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Why Pampering Spa Days are the Ideal Date for Loving Couples

Loving Couples

Why Pampering Spa Days are the Ideal Date for Loving Couples: One ingredient that many of the world’s top spas are including in their portfolio, is a couples’ treatment room – one that can be as simple as a room containing two massage beds side by side, or as lavish as a room with its own Jacuzzi, steam bath, and sauna. Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter if a spa is ultra lavish or simple and health-focused; what matters is that you experience it together. A study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family found that when individuals are with their spouse, they feel almost twice as happy when they are not. Quality matters every bit as much as quantity, of course. If you have children, you can physically be together but be so engrossed in bathing, feeding, and caring for your little ones that you lose track of each other. If an anniversary, long weekend, or special romantic date is coming up, why not celebrate it in a special way by getting up close and personal at a spa?

De-Stressing Together

Stress can put stress on relationships but it is also a big trigger for anxiety and depression, and a risk factor for heart disease, obesity, and other diseases that can great affect you health and wellness. When even one person in a couple is stressed, tensions can arise, since patience is lower and words and acts can more easily be misinterpreted. As noted by Viva Day Spa, couples can get in sync and relax together in a unique way at a spa. The touch – either gentle or more intense – of everything from a Swedish massage to an über relaxing hot stone massage – instantly brings the mind to the present moment. Mindfulness is an ideal way to battle stress; as you focus on the sensations and pleasures of having tension and pain removed from your body, your mind and spirit also feel a weight lifted off and you and your partner can head for the post-treatment relaxation room, lie on a warm bed, and enjoy a relaxing post-treatment tea. Stress? What stress? You won’t even remember what you were upset about.

The Healing Power of Essential Oils

Many massage treatments are undertaken with essential oils. Studies have shown that specific oils – including therapeutic grade lavender and bergamot oils, can help relax people and reduce stress levels. Essential oils have a powerful effect on mood, which is why so many spas offer aromatherapy massages. By smelling the same fragrances together, you can gently experience the same tranquil or energizing effect of essential oils, so make sure to pick oils that take you where you want to go!

Immersing Yourself in Water Together

Spa visits don’t just have to be about receiving a relaxing massage. In fact, most top spas have ‘wet areas’ as well as treatment rooms. Within a wet area, you might find features such as a Turkish or steam bath (hammam), circuit pool (with powerful massaging jets), and contrast pools (to boost circulation). Some even have ice caves, which contain beautiful shaved ice that you can apply to your body to feel more invigorated – which is great news if you’re in the mood for romance. You might also like to try a watsu massage together. This takes place in the water and is super relaxing. Many cry with emotion during the treatment, saying it feels like a rebirth. Imagine feeling something this powerful alongside someone you love!

Spas are an excellent way for couples to reconnect, relax, and try out new experiences together. Why go for a traditional massage? Why not try something new, like a shiatsu massage, which will see therapists literally walking on your back to give you a delicious stretch, or a Vichy massage, in which water drops from a shower above, to wash away the wonderful products the therapist applies? The sense of novelty, pampering, and togetherness a spa visit affords is second-to-none so spare no expense and give your partner the surprise of a lifetime on your next date by taking them to a well-reviewed luxury spa.

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