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Places to Find Nigerian Ladies Searching For Husbands

nigerian ladies searching for husbands

All over the world, the increase in singles Nigerian ladies searching for husbands has been very rampant. It is even very easy to sight so many once married people been single again.

These days, ladies as soon as they are 18 years start claiming and ‘hammering’ on the single status. Some of them claim it as if their lives depend on it. Some even go to extent of stating categorically that they are ‘single but not searching’, tell me, who is single and doesn’t look at the prospect of getting married sooner or later?

In my walk through the cyberspace, that is, Social Media, I saw these ladies in the light of who they really are.  Some of these ladies are of the opinion of never getting married because of what they might have been through as a child, by what they see around while growing up, by their parent’s attitude to what their own marriage is or even by some friends influence. Even the old ladies getting divorced aren’t helping matters as the younger generations see them as a typical bad example for marriage.

One opinion which I hold on to is; Singleness is an Art, if you don’t enjoy your single status, there is a great possibility that you will not enjoy your married life. As the old saying goes; ‘Different strokes for different folks’ so also different attitude to marriage for different people, ranging from Indifference, nonchalance to great excitement and even complete fear and phobia for some ladies.

Anyways, everyone will get married. It might be sooner or even later, but it surely is a possibility.

Now let’s take a look at places to find single Nigerian ladies searching for husbands in Nigeria:

1. The social media

This is virtually where all the happenings of this century and age go on at. Check Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook, there are quite a number of these ladies around for discerning guys. All that has to be done is; get familiar with them through their handles and usernames.

This can be achieved by first, liking (and reacting as the case may be) to the pictures. Commenting with short, witty lines and interacting with their posts.

This boosts guys’ chances at getting close and familiar with the ‘prospective’ Nigerian ladies searching for husband. After then, the “DM sliding in” comes in. Short messages of ‘Hey how was your day?’ ‘You look good in that latest picture’ ‘You always look great’ and so on can come in use now. This actually turns ladies ‘green lights’ on, especially the very single ones. Getting to know them on a personal level is next. Showing genuine interest in what she does, where she is from, where she lives and some little hints about family.

All these are easy access way to a single lady’s heart. Get acquainted with these ladies, some of them might even put on a façade of ‘I don’t care for a relationship’ but trust me; they will always be when it gets to the melting point.

2. The Work Place

Another place to get “Bae” is from the office.

Most guys do not consider this possibility. They see the work place as a too-serious environment where you just have to bury your head in your task and rush out from as soon as the closing time is up.

Some other guys see ladies in the ‘white collar’ jobs as proud and a no-go area, like ‘the Boss Lady’ personality. Truth is most of these ladies, deep down; see themselves as someone who also needs a place of succor after each hectic work day. But most guys fail to acknowledge this fact. Get to know that lady occupying the next cubicle space from yours. Ask how her work is going, if she enjoys what she does or not. Compliment her dress and makeup; be interested in her well-being, but not too flirty though.

This goes a long way. You just have to think so!

3. Your Place of Worship

Although some people hold onto the fact that a place of worship is not really one of the most perfect place to get a single lady, as some of them come to the church/mosque after they have been panel-beated and all in the outside world. Well, if everyone wants to go for only the good girls, who would have the ‘bad’ ones? Although this is also not 100 percent efficient and neither guarantee that ‘she’ is good, but there is definitely no harm in moving close to ‘her’ and seeing what she has got to offer.

4. Singles and Dating Sites

Yes. This is also another avenue. Don’t give me that eye.

Dating site has been saving some lives since years back. There are several testimonies of people who had met on dating sites and had moved the whole thing to a ‘permanent site’. Not everyone on that space is bad or even desperate. A little thing here and there adds up to being complete. Check the next dating site out; there is actually no harm to be done to you, just a little burning of data though.

Now, those are some of the places to find Nigerian ladies searching for husbands. But guys, do you know you can actually do a lot of working on yourself while on the lookout for these ‘salts of the world’?

Yes. Develop yourself, emotionally, mentally, financially, physically and all. Ladies don’t want a man who still has to ask ‘mummy’ for advice on the slightest of issues. Now, not like guys can’t and shouldn’t talk to mummy once in a while. She will always stay relevant in her son’s (or daughter’s) life, but not to the extent of not being able to make your own decisions.

Nothing pisses a lady off like a guy who stood her up on a date to attend to ‘mummy’ because she needs company. Trust me; such guys can be as boring as anything in life at all. As single guys, we all want that unique person. That is a matured person both in and out. Why don’t you try to be that person before looking out for the same thing in your search for a life partner?

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