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10 Best Ways To Surprise Your Lover

best ways to surprise your lover

Are you uncertain about the best ways to surprise your lover? Then you need to take a look at this article that we have for you.

Often times, we always get too engrossed with the hustle and bustle of life, so much that we tend to forget that life won’t be worth looking back upon if we do not create wonderful memories especially with people who are special to us. Ever since I and my teammates started this surprise and gifts delivery, I’ve come to realize that the smallest of gifts matter in a relationship. In fact, most times it’s not always about the cost or quantity of the gifts that always make the recipient become so emotional but it’s the thoughts that count.

No matter how emotionally strong we are, at one point, we all crave being loved. That being said, I want to urge you to spice up that relationship of yours a little more by surprising your lover in a way, regardless of how small or big it might be, as stated above, it’s the thoughts that counts and you can look into the following ideas for inspirations on how to go about it or the kind of gifts you can present to your lover.

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1. Breakfast in bed

I have seen this particular one play out many times than once but it never gets old. The reaction from the recipient is always a joy to behold. Imagine waking up to a sumptuous British breakfast right by your side while your lover stares at you with eyes filled with love, sweet yeah? That’s exactly how you will make your lover feel. Fret not if you can’t cook, for I’ve got you covered. Just hold on till we get to the end of this article.

2. Special gifts

This one is a little bit dicey as most people tend to not really have an idea as to which kind of gifts they can present to their lover. How about taking their favorite pictures and making it into a frame? Or making a throw pillow with it? For as long as they have the frame hanging around the house or the pillow laying on the couch, you will always be on their minds. Of course, there are a million and more gifts you can get for them, you can always consult us for more ideas.

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3. A dinner to remember

best ways to surprise your lover

Let me paint you a picture real quick. After a very hectic day at work, you return to your house that you have so gotten used to but this time around, you see beautiful petals spread across the ground and while you are there, still wondering what’s going on, you hear beautiful sounds from a saxophone playing your favorite love song and then finally, you see your lover waiting for you with open arms and a table set with a meal you have only dreamed of. Now, stop imagining and create this special moment for your lover. Now is the time.

4. Making their birthdays special

best ways to surprise your lover

We all know how important birthdays are to most of us and how we always love the gifts and love that we get on our birthdays. How about you act like you have forgotten your lover’s birthday and while they are at work fuming with rage, waiting for your call or text, you hit them with a team of surprise company delivering gifts to them and while at it, your call comes through on FaceTime and you get to watch the anger in their eyes melt into love-struck faces and happiness while their colleagues cheer them on and gas them up about how lucky they are to have you as their lover. Scenes, yeah? Exactly. Lol

5. Saying sorry in a special way

best ways to surprise your lover

Imagine having a little disagreement with your lover and you all are stalling on who will first apologize and then all of a sudden, they get to receive a special delivery from you, ranging from a bouquet of flower, a cake with an “I am sorry” scribbled on it, a box of chocolates or money. I promise you, she won’t even remember why you all argued or disagreed in the first instance.

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6. Candlelight Pizza

best ways to surprise your lover

This one is relatively one of the easiest one to tick off the list, all you have to do is contact us to help you deliver a pizza with candlelights on it while you and your lover are both home. Once at the door, we’ll lit the candles and deliver it probably with a love card along with it.

7. Take them on a romantic hotel getaway

best ways to surprise your lover

To spice it up, you can take your lover on a surprise visit to a five-star hotel where you can get us to help you decorate the room with candles, petals and helium balloons.

8. Recreate your first date

best ways to surprise your lover

What would be more romantic than recreating your first date with your lover. Making them relive those moments all over again just as if it was the very first time. This might not be easy to pull through but with the right amount of help and input, it would definitely be worth it.

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9. Tick off one of their bucket list

best ways to surprise your lover

We all know a thing or two our lovers have always wished to have or do. How better can a bucket list be ticked ? By doing it surprisingly. This will make it even more beautiful than they might have pictured it would be.

10. Pop the question

best ways to surprise your lover

Haha, I guess I surprised even you with this one but trust me, this is the very best way to surprise your lover. Pop that question in the middle of a beautiful moment. Although, the ladies might feel a little weary about this one as I’ve seen a couple of ladies not getting a yes when they popped the question. At the same time, I’ve seen more than one lady get a yes. It’s basically about how you go about it and how the setting is. I can assure you that he will find it very hard to say No if we help you plan it.

There are still more ways you can surprise your lover and create memories for the days to come. If you need more ideas on how to go about doing this or you need someone who can help you organize any of these things listed above, I’m very glad to tell you that you are in the right place.

At Xquisite Surprises, we help you deliver joy, laughter, and happiness to your lovers and special ones at very affordable rates, you do not need to break a bank to make these memories happen. Contact us today on Instagram @Xquisite.Surprises. Whatsapp or call us: +234 811 854 1237 +2348170668024.

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