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From Practical Assignment to Love Assignment – This Love Story of Sheriff and Suliyat is Goals!

naija love story

ThePhotoblogger and his DeeWeddings team were at Ede last weekend to celebrate the Naija love story of Internet Marketer and blogger, Sheriffdeen and his beautiful Beau, Suliyat and it was a sight we would relive for a long time to come. As expected, we documented the wedding and we spent all weekend serenading the lovebirds who made the decision to live together forever.

In the mood of romance, we caught up with the Bride and Groom who were excited to share their love story with us. From the four walls of a Tertiary Institution to the four walls of a beautiful home in Osun State, we present to you the amazing Naija love story of Sheriffdeen Olayinka and Suliyat Olabisi.

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I met Suliyat when I enrolled for HND, I was always late for classes, combining work and school (very difficult) and you want to get updates on what’s going on in the class. Fortunately, we were in the same group for a practical assignment. I didn’t know anyone in the class because I’m not regular due to work so I decided to get info from her via private message through the group WhatsApp platform. That’s how we got talking.

I was amazed at her gentleness and beauty. She is friendly and I was attracted to her that moment because she gave me that impression of a well trained and religious lady.

Meeting Suliyat was not a case of love at first sight, the feelings developed as we got closer. Around February 2015, I asked her out, and she AGREED.

Challenges in the relationship?

Speaking of challenges, the major challenge I had to deal with was her aggression and glory be to God, she is better now.

I could remember a lecturer wanted to date her back then in school, she told me about it, dealt with it together and we get over that as well.

I proposed to Suliyat because I knew I was ready. As a man,  you will always know you are ready, your body will definitely tell you and when I got the call, I obeyed without hesitation.


Well,  he was so intelligent and my thought was he was worth being a friend. I never thought at first that he would be my husband.

It even took me months before I started developing feelings. We started out as friends and I began to like him because he was very intelligent and brilliant.

naija love story

When he asked me out, I said Yes because I already liked him.

Challenges in the relationship?

naija love story

My major challenge back then was the fact that he had many girls around him, and I was not too comfortable with it. We had to sit through it and deal with that together.

He is the only one I love and I don’t have a choice than to accept his proposal when he proposed. I’m very sure he is the right choice for me.

He proposed to me on the 15th December 2017, and the.PhotoBlogger was there on the Proposal day. It was an amazing day and feeling and I said YES because he is a man I want to spend the rest of my life with.

On their definition of LOVE:

Love is awesome, beautiful, love is life,  in fact, love is everything.

Advice do you have for ongoing relationship and lovebirds?

They should trust each other, tolerate one another and be prayerful.

Ladies are to be patient because men will always be men, they should ignore their bad characters

What a beautiful love story. On behalf of the Dee Weddings Team, Congratulations on your togetherness and may God lay his hands of blessings on your home. We dedicate this beautiful ‘Timi Dakolo’s – “I Never Know Say” to your family:

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