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Funny Sunday Messages to My Love

funny sunday messages

Another Sunday is here again. Trust you are having an amazing and funny day! Here are some funny Sunday messages to my love for you to send. Who does not love a happy laugh?

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Funny Sunday messages

1. Monday is the day filled with work merriment
Tuesday is the day where you feel traded
Wednesday is the day where you see a lot of wonders
Thursday is the day to be grateful and thankful
Friday is the day to be friendly and fuzzy
Saturday is the day to count every other day of the week as a success
Sunday is the day filled with family and friends sweetness
Happy Sunday to you

2. A man’s body that is at inertia; at rest will remain there until his second half finds a job for him to do, there and then he moves in motion. Hope you get enough work from your wife this beautiful Sunday. Happy Sunday to you and your family.

3. Happy Sunday to you friend. You see our favorite day of the week is here again. So just calm down and relax. Let the day be filled with all the enjoyment you need to make it special and glorious. Forget all the undue stress Monday to Friday brought and laze around all day. Wishing you a fun filled Sunday.

4. Sunday is the day to live like you are the prince of your kingdom. The day you stay in bed for as long as you can, keep the mouth of the alarm clock quiet, have a sumptuous breakfast, and a lazy day in full. Enjoy your Sunday man, the whole of the day is yours. Happy Sunday.

5. Ignore the stress of the week because Sunday is here. Make memories that you will remember forever. Have as much fun as you can and ignore anything that might want to bring you stress. Have a blast and a happy Sunday to you.

6. The Sunday is God’s gift to us for a stressful week, so enjoy the gift of God and make the most use of it. Don’t laze around the whole day. Happy Sunday to you!

7. Weekend does not really make any sense unless you spent them doing what is totally unreasonable and meaningless. After 5-6 working days, you need a break and a break is what you’ve got now. How meaningless are you going to make today look like? Happy Sunday to you. Cheers.


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