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Signs You Are Dating A PlayBoy

Signs You Are Dating A PlayBoy

Too may heartbroken women out here fam. And as a lover boy that I am, I want to prevent that.

Want to know the signs that you are dating a playboy? Then jump right in.

Obvious Signs You Are Dating A PlayBoy

1. He is ALWAYS busy yet available

We all know how things are in this century, everyone is gotta hustle and make money right? The thing is no matter house BUSY you are, you will always make time for those you TRULY love.

It is impossible for you to date a guy without knowing his schedules but a player is always busy whenever you make plans to see him, he will always use WORK or some other clumsy excuses to cancel dates. Then choose his own time/period to see you.

2. He says whatever he can to get into your pants. Sweet talking is one of his weapons

This is a key weapon for a player. He is ALWAYS sweet-talking you into sex or collecting cash from you. His actions are sometimes confusing as to whether or not he wants a relationship with you or is playing the fields because he acts mysterious and you hardly CATCH him lying.


3. He likes you for your physical qualities more than your potentials.

Take this short test now. Ask your boyfriend. “Why do you love me? Or what exactly Freaks up you about me?”

If more of his answers are about your body, craziness, beauty bla bla bla rather than appreciate your potentials as a woman, previous achievements or strength, I’m sorry you are dating a player.

Sorry guys. I had to.

4. He is almost NEVER jealous

Now before you run your mouth as a woman, I want to challenge all the guys here. I dare you to tell me you hardly get jealous about some guys your babe hangout with. I dare you to say NO.
Every guy gets jealous once the girl they LOVE to start hanging out with this particular guy. In fact, every man here at a time has gone though their babe’s chat with a particular guy just to prove she isn’t cheating. So

Who is your guy who feels too mature to be bothered? A FUCKING PLAYER!

5. He has a dating app installed on his phone or he owns an account on a dating site

It’s better you check your boyfriend’s phone now to confirm.

It means two things:

1. He is a yahoo boy
2. He is cheating on you

6. You can’t hold his phone while he isn’t watching

Need I say more?

Some guys are so good at hiding messages though but there are always loopholes.

The problem with you women is, you know most of these things but you chose not to see the signs because you are blinded by love.

About the Writer - VizKiz

Olanrewaju Victor, (known by his screen name VizKiz) is a Lagos based Accountant and Social media influencer who is familiar with the odd way things are being done in this century.

After series of personal interviews with different guys on how they will approach a lady they like in public but didn’t get encouraging replies, he decidesd to write his first article on How to game a lady in public and look cool with it to help the average Nigerian man step up his game.

In his words: “True Love isn’t something you get cheaply, you have to take your time to find the right one”.

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