Christian thanksgiving messages – It’s thanksgiving Sunday. I hope you are having a wonderful thanksgiving in church. Happy Thanksgiving to you. If you are in church right now, thanking God for the opportunity to see another thanksgiving in a new month, then these Christian thanksgiving messages are just for you.

May the day of your thanksgiving be a day of joy and peace. May the spirit of the almighty God flow in your life, and may you and your family see many more thanksgivings on earth. Have an amazing Sunday, God is with you already. Happy thanksgiving.

Your day to give thanks is here. You will have many more reasons to appreciate God for an amazing thanksgiving Sunday. You will rise high above the sky and you will reach all your full potentials. The grace of God is with you today and forever. Have a blessed thanksgiving. God is with you.

I am praying for you today, that God’s grace and mercy shall follow you every where you go. Love will fill your day today, enough to help the helpless and give hope to the hopeless. The enemy will never conquer you. Have an amazing thanksgiving Sunday in church.

We should be thankful for the grace of God over our lives. We should be thankful for another thanksgiving. I pray for blessings from all angles in all ways on you. You will never have any cause to weep in this new month. Happy thanksgiving to you. Stay blessed.

Blessings will overtake you on this great thanksgiving day and forever. All what you have sown during the planting season, you will reap bountifully. You will be greater than the last month in Jesus name. Happy thanksgiving to you.

Remember to give thanks to God today. It’s the thanksgiving Sunday. The grace of God is with you already. Cheers!

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