Every king needs a queen, every man needs a woman. Who is your man/ woman to you. King or queen. These my collection of king and queen quotes will help you.

How do you feel when a man calls his woman his queen, or when a woman calls her man, her queen. Do you feel happy? Overjoyed? or flustered? Who says you an’t call your man your king or call your woman your queen? You need to check my collection of good morning my queen messages that I have here, then you will realize how kingly or queenly it can be to send beautiful king and queen quotes to the one person you love.

You need to understand however that my collection of king and queen quotes are not be chosen and used non-nonchalantly. They are regal quotes designed for regal personalities. If you see your woman or man regal enough. Then I doff my hat for you! He or she deserves my king and queen quotes.

I have noticed in recent times though, the rates at which young men and woman search for king and queen quotes for their lovers. This is impressive I must say. Gone are the days where boys and girls try to treat their lovers like the king and queen that they decide but fail woefully at doing this. Now, things are getting better with lovers growing into loving and doing better with their relationships.

You are welcome into my world of king and queen quotes. You want to thank me now? No, just wait till you are through with checking out my king and queen quotes and sayings! Then you can pick from, add yours and thank me for bringing the king and queen quotes up on the blog.

King and Queen quotes and sayings!

What are you still waiting for, jump in and check my collection of King and queen quotes for your use:

1 The earlier the your treat your woman like a queen, the better, because if you are not careful, a king will come over and snatch her from you.

2 The earlier the your treat your man like a king, the better, because if you are not careful, a queen will come over and snatch him from you.

3 Every woman craves for a special man who will sweep her off her feet and treat her like the queen that she is. For you to be able to win her trust, you need to stay faithful and love her with everything you’ve got. Enough of the dilly-dallying, now is the time to get your dating game on. Treat her like the queen that she is and you will never lose her!

4 You can never claim to be too busy for your woman. You should be able to work within your time and figure out how to make your woman your queen! Excuses are uncalled for in relationships. To enjoy your love life, you must treat your partner as regal as you can!

5 You love life is the sheep and you are the Captain. The crew is critical in moving the ship forward but as a Captain, it is your duty to steer your ship in the direction that is expected of you. You need to clear all other thoughts in your head to make your ship sail to safety.

6 Every kings deserves a queen, if you expect to be termed a king by your woman, you need to first treat her like the queen that she is. Do not put too much expectations on her, else you will be just be left drifting and begging to be loved. Treat you woman as a queen and she will treat you like a king!

7 Who would not want to be someone’s king?

8 Who would not want to be someone’s queen?

9 You need to treat your lover like royalty. If you love and show affection to your lover, he/ she will love and honour you as well. A kingly personality befits a queen!

10 You should love your man/ woman with all the strength that you’ve got. This way the elements that describes you as being a king or a queen sets everything apart and you will see why being a king or queen pays in loving!

11 To sit on a throne perfectly, you need a queenly figure. To enjoy your love life you need to up your game and treat your partner specially. She deserves every bit of the queen that she is.

12 Every guy needs a great lady that will act as her best friend and show him what it takes to laugh, so that he will not only smile but laugh forever. Every man deserves a queen. be a queen for your man, and your life will never remain the same.

13 I fell in love with who you. You are so queenly and regal in nature. I fell in love with your personality, your gait sets you apart from everyone else.

14 When a man is capable of treating a woman like the princess that she deserves to be, then it is 100% sure that he was indeed brought up by a queen!

15 You need to begin your today, as if you have forgotten about your past. Forget your yesterday and focus on your today, this way you can treat you woman the way she deserves. The ills of yesterday should never determine the possibility for your tomorrow. You deserve the best, you need to work for it!

16 Always know that for you to be in a good relationship, you need to treat your relationship like it’s some game of chess. It is the duty of the queen to protect her king! Gorrit?

17 You can not always stay alone, every king needs a queen to support her in everything she does and hopes to attain!

18 A real king doles out all the attention his queen deserves, a real king gives his queen all the love she needs, a real king gives his queen beautiful names and makes her happy all the time. That is the duty of a king!

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