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Why should you publish a book


What to do if you have doubts?

To publish or not to publish, that is the question…Honestly, it is not a question for us as we, as a service specializing in writing, strongly recommend you to publish. But first things first. By the way, if you still didn’t get it, we are very specialized in writing each stuff you want starting from research papers ending with big dissertations, so if you text us with a message like “write my coursework cheap” we will be immediately there for you. Also, for your better guidance, we give you a link which if you will click on and you will appear on the page that will describe everything in details.

So, what advantages does publishing have? Why should you share your thoughts with someone? How to avoid plagiarism and keep your paper in safety? Those questions are important to discuss and understand in this article.

Benefits a person gets of publishing

  • Publishing a book doesn’t only increase the level of your importance but also improves your own qualities.
  • It absolutely increases the level of your leadership position.
  • When you publish, you definitely understand that now you are the only person who rules.
  • You start to come up with ideas fast as you need to react on dozens of comments you will have after publishing.
  • It helps you to gain experience. Really, where else will you get if not on the site? Where else will you get comments which will force you to change and write better? It is a very good start-up for the beginning of the life of the author.
  • It will help you to decrease the level of doubts you have to yourself. After showing the paper/book, you will become stronger which will help you to become more confident in your own strengths.

Several reasons to publish a book

1. Self-publishing helps to improve very fast.

According to the survey, we accidentally can found that almost 47% of published books are more likely to be shared by followers and strangers than books which are represented by some firms. What is the most awesome – independent publishing already gives almost half the e-book unit sales of the market and seems unstoppable?

2. Do you want to be a writer or an author?

You may ask – what is the difference. It is very easy. The writer is a very smart person, who writes awesome texts and even has a huge talent to do it. Then who is an author? It is a person with all the same qualities, but who has one big difference – he is a person who publishes his works. So, do you want to stay a writer to the end of your life or to grow up and become an author? If the answer is in the second part of the question, then understand that publishing is the only way to show people, that you deserve to be called an author.

3. Also, remember, everything you write, can’t be bad, it will find its target audience for sure.

You know why? Because everything you write is unique, so you have to bear in mind that everything which is unique will be popular.

4. By the way, while writing and publishing you will finally understand who you are.

Seriously. The process of writing a book will force you to turn your thoughts inward. Through writing, you’ll gain perspective about what really matters to you. When you write a book, you get in touch with all your thoughts, dreams, motivations and desires. Moreover, writing a good text is much cheaper than going to therapy in order to share those thoughts, dreams, motivations, and desires.

5. After publishing, you will immediately become a pro-author.

We are chatter-boxes here. We mean it. The thing is that only 1% of all humankind publishes his/her works, that is why when you are here “Oh I wrote such a nice book” – don’t panic, it doesn’t mean you will have an opponent as it doesn’t mean that a person will publish that nice book. People lose chances very often; don’t even think to become one of 99% of all people.

6. You will definitely become smarter.

When you write, you want to mention only true facts that are based on real facts. That is why it is obvious that you will visit lots of Websites and educate yourself. Be very accurate here, after publishing your paper/book can be seen by professors of that field of knowledge, and if you have any ideas that are not supported, then you will be defeated by them.

Always try to have a back up full of evidence in order not to allow people to ruin your book.

7. Stop making excuses.

Really, aren’t you exhausted of all those things you always say in order not to publish? What are you waiting for? What will happen in the worst situation? Someone will say that you are wrong in something? Okay, at least you tried and did something, and in the future, you will be more careful. Always be thankful for bad comments, only they will help you to grow.

To sum it up, never doubt if you can or can’t doing something, especially publishing. There isn’t anything wrong in the desire to be popular and visible to the society. Hope our article helped you and now you are sitting happily because of the paperwork you have just published.


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