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4 Steps to the Perfect First Date

4 Steps to the Perfect First Date

4 Steps to the Perfect First Date: If Mr. Right finally pulled the trigger by asking you out of the date, chances are that your extreme excitement quickly turned into immediate anxiety. And although butterflies are totally natural, being overly-worried could turn your first date into a major flop.

Don’t stress! You might feel pressed for time between now and then, but we’re here to cover all the essential steps to prepare you for your first date so you can feel confident that no detail went overlooked. With enough preparation underneath your belt, your romantic outing will go off without a hitch!

1. Pick a Spot

If your guy is more of the old-school type, he probably already has a place in mind where he wants to take you out. Maybe it’s a quiet coffee date where you can spend hours asking each other questions or maybe he bought movie tickets to the latest blockbuster. However, if he’s a new-age kind of dude who wants to hear your opinion as much as his, you have the opportunity to show off what you love most and what sets you apart from other girls.

Be original! Instead of suggesting dessert at a popular ice cream shop, why don’t you two spend some time making dinner together? That’s one date idea that’s both cute and tasty! Trust me, whatever you decide on will be better than, “I don’t know” or “You choose.” Your guy wants to see what your preferences are, so don’t shy away.

2. Plan an Outfit

This is undeniably the trickiest part to First Date 101. You want to look flirty and feminine while avoiding anything too raunchy or overly-revealing. To skirt the line between sweet and sexy, you should dress according to the location, and have the accessories to match.

For example, a little black dress probably won’t fare well at a sports arena, while a sporty sweat suit might be too casual for a fine dining restaurant. My advice? You can never go wrong with a timeless fashion trend! If you’re still stumped, think about all the different ways you can wear denim. Dress it up or down, wear it in or out, and still look classy no matter the occasion!

3. Try on Conversation

4 Steps to the Perfect First Date

After you try on a few different clothing ensembles and pick a winning outfit, now’s the time to try on a few conversations. Having some pre-established talking points in mind ahead of time could be a major life-saver if you need to break the ice or your date starts to flat line!

I don’t suggest looking through his social media to find out what he likes; he’ll probably feel caught off guard if you ask him how he liked the recent concert he bought tickets to or family vacation he went on. You might also want to steer clear of any potentially alienating topics; for example, he might be impressed by your knowledge of Oyo State, but could feel bad for having nothing to contribute.

While you definitely want a guy who can go toe-to-toe with your intelligence, these involved talks might be better saved for date number two, when less pressure is on. For now, stick to easy-going conversations and ask about his favorite places to vacation or most-loved foods (bonus points if you remember his food preferences on your second date!). And no matter what… don’t fall back on the weather as a talking point!

4. Get Glammed Up

After all your careful planning, the big day is finally here and the minutes are ticking before your dream guy is scheduled to pick you up. My biggest advice: give yourself plenty of time to get ready—no one wants to be held up waiting! You already know what you’re going to wear, so have it laid out beforehand to save yourself a few precious minutes (and stress!). If you don’t know how to do makeup, learn the steps to achieving your desired look ahead of time, or risk having raccoon eyes right before walking out the door!

When it comes to makeup, you should try to avoid anything too overly dramatic; you want him to fall in love with you, not the face you put on! Stick to natural lip gloss to exaggerate your pout and reliable mascara to make those pretties pop. A little highlighter never hurts, but be cautious not to apply too much blush.

Too much preparation can stress you out, but with just enough strategy in place, your first date will feel utterly effortless.

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