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100+ Happy Sunday Quotes & Sayings

happy sunday quotes

Find below the best collection of happy Sunday quotes and sayings you need to make your Sunday and week great. Will you check now? Whether you are on the look out for great happy Sunday quotes, amazing happy Sunday quotes, beautiful happy Sunday quotes, nice happy Sunday quotes, strong happy Sunday quotes, happy Sunday quotes of gratefulness, happy Sunday quotes of happiness, happy Sunday quotes of Joy, happy Sunday quotes of peace. You will find them all here.

Great happy Sunday quotes

1. Keep your head cool and your mind focused because Sundays clear the rust of the new week ahead. Wear that beautiful smile and have a happy Sunday.

2. Every Sunday is filled with enjoyment and fun. Relax your body and be energized for the week ahead. Remember, you have a mark to make.

3. Happy Sunday. Do things that add colours to your world. Create memories that will never leave the heart and spend quality time with love ones. That’s how a perfect Sunday should be. Have a great day.

4. All I wish for all day is to sleep in your arms, oh Sunday. You are the best thing that happened to me. If there was going to be another day after today, I’d want it to be a Sunday.

5. Its a lovely Sunday. The morning sun, so sweet on the skin and the breeze, the best I’ve ever felt. Keep your worries and anxieties away and enjoy this sweet sensation. Have a happy day.

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6. On a Sunday morning like this, all you need is to boil you ego, evaporate your worries, dilute your sorrows and never let your mistakes hunt you. What you will get is a perfect cup of a happy Sunday. Enjoy this nice day.

7. Take advantage of today and show love to every little thing you find around. Be the difference you wish to see in the world and live your life with open heart. Today is just perfect. Have a beautiful Sunday.

8. Every Sunday is an inspiration and a motivation that no matter how hard life seems to be and no matter how tough the journey might be, there is always a beautiful end. No matter how the week goes, you will always have a Sunday to relax.

9. Life comes in different forms, good – bad, bitter – sweet. Accept every experience and keep moving. Those experience will build up your knowledge. Always make a difference in everything you do and do have a great day.

10. Sundays are the mothers of the week. There will never be a new week without a Sunday. Any week without a Sunday becomes an orphan. So enjoy every Sunday because it is a special day in the week.

Beautiful happy Sunday quotes

11. On a beautiful Sunday like this, never forget to step out without your smile because it can do a whole lot of magic. Like saving a distressed soul and healing a broken heart. Happy Sunday.

12. Having a great rest allows your soul to catch up with your body. In life, the goal is to be fulfilled and never to live forever. Have an amazing Sunday.

13. Just as the name suggests, it will be a sun filled day, spiced with inspiration and love. Enjoy every bit of it with people who mean the world to you and I give you my word, it will be the best thing you ever did. Happy Sunday.

14. No matter what life throws at you, always keep up your faith. It’s easy to get discouraged but know that after the rain comes with the sun. Be inspired. Happy Sunday my dear.

15. Take some seconds this Sunday to appreciate all the good things in your life today. After counting the lovely things that happened to you all through the week, you’d realize that the lord has been faithful to you. Have a blissful, Happy Sunday.

16. May all your silent and useful wishes come true today. The louder your amen, the faster this works. The moment you believe the power in the name of God, the more everyday of your life becomes memorable. Happy Sunday.

17. Enjoy the Sunday atmosphere, filled with love and care. Fill your heart with courage and keep a plan to chase your dreams all through the new week ahead. Remain bless and have a blissful day in totality. Happy Sunday.

18. Welcome to a lovely Sunday. Find strength in God to tackle your worries and always remember that God doesn’t forsake his people. Share the little joy you have around because that’s the only way to make this earth a better place.

19. Take this Sunday as a moment to harmonize yourself with the outer world. Add the spice of love in your little interaction with people and remind yourself that we won’t be living forever on earth. Happy Sunday.

20. Sunday evenings are the best because it is filled with bliss and awesomeness. I wish tomorrow will be another Sunday.

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Awesome happy Sunday quotes

21. Sunday mornings relieve stress but the evening builds tension, because tomorrow is Monday. Another stressful day ahead.

22. The Sunday sun is always shinning brighter. This shows that today will be the best day. Enjoy the first day of the week to the fullest. Happy Sunday.

23. Its another Sunday and being alive till this day is a blessing that was never merited. I thank God for the first day of the week and for all my love ones that saw the light of the day. Happy Sunday.

24. You have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to get the work done, but you still have Saturday and Sunday to make up for the week’s spill over. Have a great day.

25. If there is nothing worthy of today, just the breath of life for this Sunday is enough to be thankful. Throw away your worries and let great things see their way into your life. Happy Sunday.

26. Lots of fun with the beautiful people in your life is all I wish you. Enjoy the moments that comes with this day and never forget to thank God for his never ending grace. Happy Sunday.

27. Gear up for the new week by having an open mind to this Sunday.
The gift of life doesn’t come to everybody, so be happy that you are among the living on this special day. Happy Sunday.

28. Every Sunday is beautiful. Enjoy this day and make lasting memories that will still make you smile in few years to come. Have an amazing Sunday.

Beautiful Happy Sunday Quotes

Sunday can be seen as a day of worship, and day of rest of the hustling and bustling of the week. It serves in diverse ways of different people, but one interesting fact to know is that it marks the beginning of a new week.
This post serves as a compilation of quotes you can send on Sundays to anyone you wish to. You never know what role your quote will play in that someone’s life. Show someone you remember and love them by sending them special quotes to inspire their lives. This can also serve as your good deed of the day.

29. Wake up, spread love and stay positive. Happy Sunday.

30. Your life changes when you allow God to come into your life. Happy Sunday.

31. Learn to be appreciative of the beautiful things of life that surround you.

32. Stay determine to make the best decisions today.

33. No matter how stressful the week was, Sundays serve as a way of letting go and being better.

34. Accept whatever fate throws at you, and face it with great confidence. Happy Sunday.

35. Use Sunday to organize how your new week will go. Happy Monday eve.

36. God can never put you in situations you cannot handle. Pray to him to give you the wisdom to handle various situations.

37. Life is like a camera, focus on what’s important, capture the good times and develop from the negatives. If things don’t work out, take another shot.

38. Stay happy and have a blissful today.

39. You know the best thing about Sundays? There is always something new to learn!

40. Stay blessed and beautiful this Sunday.

41. Let today be that fun day you’ve been craving.

42. Use today to experiment new things you’ve never tried before; you never know where they might lead you to. Happy Sunday.

43. You have to go through the bad to reach the good. Happy Sunday.

44. Sundays serve as opportunities to make your new week better than your last.

45. Stay happy and enjoy all that life has to offer. Happy Sunday.

46. Be determined today to have the best attitude out there.

47. Have faith, all your wishes shall come true. Happy Sunday

48. Be filled with gratefulness and thankfulness today. This is necessary because of the successful you ended your week with.

49. You might fail at certain things, but never give up. Use this Sunday as that needed inspiration you need.

50. May you have a fulfilled Sunday, with enough energy to start up the new week.

51.Let your words heal and not wound. Be a blessing today. Happy Sunday.

52. Remember that what comes easy won’t last, and what will last won’t come easy.

53. You shouldn’t have a cause to be sad. Instead, have many reasons to be happy.

54. Laughter will never cease from your house and that of your household today and forever.

55. Believe in yourself; have the perfect confidence to build yourself. Happy Sunday.

56. May God bless you with happiness, fulfillment and zero worries today. Happy Sunday.

57. Let your Sunday be filled with memorable experiences.

58. What other day to have fun than today? Happy Sunday.

59. Count your rainbows, not your thunderstorms. Happy Sunday.

Strong Happy Sunday Quotes

60. Do something today that your future self will forever be proud of.

61. Do well and expect nothing in return. Your heavenly father will replenish you in multiple folds. Stay blessed.

62. Your greatest enemy is fear, and you should conquer it before you start the new week. Happy Sunday.

63. Be sure to have a productive Sunday. Remain blessed.

64. Whisper to yourself that you can handle whatever life throws at you, and believe it.

65. Flow with life, and enjoy all it has to offer.

66. Do the right thing today, by bringing joy to your soul.

67. Sundays serve as the best day to prepare to conquer the new week.

68. Have a beautiful Sunday.

69. Today is the day the lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it. Happy Sunday.

70. God is the only one who can answer all your prayers. Relax and trust in him.

71. God shall bless those who bless his name. Bless God and blessings shall never elude you. Happy Sunday.

72. May your aims be achieved and your ways be directed by God this week and beyond. Have a beautiful Sunday.

73. Invest in good only, because you shall always reap what you sow.

74. Today is Sunday, do well to give and share joy, smiles and happiness.

75. Use today as a day to refill all energy lost during the activities of the week.

79. Do not be discouraged, the lord your God shall fight all your battles for you.

77. Let today’s atmosphere help you conquer greater heights.

78. Grab every opportunity that comes your way today. Happy Sunday.

79. Whatever has happened in the past should be left in the past, but used as a lesson to become stronger.

80. Use today to set new rules and behaviors that will help you become a better person. Make sure you stick to them.

81. Overflowing blessings and favor shall fill your household today and forever.

82. Invest in yourself. Happy Sunday.

83. Your goal today should be to stay as happy as possible.

84. Sit back today and appreciate all the blessings in your life. Do not take anything for granted.

85. Stay strong and courageous, nothing in life comes easy.

86. Take time to have a deeper and closer relationship with God today. Happy Sunday.

87. There is always a great reward for staying positive. Tag today positivity Sunday.

88. Sundays should be filled with smiles and not tears.

89. Celebrate Jesus today. Happy Sunday.

90. I pray God bless you, bless your family, and give you all you wish for today and forever.

91. With God, nothing is impossible. Remain blessed.

92. Spend time with family today, and enjoy each moment because they would turn out to be precious memories.

93. Remember to thank the lord for his blessings, and ask him for more blessings.

94. Today, give yourself a break and stay happy.

95. Sundays help you to let go and embrace change. Do not be afraid to welcome change.

96. Don’t give up on God because he won’t give up on you. Stay positive even at your lowest.

97. Remember that you are not alone for God is always with you. Happy Sunday.

98. Set your mood today to default happiness, and be sure to enter the new week wit that mood.

99. Be thankful for all your highs and lows, and pray for Gods continuous mercies.

100. Remember that you were wonderfully, fearfully and beautifully made by God, don’t let anyone bring you down.

101. No matter the weather/situation, never let go of your light.

102. Let your Sundays be filled with faith and zero doubts.

103. Remember to set your goals for the new week today being Sunday, and pray to stay goal oriented.

104. Use today to thank God for all the things you have. Have a blessed Sunday.

105. Sundays are best spent with good people. Happy Sunday.

106. Fear God and keep his whole commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.

107. Your Sunday shall be filled with joy, peace, happiness and all the best things of life.

108. Use today and be thankful for all dreams that turned to reality.

109. God is working things out for you even when you don’t feel it. Have faith and be thankful.

110. Be a star and stay outstanding.

111. Be thankful to God for all the miracles that have happened in your life.

112. Sow a seed today by smiling and healing a broken soul.

113. You shall have different experiences in life, buy do not be afraid of them. Use Sundays to reflect on all lessons learnt from these experiences, become stronger and better.

114. Prayer is a very essential key. Never let go of your biggest weapon; prayer.

115. Failure should never be seen as a setback, but a motivation be keep trying. Happy Sunday.

116. Shine bright with positivity today. Happy Sunday.

117. Never let anyone decide your happiness for you. Have a happy Sunday.

118. Pause and notice the good things around you. Be thankful for them.

119. Happy Sunday, do what makes you happy.

120. Renew your mind and stay positive today. It’s the start to a fresh new week.

121. Touch a heart with encouragement, inspire a soul with motivation.

122. Do not forget to make your Sunday awesome.

123.  Happy new week.

124.  May today bring you to newer and greater heights in Jesus name.

125.  Keep calm and thank God.

126. Today is meant to be a day that clears away the stress of the whole week. Happy Sunday.

127. Sit back and relax, your best is yet to come.

128. Declare positivity unto yourself, claim them and they shall come to pass. Happy Sunday.

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