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If You Date A Yahoo Boy, You Are A Thief – Ayo FBI

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If You Date A Yahoo Boy, You Are A Thief says Ayo.

A friend and very popular Twitter user, Ayo FBI has taken to his Twitter page to condemn Yahoo boys in Nigeria, after the recent arrest of yahoo boys at Club 57 in Lagos. He also lashed out at Nigerian ladies who dates Yahoo boys and stated that they were thieves as well. Read his twitter thread below:

If you are a Yahoo boy, you are a thief.

If you date a Yahoo boy and encourage him to be more successful in his “hustle”, you are a thief.

If you participate in a Yahoo boy’s balling, enjoy free drinks, money, gifts etc from a Yahoo boy, you are a bigger thief.

If you think you’re avenging your “forefathers” slavery by doing Yahoo Yahoo. You are nothing but a lazy, fraudulent minded individual who has devised another means of carrying out robbery without carrying arms. You are a thief and you are not avenging shit.

And if you think it’s okay to clean the proceeds of your Yahoo business by channeling it into helping people or doing charity. You are still a thief.

No justification for fraud. Before corn came, it was something the fowl was eating. There’s always something legit to do, it might just not fetch u as much as the illegal way would. The problem here is ojukokoro. Laziness, greed & wanting a to live larger than life by any means

These outbursts by Ayo has also generated a lot of buzz online as more Twitter users voicing out their opinion on the increase of yahoo boys in the country. Read more here:

Ahn ahn… The ones that will steal money and wristwatches nko? Since everybody now na criminals, oya na! Even u sef, if u have collected more than your school fees before, ya a fraud. EFCC should carry u. Let them empty the whole Naija.

Good then, but do you think there’s any justification for what yahoo boys are doing? Like imagine this country without Yahoo boys, what will these millions of boys be doing? Cos they’re up to millions.

I would love to know you people’s professions and explain to you how you’re not so different! It’s what the system has defined yours to be.. Doesn’t mean it’s still not fraudulent! Banking, Telecommunication, Engineering… We’re all rippers IDGAF what you call it!


oga Ade de clothier @sprincewears 

NO I.D @NO_______ID
Our politicians are thieves first before Yahoo boys. Deal with those ones first. Get competent people into office, and watch niggas convert to using their laptops for everything more productive.
Okonkwo Frank Perez @OkonkwoPerez
Chyccbillz @BillzcChyc 


What do you make of this highly sensitive issue of Yahoo Boys in Nigeria?

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