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10 Best Places To Buy Engagement Rings In The U.K

buy engagement rings in the U.K

Places to buy engagement rings in the U.K – There is no shortage of places online to buy engagement rings in the U.K at all. There are dozens and dozens of them. So that is why in this article, we compiled some of the best ten places to shop for engagement rings online in the U.K.

You might be looking for some of the best places to shop for engagement rings online. Well, we got you covered!  But firstly, you will need to be armed with the basic things you need to know when shopping for rings online. They are as follows;

First, Determine Your Fiancée’s Preferences!

Find out what kind of rings your fiancée likes. Knowing the types of engagement rings she would prefer will help you narrow down the large list of possibilities available. If you want the engagement as a surprise then you will need to pay attention to her comments on rings she sees or when her other friends get engaged, in order to have an idea. If you are not sure, then you need to ask her friends. They will often know the types she likes or exactly what she wants.

But if the engagement is not a surprise, then ask your future wife what kind of ring she would like. She will gladly tell you. Shop together and browse through the ring shopping websites online that we have provided below, and have her pick out several types she likes from the online catalogs. This way, you will be able to surprise her with your final choice!

Next, you have to figure out her ring size

Figuring out your fiancée’s ring size assures that the day you propose to her,  you would have the perfect ring size for her finger.

People usually don’t know their ring sizes. Take one of the rings she wears frequently and then have it measured. Just make sure she doesn’t notice if the engagement is to be a surprise.

A good method to do this quickly is to trace her ring on a piece of paper. You should be able to estimate her ring size from your sketch.

You can have the size increased or decreased as needed once you purchase the engagement ring online from the online store.

Set a reasonable budget

Knowing how much money you are willing to spend on an engagement ring is important. You will want to get your fiancée the perfectly beautiful ring without going into some major debt.

Be realistic and sure about what you can afford. For example, the ring might cost only 4-6 weeks of your pay. That is okay. If you know your budget well before you research and order it online, you can then make adjustments to certain aspects of the ring like cut and color. This ensures that you get the best possible quality and value for your money and impress your lover totally.

Know Your Rings

A ring is made up of two parts namely the setting and the stone. There are many ways the metals and stones can be shaped and cut to suit your unique tastes.

You need to decide on a ring setting

The setting is a ring’s metal framework and it enhances the beauty of the stone.

Settings normally should be in the following metals; Gold, which could be yellow, white, or rose, then metal  Platinum, or Palladium.

Silver is also a setting option as well. Then you need to decide on a setting style.

Once you’ve decided on what metal you would like for the setting, you can figure out what style of setting you would like. There are many options for setting style like vintage, pavé, bezel, or channel set.

You should also choose a setting after you have chosen your stone. This is because, the brilliance of a stone is greatly influenced by the setting’s metal. For example, colorless diamonds look best in combination with white gold or platinum. Yellow gold casts a slight yellow tint onto a clear stone so it can’t be used together.

Now, choose your stone

This is arguably the most difficult and most important part of buying an engagement ring because a stone has so many types. The stone is that shiny stuff that is placed into a setting and it is the central focus of any engagement ring. The 4C’s are Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carats (or stone size). They are the major characteristics of a stone and they dictate its price.

Choose a stone color

Generally, engagement rings are clear diamonds. Colorless, round, brilliant cut diamonds are still the most popular all over for engagement rings not surprisingly. Fancy colored diamonds in yellow, pink, or blue are also popular and also expensive because of their rarity. You should be able to find these as well on the online stores.

Colors are rated on a scale of colorless D grade to light tint, N-Z grades. You should aim to purchase color grade “H” and above so that the stone doesn’t have too much of a yellow tint.

The Stone cut

The stone’s cut refers to the stone’s shape, which is usually cut by a qualified jeweler. Cut is in fact the most important factor for beauty. A poor cut will make the stone look dull. Some examples of the different cuts include; Round, Princess, Emerald, and Radiant. Also, Cushion and Asscher cuts are considered fanciful and therefore are more expensive. You should aim to purchase the cut grade of “Very good” and above, this will guarantee that your stone sparkles brilliantly.

Decide on the carat weight

Carat refers the size of a stone. The more carats a stone has, the larger the surface area that is, size. Ring prices increase with increasing carat weight. A carat is divided into 100 points. If you have a one carat ring with 50 points, that is equal to 1.5 carats.

Now, to the places to get engagement rings in the U.K, we have the following on the next page of this post:

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