Why Are People Loving For A Wrong Reason

Loving For A Wrong Reason

Why Are People Loving For A Wrong Reason: I just wonder what relationships are turning into now. The race to marry a big boy is what’s now in vogue. Most ladies nowadays can’t function if there is no cash involved. The urge for material things has changed the story of love.

Why make money your only priority when choosing your spouse? There’s more to marriage than money alone.

A man with a good heart is better than a rich man with the heart of a beast. Most women say they want security in life so they won’t date the poor. If he’s not rich today doesn’t mean he will be poor for life. The happiness and security of your life is your responsibility.

Those who choose never to endure at all may have to suffer for long. Getting married to the rich doesn’t guarantee happiness in life. Happiness is priceless. Perhaps those who say they will rather cry inside a BMW X6 than laughing on a bicycle have never experienced pain in their life.

Some relationship mistakes can cause life regret. Many young women have blindly turned themselves to test drive vehicle for the love of material things. What qualified you as a great man/woman is not in designer shoes and bags. It’s in your good heart, good characters and real personality. When a real man finds a wife in you, he will never let you go.

It’s funny how material women blame men for breaking their heart. A man who wins your love with cash may not stay for long. Real men don’t settle down with fake women.

The only place you can find a fake woman is temporarily in the heart of a foolish man, but when the foolish become wise, the wise person is in serious problems. Looking for a real man/woman when you are fake is like looking for a live fish in the desert. Life is not a joke, you can earn the wealth now and remain sad in years to come. The choice is yours! The basis of any relationship still remains Love, Trust, Good Communication and Commitment.

Money is very good and necessary but there should be a limit.

About the Writer - Momoh Issa

Issa Ibrahim Momoh is a Journalist from Kogi state who is based Lagos.

A writer and a relationship and life coaching expert per excellence. His vast idea about life had invigorated him into writing and my piece is life changing. You can reach out to Issa on +2348080165456.



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