Why Are Nigerian Youths Not Getting Married Early?

Getting Married Early

Why Are Nigerian Youths Not Getting Married Early? Late marriage in Nigeria has nothing to do with demons. Don’t let any prophet sell you that lie. You are not single because of demons or haters.

Those who are married are not better than you. Whether you are a guy or a lady, the major reason why our Nigerian brothers/sisters living in Nigeria are not getting married is that of the ECONOMY. The economy of Nigeria is extremely bad. A young man of 30 with a 1st degree who has no job cannot be looking for love, he is looking for survival.

He has family responsibilities and starting another family when his first family is still struggling is almost a nightmare. The result is that women who date these men will wear their engagement ring for a decade without actually getting married. And by the time the men are ready to marry, they would have met younger richer under 27s. This is the reason for the heartbreaks. The economy is anti true love. Sister, the disappointments you experienced have nothing to do with demons. It’s because of the way things are going in the country.

Secondly, despite the state of the economy, the cost of the traditional and white wedding in Nigeria is extremely high. Yet there’s so much pressure to get married. Trust me, Nigerians are the most oppressed people in the world. They are oppressed by their leaders, suppressed by the society, enslaved by religion and chained by fear

Please don’t approach or engage a lady if you know you are not ready for marriage in the next 5-10years, gather yourself first and don’t use that as an excuse.  Also, never leave a lady that has been with you for several years for a younger lady that is rich, money is not everything and karma is a real bitch.

About the Writer - Momoh Issa

Issa Ibrahim Momoh is a Journalist from Kogi state who is based Lagos.

A writer and a relationship and life coaching expert per excellence. His vast idea about life had invigorated him into writing and my piece is life changing. You can reach out to Issa on +2348080165456.

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