maybe you have noticed her for a while now and you have noticed that she prefers keeping to herself more than associating with other people.

Has she been telling you work bores her out and she just feels like lying down all day doing nothing? These are signs to check for.

Lack of creativity

I asked a group of creatives about a couple of the things they do when they are about to create but are unmotivated. Some of the numerous answers were; take a walk in the park, go hiking, listen to music and have sex.

Well, that last one is sure important. If your woman is finding it hard to come up with new ideas for her business or work, and she has tried every rule in the book and is still not getting anything, I think it’s time to give her something she really needs. Yeah, Sex.

Indulging in strange habits

Has she taken up new habits she’d never be caught dead doing in the past?

What are those things she does absent-mindedly that are causing you to worry about what exactly is going on? Like eating her fingernails. She’s probably always conscious of her actions, but now she’s eating her nails without any sense of shame or consciousness.

She’s absent-mindedly pulling her hair and sighing constantly. These are not just strange habits, she is sex-starved.

Doing things excessively

Is she eating much more than before? All of a sudden she can’t seem to control her eating habits. She’s eating morning, noon, and night and some hours in between? Then you need to watch out. She is probably trying to fill the sex void by eating so much. Is she taking alcohol excessively too?

This could all just be a result of sex starvation.

They don’t feel beautiful anymore:

A lot of women attach sexuality to attractiveness and acceptability (this is not only women obviously, but we are talking about women here). When women are not getting satisfied sexually, they might feel like they are no longer attractive to their partner and that is why they are being deprived of sex.

A lot of women believe themselves to be very beautiful if they are constantly getting some from their partner. So if your once confident woman starts making side comments about how she is no longer attractive or beautiful or she’s constantly saying she is not worth a second look because of how she looks, then you should know you got another sign.

If she’s constantly talking about it:

Well, some women just cut right to the chase. They don’t want to keep you guessing. They just go straight to the point and tell you they need to have sex while some constantly send mixed messages or are constantly talking about sex. They may even remind you of some of your sexual experiences together. This is a very strong sign and you need to take it as one.

What do you do when you realize your woman needs more intimacy?

Having gone through these signs I’m sure you already know by now that those signs you have been noticing are not just coincidences. Your woman really needs to get some.

Even after reading all these signs you still feel this can’t be true, you probably gave her some just a few days ago. Well, it is very possible you are not satisfying her enough or you are not giving her exactly the way she wants you to.

There might be some things you are not doing right or you just haven’t mastered the art of pleasuring your woman. You really want to do something about what she’s going through.

So what do you do when you have come to this realization?

Talk to her about it

Communication is very important in a relationship. If you notice these signs in your woman, talk to her about it and help her see some of the things she has been doing absent-mindedly. Ask her questions.

If she has not noticed these things or if she doesn’t feel like there’s anything wrong with the signs she’s showing, help her understand why it is important for her to share her feelings with you without holding back. That way, you’d also get to know if they are just guesses on your part and then you can know what to do next.

Ask the right questions

You might see these signs in your woman but fail to agree with them, because to you, you have been giving her more than enough sex.

But asking the right questions will help both of you. You might have just been giving her enough sex for you and not for her. There might be some things you are doing wrong during sex that she doesn’t want to talk about so as not to hurt your feelings.

Allow her to answer your questions with a willingness to change on your part.

If she also wants it more times than you do. Talk about how you can satisfy her and not also feel uncomfortable in the process.

Spend more time with her:

You probably have been spending lesser time with her than usual. Spend more time with her, cuddling, and finding a lot of comfort in each other. This will make her more relaxed and reduce the tension.

Get into the major

Maybe all she needs is just for you to have sex with her.  Now you know what she wants, so just go for it. Give her what she craves.

Do something nice for her

Some women are usually more satisfied sexually when their partner makes them feel loved. Take her out on a date. Cook for her. Relieve her of stress or pressure of any kind. Allow her to tell you about her day while quietly listening to her.

When you do all this for her, by the time you do have sex, she will feel so good and satisfied.

BetterHelp further explains with a huge library of information, how you can detect a sexually starved woman and tons of other tips on what to do to satisfy her.

Visit a Sex therapist

If you are having issues with communicating with your partner about your sexual intimacy or you’re having sexual issues with your partner and you both don’t know what to do about it. See a sex therapist.

They will help you figure out what exactly is wrong and also help you with how to deal with those issues. This will help you enjoy a better level of intimacy with your partner.

BetterHelp explains why you should see a sex therapist and how they can help you and your partner reach a better level of sexual intimacy.

Final words

Getting satisfaction from sex is a very important aspect of a woman’s emotional health and this can also affect how she relates with others.

A lot of women in society today are so easily detected when they have not had sex in a while. You get snide comments from their close friends that they are behaving some type of way because they have not been getting some or because they are not getting enough satisfaction from the one they have.

There is this popular yet wrong notion that men like sex more than women, which can be quite wrong, and if a man has this mindset in a relationship, it can cause him to be oblivious to how his woman feels during and after sex.

Women also like sex and there are possibilities that there are women who like to have sex than men or than their partners.

So men should try to get to know how much their partners want to have sex and how much time they want to have it in a week or month.

Some women are also usually shy when it comes to saying they want to have sex or they were not satisfied with what they just got and they want more.

This is why men should get to know some of the subtle signs women show when they have not had enough sex or when they want more of it.

Now, that you know these signs and what to do when your woman is sexually starved. It’s time to make a move and do something about it.

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