5 Amazing Diet Tips to Gain Weight Fast

Tips to Gain Weight Fast

5 Diet Tips to Gain Weight Fast: Body Fitness is always a must for anybody. If you are out with your friends you must look like a fit guy. As they say, a sound body has a sound mind, so in order to get a sound body, one must need to get a properly balanced diet and proper workout plan. There are some people who want to get fit by cutting the body weight and there some people who eat no matter what still they don’t get even a pound increased in their body weight, and this post is for the later people who can’t get weight. You have to assess by yourself about what are doing wrong, is it diet? Is it your workout? Do you intake sufficient calories? We have brought simple and basic tips for skinny guys to bulk up fast. Here, we are going to focus exclusively on diet and nutrition.

1. Once per Week

Now if you are wondering what we mean here by once per week is let us tell you that you should weigh yourself once and only once every single week. Weighing yourself is the only way to measure whether your bulking diet is working or not and remember your goal here is to gain about half a pound per week or two pounds per month. Because that is roughly our body’s natural limit for building muscles. So if you are gaining weight a lot faster than that then you are just going to be gaining fat and if you are gaining weight at that rate then you are probably not going to be bulking up or building any muscle at all. The reason behind weighing once per week is to not get confused and not thrown up daily.

Tip: Weigh yourself in the morning before breakfast and after going to the washroom, as that is your actual weight.

2. The 1-2 Rule

By the 1-2 rule, basically what we mean is that you want to be sure to eat a meal within 1-2 hours before and 1-2 hours after your workout. You have to realize that they have done a lot of different studies on pre-workout and post-workout nutrition. Some studies found that a small serving of protein before your workout is most vital for maximizing muscle growth and while others found that eating protein and carbs after a workout can be helpful. So keep your diet full of protein and carbs before and after the workout and keep the gap up to 1-2 hours.

3. Focus on Calories

Number one most important thing about your diet is that you are eating the right amount of calories every day to maintain a slow steady weight gain. You have to realize that if you’re not eating the right amount of calories then, it does not matter how much protein you’re eating, you are not going to see any progress.

4. Key Supplements

Your main focus should be staying consistent with your overall calories but there are a few proven supplements that can help you out to gain muscles and mass. The first one is Creatine (monohydrate), and taking 5 grams of it every day has been shown to help increase strength and muscle mass. Next one is pre-workout if you take one that as the proven dosages of beta-alanine, citrulline malate, and caffeine. It’s actually been proven to help you perform more in the gym. The last one is protein powder. There is nothing magical about protein powder; it’s just more convenient way to fit protein into your diet we would say one scoop a day with gainer shake can help you out to gain body mass. Anavar is also believed to be one of the best supplements to gain body weight; you can buy Anavar Canada in your region online.

5. Keep It Simple

You have to make sure that you are consistent with your overall calories regime. You need to figure out some basic meals for you and then you need to stick to that. It makes shopping for groceries easier, it makes your whole life easier, you don’t need variety if you want to successfully bulk up. You just need a simple plan that’s easy to stick to.

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