I am sending my happy workers day text messages to all those workers that have toiled hard during the year. My good will messages go to all workers that have toiled so hard at the beginning of the year!

How has it been? How has the work gone? Was this quarter better than the last? Hope you had fun working this year? How were you able to deal with recession! Did you handle it well?

Just know that God has the best plans for all of us and believe that our labours in time past will never be in vain. The year is all for us to achieve, just go in and have the best of it while you work! happy international workers day.

Happy workers day text messages

You have not been lazy during the year. You have worked and toiled so hard. You will live long to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Happy workers day!

Do you know that without work you will not eat? That is why you realize the importance of work and you have toiled. May the remainder of your year be filled with less toil and more fun. God be with you. Happy new month and happy workers day!

May the grace of our lord Jesus Christ be with you and your family this new month and the rest of the year. Happy workers day Fam. God be with you!

Count your blessings and name them one by one. You will just be surprised at the blessings of God in your life. Happy new month and happy international workers day. have a blast!

Remember the blessings of God will always be with those who wait! Happy International labour day. I will see you soon!

Be grateful in everything
Be thankful in anything
God see your hard work and will bless you soon
Have a blast and enjoy day
happy International labour day

He has promised he will never fail
When we call on him he will answer us
God has to us to cast all the burdens of our labour on him
And he will support us every step of the way
God will support you and your family this new month
Happy International labour day
God be with you

In everything you are blessed
The work of your hands is blessed
Your family is also blessed
This day and forever
Happy International labour day
Have fun

This year your life will never remain the same
This year you will be blessed in different ways
This year the love will heal you from so much pain
This year all your pain will just turn to gain
Happy international workers day
God be with you

God will perfect everything in your life
You will not labour in vain
God will bless everything you lay your hands on
You will blessed in a very special way
God will lay his hands of healing on you and your family
You will astonished when the blessings start pouring in
God will favour you more each passing
Because it is a new month and you prayed in a different way

My collection of happy international workers day will be incomplete of you do not check more messages that I have here. You will be surprised as to the number of messages I have written here for you.

Do you always want to wish me happy international workers day with your happy workers day messages. Feel free and drop it in the comments section below. I am also a worker as well. I work for you!

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