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I Wish You A Happy Married Life Messages

happy married life messages

In need of happy married life messages to send to family, friends and colleagues getting married? Then you should check out my amazing collection of happy married life messages for your use.

Trust me when I say writing messages may not be as easy as you think. A lot of times, people are usually at a dearth of words to piece together in sending their happy married life messages and this is why this post was created just to satisfy that need. In here you will find high quality wishes for newly married couple, wedding congratulation messages, short wedding wishes, happy married life wishes for your friend, marriage wishes SMS, and wedding messages to couple.

Take a look at these happy married life messages and pick the one that suits your need.

My 20 nice happy married life messages for you

1 Dear Couple

You have commenced the most exciting phase of your life. You are no longer 1=1 but 1+1=1. And very soon you will begin to procreate and start a family. I pray that all your plans for an amazing comes to fruition. I wish you the very best of your marriage. Happy married life to you.

2 Another Phase

Now you have entered another phase of your life, which is the creation of a new family. With greater togetherness comes greater responsibility. But I know that each of you have got one another’s back. I wish you the best love and harmony being together as one can bring. Happy married life to you.

3 The power of love

The power of love can never be underestimated. It takes couples to the highest of all the bliss but it is also able to cause discord in the union. My prayer for you today is that there will only be ups in your marriage and no downs at all. Happy married life to you both.

4 A good beginning

As you have started your beginning with amazing memories, so shall the rest of your marriage be. Awesome memories that will be a living testimony to everyone around. I wish you the best of today and forever as you have commenced a life long union. May god be with you and support you. Happy married life.

5 Dear Groom

Just as you have stared at your pretty bride with all the joy and happiness today. I pray that so shall it be till the end of days. You will stare at her and that will bring awesome memories to you and your family. Happy married life dear.

6 Marriage is beautiful

Marriage is truly beautiful. It gives people the ability and opportunity to experience things they never thought possible. It also allows them to learn things they never thought they could learn. I hope you experience and learn good things today and forever. Happy married life to you.

7 Marriage is exciting

Marriage is exciting, from start to finish. It depends on how you treat your spouse and handle your family. For all its worth, it is an enjoyable union provided you treat your marriage right, with the fear of God. Happy married life . Good tidings.

8 Your brand new family

There is no greater feeling than commencing your brand new family. Value your spouse and appreciate the union for the rest of your life. Congratulations on your marriage. God be with you.

9 Beautiful kids

Now that you are married, I can’ wait to see your beautiful kids. Oh, don’t be in a rush, I am just saying that your kids will be as beautiful as your union. God bless this day and God bless your union. happy married life Buddy.

10 Today and forever

Sorrow will never be your portion. happiness will always be around you and your family. You will never experience grief and pain. The joy of the almighty God will be your strength. Happy married life to you.

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    February 8, 2019 at 8:16 am

    All these wishes are just awesome. I ma sahred some from here to my dear one. keep sharing and also I am shared this post on my social media. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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