How To Find A Safe Rehab Facility As A Woman

If you’re considering seeking out a rehab facility, first and foremost, well done. It’s not easy to begin the search or even open your mind up to the possibility of needing to begin the search. This is no small thing.

You’ve overcome one of the biggest hurdles involved in rehabilitation. It can be nerve-wracking looking for a place to keep yourself while you work with your past and your present to build a better future for yourself.

You know you want to be somewhere that is safe and kind and respectful of you as a person, somewhere where you’ll be heard and supported, no matter what arises.

The following will explore some points of consideration for those looking to find a safe rehabilitation facility.

Emphasis will be placed on women searching for a rehab facility, but much of this information applies equally well to men.

Defining Safety For Yourself

If you’re looking for a rehabilitation center, chances are, you have experienced feelings of unsafety in your life.

On an emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual level, you likely have felt endangered and/or helpless to deal with the danger, whether it came from within yourself or from the outside world.

Because of this, many people might not even fully understand what safety means to them, particularly if they’ve spent a long time ignoring internal signals of danger because their parents, partners, schools, or workplaces encouraged this.

Safety is a critical component of any therapeutic situation if the situation is to produce desirable results. It’s a good idea to get conscious about your idea of safety.

Ask yourself what safety means for you, and allow whatever comes up within you the opportunity to explain itself.

Some of your answers might surprise you, as safety is different for everyone, as people tend to be on the lookout for specific dangers they’ve already encountered.

You might even want to make a little list of the points that arise to refer back to as your search for a rehab facility unfolds.

As well, allow yourself to give politically incorrect answers. If you would prefer to interact with a certain gender or someone from a specific background, that is okay.

Conduct Rehabilitation Center Interviews

Once you have a clear idea of what safety standards you need to meet, and you have a sense of what your goals are in terms of rehab, you can begin interviewing centers.

It’s a good idea to ask about their specific experiences and approaches to your particular struggles, their philosophy, and their standpoint on women’s recovery specifically.

Go through your list of safety concerns and talk through them with the facility’s representative.

Talk about what aspects of rehab make you feel nervous and what suggestions and offerings they can make to help you with those worries.

Do not ignore feelings of anxiety or unease at this time. When making the decision to enter rehab, many parts of yourself that you have silenced or ignored (almost always the response to trauma or unsafe environments is to repress the parts of yourself that cause conflict in the situation, even if those parts have your best interest at heart).

These parts might begin to feel hopeful and grow more expressive. Let those thoughts and feelings be heard, as this can help you find the right program for you.

Ask For A Tour Or In-Person Meeting

Quickly, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices to a select few facilities that meet your specific rehabilitation needs.

Once you have a smaller list, why not ask to visit the facility and speak to the professionals you’ll be working with.

This will give you a feeling for the day-to-day life you’ll be living while you participate in rehab, whether you choose an in-patient or out-patient route.

How To Find A Safe Rehab Facility As A Woman

Listen To Your Intuition

When it comes to making the final choice, consider which facility and which employees you’re most connected with.

Trust your gut instinct to know which professionals you vibe well with. You are likely going to want to open up and speak about your experiences and perspectives with the professionals involved, and if you have developed a stronger initial connection with one of them, this will make the process a little easier to start.

Ask yourself who it was easiest to speak with? Ask yourself who you felt most drawn to. Ask yourself who you trusted more.

The above information should help you seek out a rehabilitation facility that is safe and focused on helping you accomplish the goals you have.

Remember, this is your choice. It’s not anyone else’s. What facility is best for you is the right one to select, and no one but yourself can tell you which one is right.

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