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Inspirational Morning Prayers for My Love

inspirational morning prayers

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20 inspirational morning prayers for my love

1. When you direct your prayers to God, he will hear and listen to you. What exactly do you want from God, take time out in prayers to tell him what you need and he will answer you. Remember to love him with all your heart and soul, and you will just be fine. Good morning.

2. Dear God, please help my love. Make his/ way be pure in your sight. Be with him/ her and he/ her move around the day. Support my love oh God and let everything work together for our good in the new day. Thank you for always answering. Amen.

3. I am here right before you dear Lord. Just as the sun make its way to start the day may your love start in my love’s life. As the beds come out in the morning to sing so will your love follow me everywhere singing with me. As the lights make a way for a new day, so will your light shine into my life. I am here before king of glory, let your love  follow me everywhere I go. Amen.

4. Dear Father, help us, support. Fill our hearts with your love and set us on the path to full expectations of your glory. Fill us with your power and let your name be in our hearts. Give us the grace to love unconditionally. Create in us a new heart and renew the right spirit in us. Make us powerful and extraordinary. Show us the glory of your kingdom so we can love you forever. Amen.

5. Give us the energy dear Lord to bring all our work to completion. Make our spirit renewed and all the water of life to pass through us. Make us the light in this dark world and let your love shine in our lives. Amen.

6. Help me process thoughts in my head. Make me a winner all day, all year. Give me motivation oh Lord so that I can be up there all the time. Bless me mightily and make my way pure all the time. Amen.

7. Bless me, support me, renew me, as you continue to push me to become a better version of myself. Let your will be done in my life in the name of Jesus. Amen.

8. I thank you dear King of glory, for what you have done and what you will continue to do. I thank you for being the one guide you have always been. I thank you for giving me strength and peace to follow through with life and love. Please Lord, I want to pray for my sick friend. He/she is sick, tired and frustrated, but I know that you will make all these go away. Minister into his/ her life and come into his/ her life. Amen.

9. Strengthen us king of glory. Bless and support us. Make us stand high on the highest mountains and supply all the things we need so that we ca continue to give you glory honour and adoration. Let your name live in our hearts today and forever. Amen.

10. Thank you for giving us strength for the day new. Thank you for making us have the energy to surmount all challenges. Please God, push us, shape and perfect everything in our lives so that we can continue to walk in you and with you. Refresh us with your spirit and do let your will be done in our lives. Make us bigger than last year. Amen.

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11. Dear God, as you usher us into a new day, bless our ways and direct our paths. Forgive the mistakes of our yesterdays and give us the grace to work through life again. I know it will be difficult for us to do these things on our own and that’s why we need your help. Helps us and be with us. Amen.

12. I worship you king of glory and I love you with everything in me. I thank you for creating me so special and for keeping me up till now. I put all what I am going to do in your hands, let them play according to your wishes in glory. Help me to say No to sin and protect me from all evil and dangers. Let your will be done in my life and let your grace follow me everywhere. Amen.

13. Give me the grace to love you more. Be with me and watch over my life. Let your light shine through me and create in me a new heart, make me pure and whole and lead me on the path to righteousness. Let me feel your presence in my life. Come into my life and protect me in all ways. Amen.

14. Father our heart is weak, it feels like we are only carrying all the burden of the world with no one to help us with. Please help us through the life phase as we carry the load alone. Keep our hearts renewed and refreshed in you so we can work hard and work more in your name. Keep us dear Lord and make us win all the time.

15. Give us the grace the understand the difference between sin and staying according to your will. We are trying hard and we know that you are with us all the way. Thank you for an amazing year, king of glory and be with us every step of the way. Amen.

16. This morning, our hope is renewed in you. This morning we know you will be with us every step of the way. This morning we know you will make everything we are hoping for happen in a good way. Bless us today and forever dear God. may name be praised in our lives forever. Amen.

17. Today, I pray that God’s unconditional love shall encompass you. The works of your hands are forever blessed, you shall forever prosper.

18. Your life shall continually radiate the goodness of God. As the sun rises today, so shall all your worries fade away into oblivion and you shall be filled with renewed strength.

19. You might feel broken yeah, but remember that when there is life, there is hope. Never give up. The lord shall be your help in times of any trouble. Pain shall never be your portion in Jesus name.

20. Today, you shall possess all your possessions. Good morning my love. Think big and motivate yourself to win. Good morning my love!

21. I pray your soul shall be strengthened, and you live your life in accordance with the word of God. Good morning dear.

22. You are victorious and conquerous! Let no one make you think less! May you have sufficient wisdom to differentiate wrong from right.

23. The good things of this life such as prosperity, abundance, success, good health, etc. shall be your portion now and forevermore.

24. Joy and shouts of thanks shall never cease from thy mouth and that of your household.

25. Here’s me wishing you happiness in overload that it gets contagious and spreads to those around you. Just as the sun never fails to shine, there is forever hope that there will be light at the end of the dark tunnel.

26. The lord shall lead you away from all evil and keep you in the right direction. Wisdom, knowledge and understanding shall e yours now and forevermore.

27. A mouth full of thanks and a grateful heart shall be few amongst many that you will feel today. You shall be well and fine in all your dealings today.

28. Good morning sunshine. Just like the sun, you shall outshine all adversaries made against you today. You shall receive unlimited favor from God today and grow in him. Have a beautiful day.

29. The only tears you shall shed from today will be tears of joy because the lord will keep performing wonders in your life. There is no gain in regrets. Turn your regrets into memories. God is with you today and everyday

30.  My prayer for you this morning is for Jesus to take the wheel in all your situations. Have a fruitful day honey.

31. Speak in faith, and everything you declare shall be yours. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that rises against you in judgment shall be condemned.

32. All hurdles and obstacles that have been hindering your success shall vanish today and forevermore. Sit back, relax and enjoy the handwork of God in your life.

33. When you think all doors are closed on you, the lord shall open doors in unexpected places for you. Unexplainable blessings shall be your testimony as you shall be encompassed with beautiful goodness from the lord.

34. Remember that you were made in the image of God, thus, you are in his heart, and he shall provide only the very best for you. The fact that God is yet to perfect his plans in your life does not mean that you are a failure. Trust God and keep on moving.

35. I believe that your today shall be much and way better than your yesterday. Good morning my heart. You shall find unlimited favor today before God and man.

36. May the good lord guide your footsteps today. May your going in and coming out be filled with God’s grace and protection.

37. The lord shall make your path straight today, and no form of evil shall come near thee. Remain blessed and stay fulfilled today darling.

38. God shall bless you and make you great today and forevermore. Anyone who plots evil against you shall be wowed at how victorious you would come out, and they shall bow.

39. The lord shall continuously work wonders in your life till you begin to question the reality of these wonders. Always remember that God’s delay is not denial. God’s massive pln for you is going to blow your imagination. Sit back and relax darling.

40. You shall soar high above your equals and be a blessing to all those around you. Everything good and more shall be your portion.

41. Strength shall be yours if you claim it by faith. The lord shall go before you and speak for you in all your endeavors today.

42. Great things are coming your way. Keep your head high and stay strong because you are a star. The lord shall provide all your needs according to his riches in glory. Have a blessed day my love.

43. Shame shall never be your portion! You shall be a bright light and shining star to all those around you. Do not let experiences break you, instead learn from them.

44. You shall explore your deepest potentials and become the best out there. All the good things of this life shall be your portion.

45. As you open your eyes this morning, my wish for you is that anything you put your hands to do shall flourish and prosper. May you have a successful day filled with smiles.

46. Don’t give up. You shall excel in all you put your hands to do in Jesus name.

47. From today, smiles shall never leave your face. Good morning beautiful.

48. When the bad times arises, stay strong, smile and remember all exceptional moments you have had in life. Your breakthrough is on its way.

49. Trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all ways acknowledge him and he shall make your path straight.

50. Today shall mark a new day of excellence in your life. You shall look back and smile because gone are the days for regrets.

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