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Wish You A Safe Journey Prayer, Safe Journey Messages

safe journey prayer

Safe journey messages. Safe journey prayers and safe journey SMS. Now that your love has decided to come back home after a long time. Your long-distance relationship is about to stop and your love is now very close to you. The most appropriate thing to do is to wish them a safe journey, send them a safe journey back home text messages, make them realize that you can’t wait to see them by passing the safe journey quotes to them. Your safe journey prayers might go a long way and mean a lot of things to your love. You can send him the have a safe trip my boyfriend or girlfriend and let him or her know that you are in his/ her thoughts.

The safe journey prayers should not be limited to your lover alone. You can also send to colleagues at work who were on a trip in between countries. As soon as you have prayed for their safety, you can also be thoughtful by sending your prayer for safety and guidance to them. It makes a lot of sense showing concern for their well-being and they will surely appreciate you for it.

I wish you a safe journey prayer to your love

1. I know you fear long distance trips, but be rest assured that God is with you every step of the way. He will always protect and guide you as you come down to Nigeria. Wish you a safe journey my love!

2. I have waited for so long and I am so happy that you will soon be home. Everything is well placed for your arrival. The only left now is just to wish you a safe journey home my baby. God be with you every step of the way.

3. I have missed you for so long and I just cannot wait to have you back. My safe journey prayer for you has never gone to waste and therefore I am sending this safe journey SMS to wish you a safe journey home. God will be with you all through the journey.

4. May God protect you. May he guide you. May your journey be safe and smooth. May we have every reason to thank God on your arrival. Have a safe journey dear. God be with you every step of the trip. Cheers

5. Your plane will not crash
It will never even crash land
The journey will be smooth and safe for you and everyone in the aircraft
Do rest well and pray before embarking on your journey
Have a safe flight dear
My best wishes

6. You will never travel when the ground is thirsty
The people of the world will never need your blood
You will have a safe flight to the glory of God
And we will have every reason to thank God for your safe trip
Have a safe journey my love

7. I pray that the sky will be so clear and there will be no rain nor any turbulence. I pray that the pilot will have clear eyes and the journey will be smooth and stress-free. I wish you a safe journey my dear. May God’s hands be upon you every step of the way. Have a safe journey back home

8. I know the aircraft is conducive. I know the engines are sound and working well. I know the pilots are sane and sound. I knew all through God who told me. I wish you the safest trip back home. Your protection is guaranteed my dear. May God be with you

9. I know they will tell you to fasten your seatbelts, but you may never really have any reason to fasten unless you are landing after a safe journey. May God be with you my dear. DO have a safe trip back home!

10. Dear Father, as you embark on this journey. May God, protect you and may his angels be by your side every minute of the way. Safe journey my dear

Safe Journey prayer

11. God will guide and protect you as you step into the plane. God will watch over everything you do. He will keep you from all sort of accidents. He will protect your body and soul from all dangers. He will be with you every step of the way. Have a safe journey!

12. He has sent his angel down to protect you. I am very sure of that. He will protect you on this journey you are about to commence. He will guide you and make you fit spirit soul and body to withstand whatever turbulence that may come along the way. He will give you peace as the journey will be a long one. He will guide you to do the right things in the plane. May God be with you. Have a safe trip

13. Oh lord almighty, the protector of the universe and all that is therein. We commit (mention his name) into your hands. Be the companion throughout the journey. Wear him your protection armour. Keep him from any danger that may arrive. Bathe him with your protection as he embarks on this journey through Jesus Christ. Amen

14. You are the lord of heaven, the land and the seas. You are the lord of the old and young. You are the lord of the infants and the aged. The lord of the humans, animals that walk and birds of the air. We beg for your mercies and protection oh Lord, for this trip, and we pray that you guide the drivers the strength to see this journey through. Amen

15. Dear Lord, preserve us, be with us, guide us and protect us as we embark on this journey. Surround us with your affection and be with us through the air, road and water.

16. Lead us to the point of tranquility oh God. As we pray through your will that you guide our traveler. We pray that our traveler reaches his destination. We pray that the journey is smooth and safe. We pray that our traveler sails through whatever may be the danger along the way. We pray that you are kind and grant the grace for our traveler to see the journey through to the end. We pray for the mercies that you grant, we pray that nothing evil will befall our traveler as the journey commences. We are thankful and grateful for everything.

17. The road will stretch forth and be your friend
The wind will blow and guide your directions
The sun will rise and light your path
The rain will fall and provide reasonable road friction
God will be in control of the wheels
And he will step on the acceleration and the break
My safe journey prayer for you
Have a safe trip

18. My safe journey prayer for you
May the angels protect you
And be with you today
My every instrument of the journey
Work in your favour
May the heavens be with you
As you start this long journey
My safe journey wishes to you
Have a good one

19. Dear God
Listen to my voice, please hear my prayers
A safe trip is all I pray for
For my wonderful friend
Please stretch forth your arm of safety and direction
So that he/she may arrive securely at his/ her journey’s end
Give him the ability to see through the road
Bless him with the skill to maneuver the though weather condition
Send your angel to escort him
And we will remain ever grateful in your name

20. I pray today that you travel with the almighty God
Make you pray before entering the plane
Have a safe flight, God be with you

21. I am sure God will send his angels to guide and protect you
All through your journey
have a safe trip

22. In the name of Jesus as you start this journey. God the father will shine his light of protection on you. God the son will soothe your nerves and calm you, God the spirit will accompany you every step of the way

23. You are the lord who is ever presence
In the air, water and on the land
I am sure you will cover me
Through this dark and rainy night
I know you will be here again at dawn
I know you will be beside me to comfort me through this journey

24. Dear God
Please protect my friend as he flies today
May your guide the pilot and all the plane crew
May you protect every living being inside the plane today
May my friend find peace as he travels through the journey
May your joy be unending in his life
May you keep him calm within your cover
Through Jesus Christ our love

25. I thank you for your love so everlasting on every one of us
I pray for the hands of God on your journey as you travel today
I know the journey isn’t long, but anything can happen even at a short distance journey
I pray that God that has started the journey will end it with you
Go with God
Have a safe trip

26. Wishing you the best of your trip
Wishing you the best of each moment
And always know that I will be here to welcome you all days
Have a safe trip sweet one

27. Your tomorrow will be better than today
Your everyday will be as amazing as ever
I wish you a safe trip today
And have fun while you are on your way
Safe journey dear

28. The road may be rough
Your legs could shake you
I miss you so much and I hope you make it home safely
I love you so much
Have a safe journey my love
God be with you

29. You are here already
The only difference is just the plane to land at the airport
We are waiting for you already
And be rest assured that God has you in mind
You have worked so hard of late
You deserve every inch of what you’ve got
May God be with you as you embark on your journey
May he support you all through the air and water of the Atlantic
Have a safe trip my love
God be with you

30. God be with you today and forever
God be with you in every of your ways
God be with you even when you are on your way
God be with you baby
Have a safe trip

31. I am usually scared when it comes to traveling by air, but I find solace in the fact that we serve a living God and I know he that has always protected us will continue to protect us in all our ways. I have missed you enough to want to see you as soon as you get here. Have a safe trip dear.

32. I cannot join you from here to there. The only thing I can do is pray that you get here safely from there. I know that when the time comes, you will meet me at home when you get here, and bring me all the stories of your travels and the gifts that you have bought for me. Have a safe trip!

33. I do not have the power to bring you safely from there. The only power I have right now is to wish you a very safe journey and godspeed. You will get here safely. Please rest well as you travel and remember that God is with you. Safe journey!

34. When family has traveled for a long time, and it is time to come home, then they come home. I have missed you so much and I am indeed happy that you have been able to achieve what you have gone to achieve. It is a great feat you have done, and as we have prayed for you so have you achieved the great feat as well. Now is time for you to come home. Have a safe journey my dear.

35. God stays with his people. He never leaves nor forsakes them. He supports them and protects them wherever they are. He has supported you all through the years and I am sure he will do same as you travel down to meet us. Have a safe trip dear. May God be with you!

36. Let us in our gladsome mind, praise the lord for he is kind. His mercies endure forever. He is ever faithful and ever sure. He has assured us that you will get here safely and we are happy and waiting for you to get here. We all have missed you. Have a blissful trip.

37. I know you have a lot of stories to tell. I am sure you have a lot of things to share. We are happy that you have finally decided to come home. We are grateful that you have achieved even more than we thought you would. We are deeply thankful to God that we are going to meet again. Have a safe journey my dear. May God protect you on the way.

38. Your closet was filled with dusts due to years of neglect. But not to worry, I have cleaned out your room for you. Your room infact misses you and I am sure you miss it too. As you journey down here, I will be in your room waiting for you. Have a safe trip dear. May the blessings and protection of God follow you everywhere.

39. God’s path for us are clear. His decisions we see apparently. He has chosen your path for you and I am happy that you embarked on this journey based on the direction of God in your life. I wish you safe trip as you journey down and all the best in your life endeavor. Safe journey dearie!

40. You are safe driver I know but I want to use this opportunity to tell you that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you a very safe journey and an amazing time on the road with less stress and more fun. See you when you get home. Stay safe!

41. I know you are safe already. I know I will see you soon. I know you can’t even wait to get home. It has been a long time and I am happy that you are coming back, FINALLY! Do have a safe trip darling and may God guide all your ways and path!

42. No matter how hard life is, I want you to know that no one has ever crossed the road of success without having to step on failures along the way. You have had your fair share of hurdles and hustles and now I want to wish you a safe journey as you come home. Have a safe trip dear.

43. You are my friend and I will forever appreciate your friendship. Even though we do not get to chat and talk every day, you have remained evergreen in my heart. I care about your journey that’s why I want to wish you a safe journey to Nigeria. God be with you and protect you as you fly down here.

44. I am so excited to hear that you will be coming down soon. I am indeed glad that we would get to meet and discuss life and career again. I miss your intellectual abilities and I do really hope that I get to meet you soon. Have a safe trip dear.

45. You said you will do it, and you have done it. You have achieved the unachievable. You have done the unprecedented and you have made me realize that when there is life there is hope. As you embark on your journey today, I want to wish you a safe trip and I pray you get here safely. Godspeed dear!

46. May your trip be filled with less stress. May your day be filled with tremendous blessings and you may have every reason to be thankful to God when you get here. Have a safe trip dear. God be with you!

47. Let the heaven roars, let the sunshine so bright. It is your homecoming and I can’t wait to have you by my side. We would discuss the great times and focus on how the future will be. We will be happy and look ahead at how exciting our past years have been. Finally, we will be thankful to God for making it possible to be here and to see enough reason for being alive. Have

A safe journey prayer to your loved ones should never depart from your mouth. No matter the distance or means of transportation; road, water or air. You should always make sure you mouth your safe journey message to them even as you send a safe journey prayer SMS to them.

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