Joro Olumofin questions are out again- Controversial blogger, psychologist and self-proclaimed love doctor, Joro Olumofin has come out with another controversial post yet again about how ladies must pass at least 15 out of 20 questions to be deemed a wife material. The reactions on social media, especially ladies quickly caught my attention that I had no choice but to share.

Read the controversial post below:

Dear Eligible Bachelors in Nigeria , any lady who doesn’t pass at least 15 out of these tests is not a wife material. This article is inspired by a conversation I had with a couple of friends at a resort over the weekend. We realized that unlike our parents times it’s very hard to identify the ONE because of social media, wedding pressures, most girls looking like barbies. Are there still loving traditional supportive women out there?

Here are a few tests you can run on a prospective wife or lover

1️⃣ Ask her on a date using Keke Marwa, BRT or danfo Bus even if you have a car
2️⃣Tell her to go Natural. No makeup, weave-on or attachments
3️⃣Say you forgot your wallet on a date and see how she reacts
4️⃣Tell her you lost your job or you want to pursue your dreams OR you’re quitting your job to be a DJ or barber
5️⃣Wake her up 3am in the morning to make you Eba and Okro soup
6️⃣Tell her you’re celibate and you don’t want sex till marriage
7️⃣Tell her you want to resign your job to be a worker in the house of God with little income.
8️⃣Get her all dressed up and take her to a fast food joint.
9️⃣If you have a beard, shave it all up

🔟Tell her to courtesy by kneeling while serving you food
1️⃣1️⃣ Propose without a ring
1️⃣2️⃣ Tell her your mother and 2 siblings are moving in with you after marriage
1️⃣3️⃣Tell her she must attend mid week service and join the choir mistress gild
1️⃣4️⃣ Tell her you’re going country, leaving the city and moving to Iyana Iba or mowe ibafo
1️⃣5️⃣ Tell her to add your mom , dad and all siblings on social media and bbm
1️⃣6️⃣ Only on April fools tell her you got a University girl pregnant. Only on Aprils Fool Day.
1️⃣7️⃣ Tell her you’re going for a course and she should wait for you. be it ( Msc , MBA, Phd )
1️⃣8️⃣ Tell her your mother will be cooking for you
1️⃣9️⃣ Tell her she can’t watch Zee world or Telemundo anymore.
2️⃣0️⃣ Tell her no makeup artist, professional photographer for your wedding that you’re saving up.

Fellas, trust me. try this. You will thank me later. Watch her facial Expressions and body language you will get the true “ID” persona / archetypes of your partner.

Yet the reactions from readers on his Instagram handle are from hilarious to anger. Check some of the reactions below:


Joro on a more serious note were you masturbating when you wrote thise because you must be on reboot mode. Did your mother go through all of these. A woman does not have a standard of living anymore right, she does not have a say in her own life, one demon possessed man should just try one i am even begging him to try one….he will walk home on his ear rubbish


I was actually looking for Monday morning motivation but No! I stumbled upon one half done pot of beans write up. The fact that you wanna confine a woman to certain uncomfortable things means you don’t even want her to have a life for herself. I’m really sorry, but right now, you don’t expect to tell any woman to jump and she’ll ask you how high. Personally, you ask me to jump, I’ll ask you what for? Stay there and keep looking for a robot as a wife. May your days be long and may we be there present when you find such woman. Until then, The Beautiful Wife Material Association is tossing your baseless criteria to the dumps.

hairby_melordi Doesn’t even make sense sef…. Bringing your family to live in your matrimonial home you could have just asked for family partnerships not marriage mtchewwww


God u see any guy stupid enuf to try these, let him nt come my way…. Amen


Dear women if a man doesn’t protray these things he is not husband material. 1 ask him to dress simple without perfume or pant he should come out naked 2 tell him you also forgot your wallet when he says he forgot his own 3 tell him you lost your job and you need assistance to help your family, or you hulk on the street.4 wake him by 3am to help you fix pad and wash your stained pant and get you pills to reduce your menstraul pain 5 tell him you can’t wake up and cook Eba n soup for him by 3am he should do it himself 6 any man who can’t cook for you, clean for you ,wash for you or even assist you is not a husband material. 7 if he has beards tell him to shave it off and give it out to those who have non.8 and finally if he is af cheat put charm on his body so when he fucks around he gets stucked. Any man who can’t buy you a house,car and pay for trips to dubia or do better run oh cos na boyfriends material @joroolumofin we are equal now.


This absolutely rubbish joro. What have you men turned us into. What nonsense did you just post, going natural is not a problem, what the hell is leaving his job to serve God, does he have other means of income to take care of his family. Joro abeg i don’t want to analyze this because it does nto make sense…… ladies have done all these and more yet men leave them for ladies who don’t. You know people follow what you say pleade don’t mislead people with these gibberish you posted. My mom did all these and more yet my dad left us for another joro go and wash your eye abeg.


I’ve just one question for you out of the many dumb post you listed here, can you shave your beards just to see if she’s the one? Woe betide anyone who follows this post, you’ll just die single. And also to any lady who would lower her standard to please a man who at the end is still going to cheat.. i am sorry for you! Be your natural self and the right one would love you for you! Not following some post that even the writer himself would never ever try out.


🤦🤦🤦I’m dissapointed… If as a guy u even consider this.. Trust me you don’t deserve any woman… So you would wake someone’s child up at 3am to cook… If you like bring your ancestors to cook for you…this is the height of pettiness and foolishness.. this post reflects how shallow some people are in their thinking….


And she passes all and the rel still doesn’t end up walking the aisle! Abegi let real life do the testing because some players score hat trick during friendly and would not get even a corner kick during the main gig


This is very stupid. Any man who thinks like this is not fit to be a husband. Okro soup and eba by 3am cos it’s your turn to host your coven people abi. Secondly you can’t tell me what to watch (don’t watch those channels anyway). If u are free to watch your espn or whatever , I should have that liberty as well. What do u mean by no make up or photographer on MY WEDDING DAY? If u not exactly a fan of it pls save your money n leave me to do what I want with my money. Nonsense . Joro no vex me this morning o. It’s too early abeg.


I refuse to be angry about this. This is bullshit. Slavery. No man born of a woman dare tries this with me. I wont even wait till it gets to no 5….like someone earlier said,never lower ur standards becos u want a man. What of if after all these suffering, in marriage the maltreatment continues nko. Babes u saw it from the onset….. No lady can take this shit. It sucks.

Hold on a bit there people. Can we really oppose a controversial content without having the ‘cuss out’ the creator? What do you think about this post by Joro Olumofin and what you do you think about the comments.


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