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Signs You Are Still in Love With Your First Love

signs you are still in love with your first love

A first love is one of the most memorable parts of our life that we all seem unable to forget. Like the first day at university, the first salary you got or the first kid you had, the memories of our first love always seem to linger on in our heart. Although we might have moved on with life and had other lovers, it just looks like there’s some sort of magical attachment that never lets us forget the first person whom we really liked with our whole heart. We tend to revisit the happy memories, the first hug, the first kiss and maybe the first time we got intimate with this person and this is perfectly normal.

However, most people always think they have gotten over their first love and this is somehow untrue. There are some things you do both consciously and unconsciously that make it obvious that you just might still be in love with your first love. If somehow, you still exhibit any of the behaviors I will be listing below, then, be very assured that you are still in love with your epic first love.

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Signs you are still in love with your first love

1. You still think about them often

For someone who thinks he/ she has gotten over his/her first love, you should only think of them once in a long while. It is not unusual to think about your first love but this has to be occasionally. Most times, you do it subconsciously but it’s still the same thing, you think of them often. You could be thinking about something else and somehow the thoughts always lead to them. This is a very clear sign that you are still in love with them and thoughts of that person always sneaks in your mind.

2. Stalking them on social media

When you visit their social media pages more often than you would care to admit to anyone, this is another sign that you are still in love with your first love. You often visit their Facebook profile to keep up with what’s going on in their life, you make it a duty to know who it is they are going out with now and you just can’t resist doing this. Somehow, keeping yourself updated with everything that is going on in their life serves as consolation for not being part of it anymore. Accept it, you still have feelings for your first love then.

3. Comparing your subsequent lovers with your first love

Subconsciously, you cannot stop yourself from making a comparison between your new lover and your first love. You try to compare everything that they do. If your new love does something, you begin to imagine if your first love would have done it the same way or not in your head. Although you don’t do it intentionally rather you just can’t help making the comparison between them. Comparing every new lover that you get into a relationship with and your first love is a sign that you just might still be in love with him/ her.

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4. Nursing Hope of a Reunion

Somehow, a part of you still thinks that there could be a chance for you both to get back together and you still think both of you might just have a future together. You can’t stop nursing the hope that this will miraculously happen someday. In fact, you can’t wait for it to happen. When you still think and nurse the thought of getting back with your first love, then, this is a very clear sign that you really are still in love with that person.

5. Keeping in touch with related mutual friends

Of course, we all have mutual friends with our first love. Be it one, two or three friends, there is always that mutual friend that we share with our first love. So, when you keep in touch with your mutual friends just to get first-hand information about what is going on in your first love’s life and when you can’t stop asking them how life is going with your first love, when you always want the gist to be about them each time you meet a mutual friend, frankly, this shows that you haven’t moved on and there are still some lingering feelings for your first love.

6. Revisiting Places you used to go with them

For some magnetic reason, you always want to visit the places you used to go with your first love with your new lovers because it brings a feeling of nostalgia and a load of pleasant memories back to you. Your favorite hangout with your first love is where you have made your favorite hangout spot with your new found lover and that place you used to go to for picnic with her is where you now go for a picnic with your new lover, then, you still have feelings for your first love.

7. Keeping gifts you received from them as sweet reminder

You know that couple’s shirt you both got for valentine, that hair clip he got you on your birthday, the handmade bracelet she made for you on your anniversary, the pictures and everything? You still have them, right? If you are keeping them as some sort of reminders so you would never have to forget your first love, then, you most certainly are still in love with him or her. Keeping gifts you received from them as a means of keeping their memory alive is a very clear sign.

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8. Remembering every single detail of the relationship you both had

When you remember every single detail of your relationship with your first love and the memories you shared together exactly as you had them, it is a sign that you haven’t moved on and you still have feelings for them. Reliving memories of the first kiss, the sex, the arguments, the dates and everything else that happened when you were with them are signs that you are still in love with your first love.

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