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It is comforting to have questions on your mind and also have the answers within reach. But having lots of questions without a glimpse of an answer in view becomes frustrating. I find it really difficult understanding why good people always fall to bad things. But why?

My name is Tunji and I’m about to share with you the story of one of my friends with you.

I grew up to know what family is and also how a family can scatter in a split second (maybe not seconds though). Growing up was a mixture of fun and loneliness, love and hatred, a little mixture of here and there. Adulthood is worse much more because I’m left with whole lot of questions I can’t answer.

Bola is the only female friend I have been close to for several years,she knows me like the palm of her hands. She is a sweet somebody to the core. She genuinely loves God and care about her friends. I’m sure one of the reasons why we are so close and remained so is because of the fact that she loves God. Bola is pretty,she is almost(don’t want to sound perfect) everything a man wants in a wife, but we never stepped beyond our friendship zone.

I respect her so much and I love her. Bola is the typical good christian lady all round. She never dated anyone until our final year in school,when she met a young vibrant christian handsome brother in our campus. Fast forward to 2 years later, Bola announced her wedding ceremony. Everyone was happy,the couple looked like a match from heaven, so perfect together and with so much love. I was happy my friend is finally getting married especially to a good man.

The wedding ceremony came and it was really beautiful. The couple looked genuinely happy and things was really looking good for them. She is a teacher, while the hubby was a banker, few months into the marriage, he got promoted and everyone was happy but just one little issue, my friend Bola is yet to be pregnant. One year down the lane, Bola’s hubby got sick and was diagnosed for ulcer cancer.

He was bedridden and the bank decided to pay for his treatment but stopped after 6 months of no improvement. Friends gathered together to pray for him and after few more months, he recovered and also Bola got pregnant. Our joy knew no bound. Life resumed back to normal.

Unfortunately,just after 3 months of recovery, Bola’s hubby got sick again but this time, the cancer took his life leaving my friend a widower with a baby on the way. She was broken and kept asking me these questions

Tunji, why? Why do bad things happen to good people? why do somethings happens? But I prayed,I fasted, why didn’t anything changed? And i just plunge myself into thinking with no answer.

I need to answer these questions..

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    September 5, 2016 at 11:27 am

    you re a beast. Yeah. A writing beast. Nice one from u. And something learnt. More ink to ur pen

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    La' Bonkz
    September 6, 2016 at 11:50 am

    Like honestly, same question comes to mind, like all the time…the question that dosent really have an other answer than just keep being good.. cus I think Many bad people today were good people beforethat just couldn’t stand the testof being good! God knows best. we just have to leave it like that.. he is the master planner.

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