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Kayan Mata Recipes

kayan mata recipes

Kayan Mata recipes: Ever heard of Kayan Mata? You should have probably heard of it I guess. And just in case you haven’t, I will introduce you to Kayan Mata today. Kayan Mata is a northern recipe for s*xual or love enhancement between couples, it’s used by the woman to make lovemaking enjoyable for her partner. Kayan Mata is a combination of two words which is Kayan and Mata. Kayan is a Hausa word meaning; property or equipment while Mata is also a Hausa word meaning; wife or woman. So, in full details, Kayan Mata simply means “Woman’s property or a wife’s equipment”. Yes, it is a wife or the woman’s equipment in the sense that it’s the woman or the wife who applies this recipe to enhance her love life and make her intercourse with her partner more juicy and memorable as she seeks s*xual satisfaction for both she and her partner. Kayan Mata gives men better satisfaction and greater performance.

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Kanyamata didn’t fall from heaven. So, that’s proof that it was made by man and it can’t be a single ingredient that makes up so much valued recipe as highly rated as Kayan Mata. The recipe is not far fetched, KayanMata’s recipe is found in almost all northern state. Some other state outside the northern part also have these ingredients or recipes.

I will be discussing in full details the Kayan Mata’s recipe and how it’s is made. It’s no longer news that this spice has taken over the market with a swift speed and many dealers who get to sell this spice makes them. If you have been searching for the Kayan Mata recipe, just stick with me as I take you on a ride of discovering how it’s been made and you should be able to make some yourself after this session.

First, you should know that Kayan Mata comes in various forms for various functions. And these are:

  • V*gina Tightening
  • Attraction perfume
  • Booster drinks
  • V*gina odour remover
  • sweetener
  • Bre*st enlarger
  • V*gina lubricant
  • S*xual feelings or craving

And so many more Kayan Mata functions or forms but those listed above are the Major. Let’s pick them one by one and get to know more on them and their recipes so we can at our convenience make some for ourselves.

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V*gina Tightening or Tighteners

A woman is tensed to tighten her vagina when she notices her vagina feels wider than usual. This happens because the vagina changes over the course of a woman’s life as a result of aging and natural events, such as pregnancy and childbirth. So, in this piece, we shall be taking a look on tightening loosened or wide virginals with Kayan Mata

The Kayan Mata recipe for vagina Tightening is the use of “CLOVES” (Kanumfari)

kayan mata recipes

Cloves are known as “Kanumfari” in Hausa square measure an extremely prized healthful spice which has been used for hundreds of years, they conjointly contain powerful antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties rendering them hugely helpful in healing a wide variety of illnesses and health conditions. Also, they are often used to disinfect, Clove oil contains eugenol(It is a colorless to pale yellow, aromatic oily liquid extracted from certain essential oils especially from clove oil, nutmeg, cinnamon, basil, and bay leaf.) which is a powerful anesthetic and natural pain reliever.


  • Soak Clove in a plastic bottle
  • Leave it for 3 days, you will notice the water changes to brown.
  • After 3 days, use the water to in washing your Vagina morning and night.

This natural recipe helps to Tightens the vagina and remove unwanted odours also Clove as antiseptic spice helps clear Infection in the vagina.

Sweetener or Booster

The sweetener is a concoction made out of some ingredients to help improve the feelings of better lovemaking and make it last longer as you and your partner enjoy sweet lovemaking which becomes a result of some hormonal secretion which the Kayan Mata would help in activating.


  • Sugarcane (ràkée)
  • Honey (zúmàa)
  • Ginger (Citta)
  • Cloves (Kanumfari)

kayan mata recipes

kayan mata recipes

kayan mata recipes

Once you’ve gathered these ingredients, then the next thing you’ll be needing is a pot or something to use in boiling as you would need to put all four ingredients into the pot and add enough water then boil them together for some minutes (specifically for about 30 to 50 minutes) depending on the volume of ingredients.

Sometimes, you may choose to add dates, watermelon, onions, and grape. But the above first listed ingredients are superb because of the *boiling* of a thing which you have to do.

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Odour Remover or Perfume

Bad v*gina odour results as a lack of proper maintenance or inserting unhealthy objects into the vagina which results in alteration of the body pH.

Kayan Mata has a spice to keep those bad odour far away from your vagina and this recipe have positive effects as they are 100% natural which complements our hormones and body system. The recipe is called “Musk’


  • Musk

kayan mata recipes

Musk was coined from the musk deer (an animal), it is a class of aromatic substances which is used as perfumes base note (The base note is a scent of perfume which brings depth and solidity and it consists largely of heavy molecules which slowly evaporates) which are not perceived until after some minutes of application (precisely after 30 minutes). Musk is an oily substance which has a very pleasant scent, you can insert into your vagina during or after your menstruation or as you so wish to do.


How dry is it? It sure can be wet and well greased. How?? Don’t worry it’s as simple as a, b, c… Just take these recipes and make it lubricated yourself

Just in case you want to know the meaning of lubricant or lubrication; Lubricant is a substance used to minimize friction and allow smooth movement. Directly, lubrication is the process of applying lubricant.

Applying lubricant allows the smooth movement of the penis in and out of the vagina giving your partner a pleasurable feeling. In this case, you don’t need to start inserting anything into your


  • Pineapple juice
  • Sugarcane juice
  • Watermelon juice
  • Tiger nuts juice
  • Coconut water

kayan mata recipes

kayan mata recipes


In case of the pineapple juice, you can add sugar or honey as it can also help to boost vaginal fluid.

Bre*st Enlarger

Holding those big tits while riding is every man’s desire. Having the big or sizeable bre*st is every lady’s desire too. You can actually own this great asset by applying natural Kayan Mata’s recipe to your bre*sts.

Bre*st enlargers come in variety but most aren’t naturally made as chemicals which can damage the Bre*st tissues or even cause cancer are always present in most of them. But the Kayan Mata’s enlarger has no risk of these ailments or damages.


  • White rice
  • Corn
  • Millet
  • Wheat

kayan mata recipes

kayan mata recipes

kayan mata recipes

kayan mata recipes

Having gotten all ingredients, do a proper washing on them then dry all of them. After they’re properly dried, you can then take your grinder or take it to where you can grind and blend them into a powdery form. Once your powdery substance is ready then ut into a container from where you will be taking two spoons a day mixing it with yogurt or nunu milk. This great recipe will increase the size of your bre*sts without harming your tissues nor making you prone to cancer.

For better functions of this,  you can mix the recipe with either of these: camel milk, tiger nuts powder, and wheat powder.

S*xual Feelings

Have you lost the urge to make love? Maybe as a result of previously experienced bad lovemaking or lost it after childbirth. No matter what caused the disappearance of the urge or lost feelings, Kayan Mata is a great pick for the reinstatement of that lost s*xual feelings.

Like other recipes too, this is a pure natural combination which works on your hormones causing sensual crave for lovemaking.

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  • Cloves (Kanumfari)
  • Baure herbs

kayan mata recipes

kayan mata recipes

Taking this recipe would probably bring those lost feelings back with a week or two. How do you make the unique recipe? Simple, just grind your bare herbs into powdery form same as the cloves, then mix both ingredients together. Put into a container where you can take teaspoon measurements every morning or evening but once a day.

Now you know the kanyamata’s recipes. What next? I basically can tell, but you sure know what is next or don’t you?. So get your hands dirty l, make some for yourself to please him and if you’re the man, teach her this so that your intercourse may be fulfilling and you won’t have to cheat (that’s your decision Shar).

Great intimacy, and nice communication as a lady help you plant yourself in his mind, making him ever ready to come back home to you. For the man (men) those same attributes make her never want to lose you and never lose respect for you. Wouldn’t you want a relationship with the authority of dedicated feelings? If yes, then get your Kayan Mata today or get KayanMata’s recipe and make some great stuff out of it.

Some of these if not actually all, can be found in any major market in Nigeria. So you don’t have to do all the traveling to the north to get them. Rather, you only make an inquiry from people around you. Like they say “he that asks questions never loses direction”

There are also other functions and different recipe not disclosed nor talked about but you can always get to know them from proper researches as they are available. Getting their recipes and procedures of preparation are not properly detailed that’s why we didn’t venture into them. Some are also perceived.

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