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National Happiness Happens Day

national happiness happens day

Celebrate the month of happiness happens day with being happy. the national happiness happens month is here. National Happiness happens day 2017, happiness happens quotes, happiness happens month 2017, national happiness day 2017. August 8 is indeed a special special day dedicated for happiness. The August 8th national day celebrates all of us and advocates that we should remain happy.

In this special day of the August 8, happiness is encouraged for and by everyone. For you my friends, use the national happiness happens day to recognize those moments of joy, pleasure and all round happiness to stay happy through out the day. A flicker of smile should be given freely by you and that should escalate into an amazing moment of celebration and joy.

Why it is advised that we celebrate happiness by being happy everyday regardless of our situation, today’s national happiness happens day is a reminder of that fact that we need to stay happy and grateful to God for making us happy.

What do you know about the happiness happens day

The Day was founded by the secret society of Happy people. A day set aside to appreciate and show happiness, the happiness happens day had August 8 chosen as its anniversary and it has been celebrated every year.

The Simple way to observe the happiness happens day

Stay happy and affect people around you with all round happiness. You can use the #HappinessHappensDay hashtag to post on social media so that your friends can do same. Infect everyone with happiness on this National happiness happens day 2017.

National happiness Happens day: My 20 quotes about happiness

1 The most important thing in this life is your happiness. Stay happy all the time no matter the situation. That what is important.

2 When you do not do what you like, you are sad and de-motivated, but the best feeling of happiness in this world is doing what you like.

3 Stay happy, live ahead and share happiness between neighbours and friends

4 Be grateful for how far you have come, stay happy for who you are now.

5 The joy of today is the happiness of tomorrow. Whatever you do today, do it with joy and contentment as the overarching happiness will envelope you in no time.

6 Happiness is the warm blanket that covers my body from cold.

7 Staying happy is my choice, no matter the situation in the world today, I will rather stay happy than stay side! Happiness begets happiness.

8 If you want to stay happy, be compassionate and empathetic for that is the seed that germinates to bear the fruit of all round happiness.

9 Happiness is a state of mind

10 Happiness is that intense feeling of awareness and consciousness which comes out from the achievement of one’s dreams.

11 Happiness chases away all form of darkness in one’s life.

12 Happiness is your weapon of warfare when elements of tribulations and trials come your way.

13 The greatest sense of fulfilment from this life is when you are happy doing what you do.

14 The events and happenings around you should not dictate how and when you should stay happy, YOU, only YOU have the power to determine your happiness

15 If you want to be happy, set goals, challenge yourself, inspire your aspirations, and live your dreams.

16 Summer times are happy times, when there is good sunshine and lots of fun.

17 Be happy for who you are and not for what other think of you

18 I am just happy and contented doing the little things. The blessings of God in my life is enough to make me happy forever.

19 You can choose to be happy. There is enough worries and stress in this life to make one sad for a long time. But it is left to you to decided whether you intend to stay sad or happy regardless of whatever is happening to and around you. I’d rather stay happy for me.

20 What is the secret of a happy marriage? It is simply by finding the ‘right’ person. How do you know the right person. The right person is that one person that makes you happy day in day out.

What do you think about my quotes on being happy for today’s national happiness happens day? Do you have some happiness quotes to share as well? Drop yours in the comment section below. Happiness is God’s amazing gift to man!





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