Why is Currency Com the hottest training platform for Cryptocurrency?

Currency com is a token or coin asset Belarus-based online crypto trading platform. The platform is owned and operated by Currency Com Bel LLC, which is headquartered in Minsk.

Why is Currency Com the hottest training platform for Cryptocurrency

The platform presents a wide range of tokenized assets, including cryptocurrencies, authorities bonds, indices, shares, currency pairs, and commodities.

The total wide variety of instruments offered by way of the platform is more than 3,000. At present, the platform accepts clients from 183 nations around the world.

The traders like to make knowledgeable investment decisions. This is because Currency com provides extensive trading information to its customers, including more than seventy-five technical charts, instant price alerts, and different features such as trading dictionaries and market news.

All these aspects have been designed to help traders in making properly trading choices.

The Currency.com platform is also advocated for traders that are focused on cryptocurrencies. The dealer has a special focus on cryptocurrencies and gives more than 225 tradable assets to its clients.

The buying and selling platform allows users to take a look at the latest market prices, spreads, the percentage exchange in prices, as well as historical charts.

In addition to this, Currency.com has also partnered with other trading systems like Binance, enabling users to trade in a tokenized property without any issues.

Top Features

Advanced Trading Platform 

The Company has developed the world’s first regulated tokenized assets exchange. Currency.com gives a web-based trading platform that allows its customers to trade from anywhere.

This trading platform is additionally compatible with smartphones and offers extraordinary versions for Android and iOS.

Low Minimum Deposit

Another great characteristic of Currency.com is the low minimum deposit of solely $5. This minimum deposit is a great deal lower than most other competitor brokers.

At the equal time, the minimum withdrawal limit is additionally fairly good, as Currency.com allows clients to withdraw amounts as low as $100.

Wide Range of Assets

Currency.com has created a tokenized asset exchange that can be used to alternate in a wide range of assets.

These properties include tokenized cryptocurrencies, government bonds, indices, shares, foreign money pairs, and commodities.

Users can choose to invest in the instrument that they are most cozy with. A wide range of belongings gives users the chance to earn from multiple instruments at identical times.

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Excellent Trading Tools

The tools offered on the platform are extraordinarily helpful for traders. Currency.com offers its clients the latest price charts, technical evaluation indicators, and price movement contrast tools.

Access to these tools ensures traders are geared up to take advantage of price actions at any time.


  • A demo account allows users to come to be familiar with the platform before going live.
  • A diverse vary of investable asset classes
  • Appropriate tools on offer to manipulate risk and carry out technical analysis, with over 75 technical indicators to choose from
  • Security: A excessive emphasis on security, with 2FA, cold storage, and more to guard investor assets and personal data.
  • Regulated: As a wholly regulated crypto platform, Currency.com is AML and KYC compliant.
  • Negative balance protection: minimizes market risk via protecting users from poor balances.
  • Multi-asset class offering: Currency.com offers greater than 2,000 tokenized assets as well as fiat and crypto trading.
  • Leverage: Users may also trade with up to 500x leverage.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals: Users may savings and withdraw in cryptocurrency, bank transfer, and bank cards.
  • Superior education information and trading charts
  • Accepts deposits in fiat and cryptocurrencies
  • Responsive 24/7 support

Trading Services

Commodities: Oil and oil stocks, gold, silver, platinum, etc.

Exchange-Traded Funds: Amongst an array of ETFs, Currency.com offers the SPDR umbrella amongst others.

Indices: These include, but are not constrained to the S& P500, NASDAQ100, FTSE100, FTSE China 50, DAX30, and CAC40.

Shares: Currency.com offers tokenized shares found throughout the world’s major indexes, including Apple Inc. and Amazon.com.

Tokenized Bonds: Bonds issued via the Ministry of Finance of Belarus.

Trading Fees and withdrawals 

Unlike most cryptocurrency exchanges that discriminate between maker and taker fees, Currency.com charges relatively flat prices of 0.20% for both the makers and the takers.

It is also beneath the global industry common that has been 0.25% for a very long time.

As Currency.com supports leveraged buying and selling or margin trading of cryptocurrencies, a separate fee shape for margin trading is different for the takers and the makers; the taker charges are charged at 0.075%, whereas makers get paid to trade at 0.025%.

Moreover, first-time deposits via financial institution cards are free, while for the subsequent financial institution card deposits, users will be charged a deposit fee at the rate of 3.5% if Visa or Mastercard are used; bank transfers are free.

There is additionally a minimum deposit requirement of $10 if customers intend to use Visa or MasterCard and $50 if they use a bank transfer.

However, there are no limitations for deposits, however, when the deposit amount reaches $20,000 or equivalent, customers are mandatorily required to show a source of funds. Cryptocurrency deposits are free of charge.


Users may additionally access their Currency.com wallets via the Wallet’s icon. Additionally, customers may access wallets through the “Deposit” icon or via the “Portfolio” tab located on the left-hand side of the interface.

Clients have wallets for every one of the individual cryptos supported by Currency.com. In addition to supported crypto wallets, Currency.com additionally provides users with supported fiat forex wallets. These include BYN, EUR, GBP, RUB, and USD.

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