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10 List of African Countries and their Capitals for Daycation

list of african countries and their capitals

My top 10 list of African countries and their capitals for your love vacation. Who says it should just be all about love messages, cute quotes and love paragraphs? I have created the ten list of African countries and their capitals that you should take your love on a beautiful DAYCATION! Yes!

Who even says you should do a day? That will be just too odd for your travel. You can do a week, or even a month with your lover. Have all fun in the world and make sure you come back with testimonies of the fun you had.

All you need do is just course through my list of African countries and their capitals to make your choice.

When it comes to vacation destinations and romantic getaways, Africa have a lot of countries with amazing getaway destinations. If you are looking at your budget at achieving a fantastic getaway without having to break the bank, then you should check out my list of African countries and their capitals for your perusal.

What do you know about the list of African countries and their capitals

Are you aware that Africa has 54 countries? or a new one was added recently? I don’t think so! 54 was the total numbers of countries registered in Africa by the way, so if there are other added countries, do let me know. Quite a number of people confuse Africa for a country! They still go online to search for the capital of Africa continent. How they do this still beats me when Africa is a continent. Imagine me calling Asia a country?

Right before the early nineties when massive innovations began to take place in Africa. Lagos, Capetown and Pretoria were the most visited locations in Africa by tourist and lovers alike. This was strengthened by the amazing travel destinations for a lot of Africans due to the huge culture, various cultural attractions, historical places, collection of wildlife and lovely beaches that were all around. However as the less economically advantaged countries began to spring up. Tastes and preferences changed and these countries became the go-to destination for tourism and romantic vacations.

Eventually when you are done with your Vacation after picking your getaway location from my ten list of African countries and their capitals, all you need to do as a token of appreciation is to bring me a piece of art (being a lover of art) or a local food recipe so I can share on the blog for readers (being a foodie myself). You get?

We will do the countdown from Numbers 10 down to 1. I hope you are ready for me? Let’s get on with my 10 list of African countries and their capitals:





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