There is this girl and guy that lives on my street as live-in-lovers. They usually engage in their coital activity around 11pm every night.

Anytime they have s*x, the street never sleeps; the screams of ‘whoosh whoosh, don’t stop, you are killing me softly’ rents the air on a daily. Well, I feel it is good hearing such sounds from a lady, it definitely means the guy knows how to hammer the various angles well and right.

What I am mad about is the incessant noise making every night. Constituting public nuisance and making guys like myself who haven’t had some *** in a while angry and frustrated.

Hey, you think I am jealous? Even if you say that, men, ‘na you know oh’. How can you be making me strong and h**d when I’m supposed to be thinking about the next photographs or the next blog post? You are selfish men!

I appreciate your sexual prowess and your enjoyment situation, but you should consider people that live close to you, for comfort. Sex is a sensitive and intimate activity,so it should remain intimate, and not loud to the extent of me having to hear, ‘I am cuuuuuuuming, around 11:15pm every night, Haba?‘ A little bit of self control here and there would not hurt, would it?

I asked a friend what his thoughts were and he said ‘I should learn to take a chill pill and enjoy the musical moaning, can you just imagine? He went further to say that the excitement of the love making is in the moaning. I don’t truly understand…LOL!

Incessant loud moaning during SEX should be deemed CRIMINAL ACTIVITY, you guys should not make a young man feeling uncomfortable every night! I just can’t be the one taking panadol for another person’s coital bliss.

What do you guys think? Share your thoughts

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