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2020 Happy Democracy Day Messages To All Nigerians

happy democracy day messages

Happy Democracy day messages, wishes, sms, and greetings to all Nigerians. Happy democracy day. Happy democracy. It is the democracy, we should be happy for one another. The democracy day is a sure example of why we need to be happy to see another year!

Just recently, we clamoured for change and we got it, did we not? How have we fared though? Has everything changed for the better, or things just keep getting worse?

Well, I would leave that to you to decide.


Why happy democracy day?

We need to celebrate the reclamation of democracy in our country, don’t we? After decades of military rule in the country, Olusegun Obasanjo reclaimed office as President of Nigeria ending the rules of the military forces. As a result of this, May 29 being the day there was an exchange of military to civilian rule, was set aside as Democracy Day.

The democracy was therefore initiated as a public holiday to commemorate all that happened ad I have just stated above!

The end of the military era of ruling in Nigeria, therefore, brought about normal elections as the return of civilian rights and freedom. It was based on this reclamation of democracy that our president General Muhammad Buhari was sworn into office on the 29th of May 2015, clocking two years on the seat!

This post is not generally to give a holistic overview of the present administration but to send quotes and wishes of a happy democracy day!

Democracy day has now been moved from May 29 to June 12, in commemoration of the death of Bashorun M.K.O Abiola.

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Happy democracy day messages

1 May 29 is such an important day in the lives of Nigerians. It is the day we regain and reclaim all our civil liberties. Regardless of the present situation of the economy, we should be thankful for the freedom we’ve got. Happy democracy day

2 The essence of a true democratic country is for us to have freedom and the liberty to fundamental human rights. I wish you and your family a happy democracy day today

3 When we stand for our rights, then we stand for freedom. Freedom is what we need, freedom is what we crave for. Happy democracy day

4 We have come together as one, we have decided to unite in the face of adversity. We have decided to help one another to make life beautiful. We have decided to raise the flag of the nation because Nigeria is ours! Happy democracy day

5 if you decide to give up on freedom. It means you have decided to give up on life. Freedom gives you the right to life and good living. Never give up on freedom. Happy democracy day

6 Freedom is all we need in our hearts, and therefore need all killings and fighting with one another. All the ethnic groups must come together and we need to put a stop to violence. Happy democracy day

7 We are proud of our country. We are proud because we know that we will soon be led to the light, and we are sure we will soon get there. We are confident that with this present administration. Things will turn out for the better. Happy democracy day

8 Our future is so vibrant and full of colours. I hope you can see it because I can. Happy democracy day

9 The arrival of the May month always brings with it great promises
From the May Day to the children’s day and now the democracy day.
May holds so much promises for us, and so we will keep forging on
And pray to God for showers of blessings
Happy democracy day

10 Be kind, be patient, do not be weak nor weary
For we will soon get to the promised land
happy democracy day

11 Others may decide to move on and ignore the democracy day
But never will I
I will host the flag so high in pride and admiration of my country
Happy democracy day

12 The democracy day is the day to sit and assess how we all got here
The democracy day is the day to relax and assess how well the present administration
has performed
Happy democracy day

13 Are you aware that thousands of people laid down their lives for us to be where we are today
That enough should make you see reason why you need to be thankful for being alive to witness this awesome moment. Happy democracy day

14 Let us be happy. Let us be contented, it is the democracy day and we need to be appreciative of it
Happy democracy day to you and your family

15 Let us stand against corruption
Let us fight against sinister activities
Let us fight against terrorism and money laundering
Let us fight for our country and how to make it better
Happy democracy day

16 We need to come together as one
We need to gather each other for unity sake
We need to have fun and make today a beautiful day
We need to roar high and be proud of our country
It is the democracy day so let us celebrate another year together
happy democracy day people

17 Today we remember the last one year
Today we look at the possibilities that abound around us
Today we want to strive to work harder than before
Today we want to come together and make our nations strong again
We should know that we should not leave the state of this country into the hands
Of our elected leaders alone
it is our joint responsibility and effort to make sure Nigeria is better
I have strong faith in this country. What about you?
Happy democracy day

18 We must be free in our mentalities
we must have faith in everything we do
We must understand that there is power in unity
And we must leverage that to fight if the government
Are still getting ready for battle
We are ready to fight for our country
Happy democracy day

19 Remember to pray for this country
And remember to pray for his people
Better life, good job and excellent infrastructural facilities
Are what you should pray for as well
Happy democracy day

20 Be grateful for life’s little precious gifts
Be thankful for the opportunity to see another May 29 again
Happy democracy day

I am thankful for all the life gifts that I have. Are you thankful as well?

Happy democracy day messages. Happy democracy day to you!

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