Why I cannot live without you. You have shown me love, enough to save me from drowning. This is why I cannot live without you. You have pulled me out of my misery and made me know the real meaning of loving and falling in love. This is why I cannot live without you.

Your love blew my eyes out of its sockets, it has turned my voice to the sound of the rickets. This is why I cannot live without you. You have been the very best person that has ever come my way. This is why I cannot live without you. Thank you for showing me love all through the years.

I cannot live without you, and I must say it loud for the world to hear. I simply cannot live without you! Can you live without me?

1 I cannot live without you
I cannot breathe without you
I cannot eat without you
I am so in love with you

You remain on my mind
Even when I try to clear
Thoughts about you from my heart
My mind is for you and yes I know

I don’t ever want to have a reason to lose you
Because you are too good to be true
Love me baby because you are my muse
I cannot live without you

This trip you have gone for so long
It’s tearing me up so that I want you more
Everyday I pray and crave for your love
Because I know I miss you and I cannot live without you

I will cross the oceans for you
I will defy all odds to be with you
I will do anything to turn your red to hue
Just because I cannot live without you

2 I love you this much
Yet I cannot live without you

My kind of love is the crazy one
For so long I never knew until now
That God knows I cannot live without you

I will never anyone hurt you
I will always be your protector and guide you
I will always make my ways pure and brand new
You deserve the best man and here I am

Anytime you leave me here to go to your house
You never knew what burns in my heart to see you go
I wish I had all the power to make you stay now
I cannot live without you

I have sacrificed a lot for you
And you are not even in the know
I would gladly give my wealth up for you
I hope that you will love me so

3 Will you love me like I do?
Will you promise that you will never let me go?
Will you calm me down whenever I go dry and sad
Will you tell me you cannot live without me?

I will forever bless the day I met you
I will be forever cherish the day you kissed me
I will forever love the day you hugged me
I love you and I want to

Do you have your collection of I cannot live without you poems that you want to add to this? Feel free and drop them in the comments section below.


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