You want to propose to her. Bravo! Here are a few marriage proposal SMS lines that you can share with your woman. You can also use any of these lines as your romantic marriage proposal with your girlfriend.

Requesting for marriage creates a magical effect, whether spoken verbally or in form of text. The marriage proposal sms I have below shows you that a whole lot can be done without asking your woman to marry you verbally.

Marriage proposal SMS for your girlfriend

1. The love we have between us makes our relationship very special. Sharing my emotions with my woman makes me happy and indeed grateful to God for sending this amazing woman my way. I want to be your man forever so we can grow old together. Will you marry me?

2. Life’s journey is never easy. But what I know is that me and you together can conquer the world. We have been through happy and sad moments . You have been supportive as I have as well. Let’s come together and tell our love story. Please be my wife!

3 God granted me the gift of life, and he sent you to my life to create LOVE. I believe today that we were made for each other, and I would not want to give anything up for you. We have opened life’s book together and with you and me writing the pages, there are still more chapters to be completed. Let us ride into the future together darling. Will you marry me?

4 I don’t really know how to tell you this. I am infact a sucker for words but I know God sees my heart and he knows it is just YOU in it. I want to cement our union formally darling. Please marry me, and I promise to make you happy for the rest of my life.

5 I want to write a story. A story of our love and relationship. But this story will never be complete without you in my life permanently. You gave me love, peace and joy, and you made me see life in a beautiful way again! Thanks for everything you have done for me, I love you today and forever. Please be my wife!

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