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Do Young Men Prefer to Date Older Ladies Now?

young men prefer older ladies

There are indications that young men seem to have found solace in the arms of older women than younger ladies. Considering the recent agitation for sugar mummies by younger folks and the reactions to questions relating to dating older women on social media. Is this a recent shift from the regular young men dating younger women?

A Facebook influencer, Onyeka Chiemelie took to his Facebook to find out why there is a sudden like for older women by young men. The comments are interesting and eye-opening.

Renee Johnson:

I always get teased about being a cougar, but in reality, I’ve never had a young lover…But if anything ever happened to Rayjay Ill be on the prowl.

Petra Eby Kris:

So this is why younger men come after me. I’m talking 3-9 years younger. They don’t know what’s going on though.

Doris Anthony Nweke:

I think the logical reason is that as one gets older, the youthful exuberance wanes. In most cases, age comes with maturity, calmness, wisdom etc. At that time, most people’s perception of life change too. And it cuts both ways. Some ladies go for older men for same reason.

Olanari Donald:

I feel its due to the maturity level of older women. Older women understand some certain things, and they don’t overreact. Older women give Peace.

Asher Combs:

As a 24yr old I had a special friendship with a 40yr old lady at the time.

She admired me because I reasoned and acted older than my years and I fancied her because she was very well kept for her age.

She was great company, we’d drink red wine and have discussions about everything from politics to space, religion to cars etc…no fights just great banter…She was a decent cook too and admittedly she did make me feel like a national treasure.

We routinely spoilt each other…birthdays, valentines and the lot and as such I gained her respect because it was never a one-sided affair and that “dependency” clause people assume to always exist in these types of relationships never existed.

I also have to mention that the sex was explosive and plus you could shoot your whole load in there and not worry about anything. She had implants and would always insist I creamed in her lol.

Okay let me stop here.

Stanley Chukwunedumije Ihugba:

Not to be cynical, but older women tend to be less fussy and dramatic because their sexual market value is beginning to wane so they tend to treat those that as much as cast a lasting glance at them greatly.

The younger ones have a truckload of admirers and can afford the shenanigans and theatrics.

Answer Esibe:

Older ladies are done playing fantasy, they are the best for companionship and understand life in its real sense. I don’t date my age bracket or those younger folks, they are full of unnecessary anxiety and vain demands.

Dhebra Emerald Chris:

Older women stick more to goals than petty arguments. Understanding that life’s about the dreams and the goals and the impacts and fewer quarrels over nothing in particular.

But then I have always been attracted to younger boys. There is this thing in me that wants to play with them in the guise of love. Yes please.

I see so much fun in how well they yield their hearts and dream wild about love. I adore their innocence and the carefree heart they’ve got when it comes to love. The innocence is what freaks me out the most. Something in me laughs at them while gazing into their eyes. 😀😂

And Nah… I don’t care if you have a girlfriend. Give me my space and give her hers.
Most importantly the respect & loyalty is amazing.

Itoro Usoro:

The ‘many’ I have seen so far love her for the sake of who go pay their bills.

It is masked with she is mature but underneath is fuckboy-ism.

Take a sample survey of how many jobless older Women, the younger Men go for, a minute number.

They’ll easily date a younger girl who is jobless but not an older one.

That’s where you grasp their real intent.

Umoren Victor Wilson:

Older Women worry less, very emotionally stable. knows exactly what they want, be it sex or company and will tell it to you.

But then, they’re just like every other woman. Sometimes, far more toxic than their younger counterparts. The urge for control is also there. And when they’re done, they’re done.

Nothing like Break-up and Make-up.

Ijele Chikwelu:

Everyone is now forming ‘loving cougars’ forgetting this is how women younger than them claim they prefer older men.

You guys should stop making a case out of nothing. Just choice playing out here…nothing like this age being better than that age.

Austin Vegas:

I have been on both side of the divides, and can authoritatively tell you that, with older women, you will have PEACE, which is the basic thing every man requires from a woman.

Older women with good heads on their shoulders are, drama-free, very caring, respectful, and not money-minded.

Get yourself a gentlewoman, and not a girl with social media swag

Eworo Ifeanyi Michael:

I think sometimes what one needs is caring and less drama.

Caring is not far fetched from the older women who tend to play the natural role of caring notwithstanding any kind of relationship which they’ve found themselves.

Kufre-Abasi Afangideh:

The most amazing and the longest relationship I’ve ever had was with someone who’s 13 years older. I lied about my age at the initial stage of the relationship though and she almost dumped my ass when she found out.

Acha Daniel Maduabuchi:

Older ladies are less drama. Having seen all in life, there’s no time 4 drama. The relationship is defined so nobody get hurts by chance or intention. They can be supportive if they see a bright idea in you.

As of the sex, explosive and fun. You can nut everything and don’t bother 1 bit.

All my ex are way older than I am.

Acha Daniel Maduabuchi:

Older ladies are less drama. Having seen all in life, there’s no time 4 drama. The relationship is defined so nobody gets hurt by chance or intention. They can be supportive if they see a bright idea in you.

As of the sex, explosive and fun. You can nut everything and don’t bother 1 bit.

All my ex are way older than I am.

Chinwuba Kosy Linda:

See how almost every guy here prefers older women but Las Las na una go still marry younger women because of control. This is hilarious sha.

You like older women because most of the time, they’re independent/use you as a fuck boy but let’s pretend that you guys will never marry them.

Akachukwu Okeke:

I’ve been with women 15 yrs older and women 10 yrs younger. That age stuff DOES NOT matter too much. I’ve been with older women that pout like kids but younger women so loyal that they would steal for me if I asked them to.

It really depends on the person. Personally, the only reason I don’t date too much younger is that I feel like I may be robbing them of youth.

Òlòrunfémì Gbènlè:

For starters an older woman would possibly have her shit together, they are generally less tumultuous and dramatic, she probably has her kids or career to worry about and lets you be yourself, she seldom comes with too much baggage and expects little of you, she is matured and can be a go-to person for quick advice or bailouts when you are stuck(yeah I said it). Moreso she is less likely to be narcissistic, and tends to be comfortable in her own skin, the effect of this on her sexual output is mind-blowing, the lovemaking is real and every sensation explosive, she holds back nothing, at a point in life, a man just wants peace, you can count on getting that from an older woman, and believe me most of them having stopped childbearing and it’s attendant stress are just drop-dead gorgeous. So do the math.

Oluwadamilola Michael Akinayo:

It’s 50-50 and depends on the “maturity” of the older lady’s character. The fact that she’s older doesn’t guarantee better behaviour. For real, been on both sides and definitely sticking to younger from now on, period.

Molly Onyedikachi Okezie:

It actually goes both ways. I have dated older men and I must say, they love differently! Like, the love was massive.

Then, on my part, I have seen men wanting to have something with me just cos I’m older. They still say the same thing: I have zero drama.

Theodorauju Igwemadu:

That older woman was once younger, dramatic, selfish.

But some bad habits do not change! I know some older women that still behave like a teenager! It’s not really about age! A cool lady is a cool lady irrespective of her age. Like we have a 40-year-old man with the mind of a 20-year-old, and the same applies to some women too.

Those older women, especially the rich ones, tend to settle for less when it comes to marriage and turn out to act like the man of the house.

I believe they are so sweet, humble and understanding in a relationship, but totally different in marriage.

Person wey get sense, get sense! No matter how they try to hide it, it will definitely come out with time.

Ohakwe Ifunanya:

Firstly I will say every woman comes with varying personality and as such may be caring in their various ways.

Generational gap Oftentimes causes one party to perceive the other as a “kid/baby” and deals with the younger person as one who is yet to attain his/her (older party) level of maturity which invariably makes some older ones care more for the younger partner while others may become authoritative-dictators.

Truly maturity takes away some level of youthful drama which makes the older women “humble and possibly more caring” but in all these, some level of love-driven desperation could trigger the said “care and loyalty” which truly is time-bound because, at the tail end, the true self prevails.

Kenny Ogbogu Seirei Kengen:

There is the general argument that older ladies are more down to earth and less dramatic, but there are lots of exceptions to this.

My present girlfriend is one of the exceptions. She’s pretty young 22, but reasons like a 40+ lady, which was one of the major things that attracted me to her in the first place.

I have been attracted to older ladies at different points in my life, being that I’m sapiosexual because they exude a depth of reasoning, experience, and intelligence that is so attractive to the mature mind.

Individual character is a key factor too, whether young or old.

Cee Jay:

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Ibn Abubakar:

Being way off the drama & attention-seeking is less about age and more about one’s personality. I have been with a much younger lady who understood space & less drama. I have also been with older women who wanted to choke me with their demands for attention and love for drama.

Guys being interested in older women are just driven by their attraction to them. All the reasons given are just excuses. Maturity or not is no function of one’s age. If it were, this 49years i am seeing wouldn’t be this much of a drama queen.

Nk Helen:

I’d like to touch where no one has mentioned. Many of these younger men date older women because they consider them vulnerable and a vulnerable person can easily be influenced. That is why most often, only a few of such relationship thrives.

Let me put it another way, the younger men prefer to be at the receiving end while stepping up their game. If you watch them closely, the older women are the sole providers. The marriage prior to engaging in it already has a termination date.

Itoro Usoro:

Ask them why they date her but when it’s time to get married you hear all sorts of nonsense excuses about why they can’t marry her.

She is mature only for dating?! Lol.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts.

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