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Short Love Poems – Are you on the look our for amazing short love poems that will turn your love and relationship life around? Then check out these amazing collection below:

Short Love Poems 1: UNHOLY THOUGHTS

Come over tonight
Let me have a gaze
Of what’s inside
Don’t fear, don’t hide
Open yourself to me
Let me be intimate
With your innermost desires
Let me feel your fire
As I hold you tighter
We are going higher

Short Love Poems 2: LIE TO ME

Don’t tell me the truth
Of the things in your heart
Go ahead and taint
My heart with deceptive thrills
That will break my heart with
In the days to come
See I know who I am
Just permit your slick tongue
Sway and spit un clad lies
For the sake of class make me
Look above my mates
So go ahead and lie to me
I’m so used to being used

Short Love Poems 3: FORGOTTEN

Abandoned in the tunnel
of my thoughts
Swept under the rugs of
Any consideration
I don’t have to continue
With deception
Nothing remains between us
That was once all about us
All affection for you
Is crippled
You are forgotten

Short Love Poems 4: LET ME…

In the warmth of your quiet
Soul I find home,
Ah, the gentle countenance
of yours promises Heaven.
Let me sing to you
my unwritten song of love,
That’s all I’ve got.
Let me murmur my deep
undying wishes on your
Soft cheeks.
Give me your hands,
Let me take you to a place
where the birds sing
Sensational melodies
among the tended branches,
From daybreak to twilight.
Let me take your childlike
Heart to a place,
Where nobody cries.

Short Love Poems 5: LIKE SOLOMON…

Like Solomon I’ve loved many
Unlike him I love but one
She whose person is
With a furtive glance of which
I’m powerless to stop,
She walks in rhythms
Of the day.
About a kiss on the cheek,
And may be forehead on a
cold morning,
Come claim it..your kiss
But remember I’m not him,
So you’d best begin now
Start finding your way
to this heaven you seek.
One kiss…then another
On the lips..eyes closed
That I can’t give you
But he can and will
If you find him.

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Short Love Poems 6: YOU MAY NOT BE

You may not be an angel
‘Cause angels are so few on earth
But until the day that one comes along
I’ll string along with you

You may not be perfect
‘Cause perfection is beyond mortality
But until the day humanity becomes faultless
I’ll find satisfaction in your weakness

You may not be the most beautiful
‘Cause they said the beautiful ones aren’t born yet
But until the day Helen of Troy resurrects
I’ll find you the fairest of all women

You may not be in tune with fashion
‘Cause you don’t expose your flesh and shape
But until modernity ceases to be insanity
I’ll always cherish your local simple taste

You may not be a prayer warrior
‘Cause you don’t pray for me to win lotteries
But until the day you stop interceding for me
I’ll always appreciate your mid-night conversations with God

Short Love Poems 7

Draw the curtain open and
See the view
You envisioned with nude
and naked innocence,
If I got a penny worth
Of oil,
and that’s all I got
I shall give it to you.
Rainbows fade and do
fail to show,
But you must stand as
a monument,
My eyes full of esteem
will look for you
Among memories that
never die.

Short Love Poems 8

Some moments can’t
be swept away
to the backyard of trash.
Beyond your imagination
birds sing songs of the
Listen to the sounds of
The earth.
Live the moment now
Savouring the feel of the
blistering cold of
The harmattan sooth
your heart.
There’s so much more
than just this or that,
Your beauty is a fruit
of nature’s own skills
A divine technology,
You are the semblance
of your father,
In His image
Beneath the shed of His
eyelids you can enjoy
Sound sleep.

Short Love Poems 9

You sit still,
A soft smiling beauty
with the relaxed mood
Of a new born.
Lying isn’t the worst
Of sins,
Adam ate the apple first,
Take it from me that
I remember you,
Even if it’s a lie
It’s been a while
Distance has become the
Grave of friendship.
Yet today I say rekindle
Your spirit,
Even if it takes eternity
Grow into who you,
You want to be.
I’ll forgive you…if only
You won’t fail with this
One life of your.

Short Love Poems 10

I find myself right now
Picking up pink roses
for you,
My crazy mind seeking
a glimpse of how you
look right now
That smile on that fine
face of yours.
You see my eyes?
They will not blink away,
from you today…nope
What a light you have!
Let out that smile
to feed the worms of
Joy on this day.
Go out tonight, sweetie
Wiggle and wriggle
Your waist,
to the song of your heart,
Tell me why should I not
come to you with flowers?

Short Love Poems 11: GOOD NIGHT

Dear one,
Lay down across my heart
Be my only thought for tonight
Like the Oder, let our love flow
Let it reach the banks of Prague
Warsaw and Berlin.

Let me mirror through your soul
Be the last thing I think of
Before falling like a log of word
Into the waiting hands of sleep
Be my lullaby, the rhythm.
The rhyme that resound in my head
Echoing like a Chinese bamboo flute

Be an alley to my dreams
An auspicious boulevard,
A subway that screes good fortune
Let the thought of you comfort me
Comfort the gnaws of the claws
Of poignant thorns of life

Your beauty scares sleep
Its fear is God’s perfection
In this pretty being
That lays before my thoughts
When my insecurities drags me
Into an endless siege
You imbue me with Cupid’s tonic

I just want you to lay in my head
While I watch
Let me be your shinning amour
In this battle against putters of asunder

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