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’33’ is a drink, 3 years and 3 months is time! – Our Beautiful Love Story

Our beautiful love story. When they say love is a beautiful thing, don’t get it twisted, it really is. Shola Olowookun met the love of his life, Opeyemi ‘Beryl’ ‘ Olowookun (nee Ogundana) three years ago, and they have waltzed through the glitters and storms to hit that enriched ground that culminates relationships.

The Love birds got married on 20 February 2016 and the latest couple spoke to Deedeeswedding about their amazing relationship.



“Sola and I met during our National Youth Service in 2012, not in camp mind you, but in a park far from my camp. I am not a ‘wakajube’ o, I had just redeployed from Bauchi to Benue state.  Being the Outgoing A-TOS (Asst. Transport/Organizing Secretary), I didn’t have to look for means of transportation, one guy and the then Papa of NCCF Family came to pick me. He was not the Papa oh, he was the guy.

My first impression of him was, hmmm… he is cool, friendly, jolly good fellow, always smiling with everyone and making things happen. All in all, I saw him as a very optimistic person. Mind you, it wasn’t love at first sight. His personality got me first. He was matured, objective in his opinions, happy and I thought to myself, this is not a bad person to hang around plus he was spiritually minded. We fell into the zone of being friends and before you know it, feelings started evolving.

He finally asked me out in November 2012 and I said yes immediately because he was a close to perfect picture of the kind of man I wanted in my life. It was not easy being in a relationship with because of distance after service. He was in Abuja and I was in Lagos – that’s some 40k return trip ticket, lol – but I guess the friendship we had developed during our service year served as a good reservoir to draw from. All we had to do was stay open to each other and of course carry out sacrifices – of midnight calls and some credit during the day – hehehehe.

Everything about Shola excited me. From his originality of self to his sensitivity, to his down to earth nature, his playful nature (oh yes, Shola is very playful and I love it), the list goes on. We had gone exactly 3years and 3months before in September 2015 he decided to take the big leap.

We talked a lot about marriage and I had given up on him making us official. After all, what matters most is that we get married (I know some ladies won’t agree with me right now, it’s all about the proposal and putting the ring, I agree, lol). It was like being given your best food, trust me, you’ll want to eat without saying thank you. Shola is my world and I couldn’t wait to spend forever with him. So I said yes!

So… here I am today sharing my story of Love – Commitment….Decision to stay glued to your choice no matter what.

Thanks for sharing in our love and joy, through time and distance. Finally, define what you want and go for it. Love with God involved your head in the game”.



Shola was not far though, just like the proverbial Yoruba saying: wherever the snail goes, it drags its shell along…

“I met Opeyemi at Makurdi during the Youth service. I was the one who picked her from the park. The first thought on my mind when I saw her from afar was, all these ajebota girls from Lagos sha. Always pressing their phones; they don waka reach here again. Eventually I got talking to her and I realized that she was a lively person.

Opeyemi has this positive personality, positive vibe around her. She is free spirited and has got plenty smiles across her face.

At some point, we had to struggle with the distance between us because she was based in Lagos and I was in Abuja. It was not easy though, so we devised a plan; visitation which we adhered strictly to because we wanted the rose of love to fully blossom between us.

Ope inspires me a lot, and her ways of thinking makes me happy…(Aww…Love wantintin)



There was this connection between us and we already knew we were going to be married, so doing the proposal was kinda expected, but then I had to do the needful by meeting her parents first and thereafter I popped the question. We had a jolly ride of dating for 3 years and 3 months (Amazing, isn’t it)

My definition of love is putting your partner first in everything you do. It goes beyond just that feeling, the flurry of heartbeats, the initial gra gra and all. It is a deliberate and conscious effort to please your partner and love is friendship as well.

For singles, about to be married, and newlyweds, always learn to put your partner first. Also, make conscious efforts to get the best out of your partner. With this you can have a truly satisfying marriage”.

What a beautiful love story. We wish the family, Happy Married Life, You new home is blessed immensely. Not to worry, we are with you in prayers.

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Happy Married Life, once again

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    makinde teniola
    March 3, 2016 at 5:09 am

    What a beautiful story, inspiring and motivating to anyone who thinks they’ll never find that special one.

  • Reply
    March 3, 2016 at 6:48 am

    Happy married life to the couple. I love love *winks*

  • Reply
    March 3, 2016 at 7:30 pm

    Waow, Congrat Shola God bless your union

  • Reply
    March 4, 2016 at 8:20 pm

    Lovely couple

  • Reply
    March 4, 2016 at 8:53 pm

    Hmmmmm… I can relate partially. *winks

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