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200 Boyfriend Quotes for Instagram

boyfriend quotes for Instagram

200 boyfriend quotes for Instagram – Thinking of quotes to share with your boyfriend on Instagram? Check these quotes out!

Cute boyfriend quotes for Instagram

1. My friends would always rant on IG, how all boys are the same, and then I wonder if you are of this world, because you are so different. I am really a lucky girl. I love you.

2. Worry no more my handsome charming boyfriend, my heart is for you and my life I have left in your care, you have done a great job so far, I love you bruh. Haha.

3. In this life I never thought I would make the great decision like agreeing to be your boo, I am so glad I said yes, honey I will love you till the sun gets tired to shine. Then I will be your sun.

4. I know you will never leave me because love conquers all, and our love is going to conquer anything that comes our way.

5. It’s amazing how we bumped into each other, was this love planned I don’t know, what I do know that this love is very sweet. I love you.

6. You shine so bright, when its afternoon the sun would hide in shame, I am really glad I have you, you have given my life a new spark.

7. The way you wink at me in the midst of my friends makes them jealous, that smile you give when I am talking out loud, makes me lost for words.

8. Every morning I stare into those eyes of yours, I get reminded how lucky I am to have you if this life with you is a dream, then I want to sleep forever. I love you so much.

9. You are my boyfriend, but you have started playing the role of a husband, and you do it so well, that I can’t wait to get married to you, I really want to spend the rest of my life with you.

10. All I want to do as your girlfriend is just to make you happy, this I promise you, my love because I really love and cherish you. Thank you for everything.

Sweet boyfriend quotes for Instagram

11. Since I have been with you, I have heard the nicest of things, but you are not just a talker, your actions really speak volumes, you treat me like a king. I appreciate that my princess.

12. I can’t begin to conceptualize how a body contains all this unique sweetness, I never thought a human will be this nice without faults, baby you are perfect, I will be a fool to let you go. I love you.

13. I like everything about you, your backside is small, but perfect for my hands, your front side is small, very soft to handle, you don’t need to make up to be beautiful. I love you, just the way you are.

14. Last night with you was a blast, I want to be with you every day of my life, I couldn’t have asked for a better girl than you, I promise to be with you always. Thank you, my angel.

15. I woke up to the most beautiful face alive, this is not just great, but it is marvelous because seeing your face makes my day great already, thank you, my love, see you soon.

16. I am so in love with you, my friends say I am lovesick, I agree with them, but I wish not to be cured. I love you so much.

17. When I am with you I feel so safe, I just feel like you are superman, you will save me from whatever harm that might come my way that feeling is so nice.

18. When you say I love you to my ears, it replays over and over again.

19. When I look back at all I have, I look up to the heavens and say a big thank you, because a guy like me has everything he so desires in a woman like you.

20. You are the pillar holding us, without you, this love will crumble, I don’t want to lose you, my queen, please stay with me, even if you are sad, I will do everything to make you smile again.

Special boyfriend quotes for Instagram

21. The keys to my heart, I want to give to you, so no one can have access to it, I trust you will keep those keys well, and as always my heart has been wonderfully taken care of by you. Please ride on honey.

22. I will jump out of a plane just to be with you on time, believe me, sweetie I am not exaggerating, if it means me jumping off a plane I will do it, I will make sure I have my parachutes on, not to die before getting to you. Haha.

23. I wish I could convert my love for you into currency, we would have been able to build our own planets, so we can live there, the rest of our lives.

24. The affirmation of your love for me gives me the courage to do whatever I do daily, even in my confused state at work, I just think about you and I feel this impulse within me. Your love gives me the push I will forever need. Thank you my boyfriend (Enter name).

25. Since the day you agreed to be mine for real, that day I know that the love for me will never go sour, so I want to reassure you that I am for real, for better for worse I will be with you.

26. I never believed you could actually wish for something and that wish will come true because I once wish you were mine, now you are mine. Thank you, my sweetheart.

27. It’s impossible to put in words how much I love you, but I want to let you know when I am with you, I have everything I want in a girlfriend, and I want to show you in actions how much I adore you. I really love you, you are the best girl.

28. It’s no secret that I love you, but I want to keep telling whoever cares to listen, that I love you, even if it means walking door after door, announcing my love for you. I will do it.

29. When I am with you, it’s like you see inside me, then I remember I gave you my hear, because you could see the joy inside me whenever I am with you, so you do nothing do tamper, instead you give me more joy, you light up my world, I love you my angel.

30.I feel so different and alive whenever I am with you.You speak to my soul and make my mind beat faster than I can ever imagine. It’s going to be me and you together forever baby. No one will ever come between us!

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